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  1. Thanks all; in the end we did not rent any bikes, too busy enjoying the boating itself, thanks again for all your suggestions,
  2. Wow! Many, many thanks for sharing all your ideas. As it is the very first time we are hiring a narrow boat, I have no idea what to expect. It seems nice to us, once having birthed for the night, to explore the surrounding by bicycle, instead of by foot. Our trip is for 10 days on the Llangollen canal from Wrenbury, we are very much looking forward to it.
  3. We live in the Netherlands and will be renting a narrowboat at Wrenburymill from 10th until 20th June. We would love to explore the villages and townships once we dock at a harbour on a bicycle. Any chance of finding a place where we could hire 2 folding bikes? Looking forward to any of your ideas, many thanks
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