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  1. Looking at the record for it on sailboatdata.com it's long keel so could be encapsulated rather than bolted on? Draft is only 70cm, very shallow for a sailboat and of course it's only that in the middle so could be okay to use as is in many places, others with more canal knowledge than I will advise on that. I think it would be very unstable if you did remove the keel...
  2. Ride on your great barge in vain? Rust on your godawful boat in volumes?
  3. You might find it easier to get somebody if you buy what you need first - the panel(s), wire and controller for a simple system. Or do you also need advice on what you might need?
  4. For recon engines this lot have some good reports on another forum that I frequent...
  5. The usual advice would be to work some more to save up enough to buy something closer to what you actually want/need because doing that invariably costs less than doing one up to bring it up to spec. However that doesn't take into account London property rental costing a fortune (assuming that's what you're currently doing), add that into the mix and it could be the way to go. Of course it depends what your idea of luxury is but that boat is never really going to be most people's idea of it without spending a very disproportionate amount of time and money on it, which you would never get back on resale so factor that in. If I was going to try living aboard in London I really would avoid widebeam but, as others have said, there are options not too far away and I do think you could make it work without spending bonkers money assuming the hull is sound and engine/drivetrain viable...
  6. I know I'm a bit late to this toilet party but I just can't stop myself! For the OP - If you phoned around enough plumbers, electricians or what have you, you could probably persuade one of them to come to your boat for an extortionate callout fee and I am of course happy to be corrected BUT I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as an emergency technician who will come out and fix your electric boat toilet, generally speaking most things on boats are FIY - fix it yourself. As you've found out though, forums are a great place to get good advice for nothing. Youtube is also really good for finding out how stuff works and how to fix it. FWIW my boat had a fancy pants electric fresh water flushing via a macerator into a large holding tank toilet that I disassembled, descaled, cleaned & reassembled twice before throwing the towel in (not literally - never throw a towel of any description into your boat toilet, or any toilet for that matter). I now have a home built separator lavvy* with which literally nothing can go wrong (well apart from the 12v computer fan venting it to the outside), a large tool locker where the holding tank was (current boat is not a NB) and zero toilet-related stress/worry, ever again. *only fit a separator or composting latrine where you can use it responsibly**, otherwise cassette/portapotti are easy to use and work well enough. **refer to guidelines for where you boat and use common sense.
  7. How about blue shoe polish/cream, try on a small area first but I'd have thought it wouldn't adversely affect the flexibility of the canvas...
  8. I had a vauxhall cavalier once, they told me it was a 1.3, turned out it had the old 1256 OHV engine in it, I was scarred for life. Power to the people...
  9. If you have shore power then I would just use kettle or immersion depending on quantity of HW required. I have heard people say that once the water tank is up to temperature it doesn't cost a great deal to just leave it on to keep the water hot...
  10. How about adding a couple of extra tanks, perhaps one either side & somewhere in the middle of the boat & linking them? TekTanks, e.g. do all sorts of different shapes & sizes as well as bespoke...
  11. Oh but they do - on the sea we sailors hate mobos, actually thinking about it it's not the boats themselves but how (badly) they're driven by their owners. And we all hate Jetskis/PWCs or whatever you want to call them...
  12. This - I come from living aboard sailboats, when a mate started looking for a narrow boat he was quizzing me about inverters all the time & I was really puzzled. My first response was forget inverters they're a really inefficient way to use you battery's power. You can charge laptops & other devices, have TV, heating, fridge, hot water & showers, even radiators for heat all without an inverter. It's the likes of electric kettles (BTW forget 12v kettles!) microwaves and hairdryers that you can't so if you can forego them do without an inverter would be my suggestion also. And if you can't forego electric kettles, microwaves and hairdryers maybe living on a boat isn't your best ever idea...
  13. Go have a look see what you think but the space in there will be tiny, the windows likely need refitting - there's evidence of water leaks in pics so there could also be water under the floor... If you want to boat on the Broads I'd echo the suggestion to go fibreglass, water sitting in an FG bilge doesn't matter much, easier to repair yourself. have a look at the Seamaster 30 they have on their books for a smidge more and I think you'll soon change your mind... BUT do get yourself a boat, boats are great. Get the best one you can, projects end up costing more than it would have cost to get a good to go one in the first place. If you can't afford a decent one it's easier to do some more paid work until you can than taking on a project. They're all projects anyway that require spending money and time on & you will either need deep pockets or be prepared to learn how stuff works and how to fix it yourself...
  14. Driving anything including a boat under the influence should be illegal if it isn't already but if nothing's done about it whether it is or not is irrelevant. I taught a couple with their first boat new to our marina and old enough to know better to sail it and one of them would crack a beer every single time as soon as we left the marina. I tried to convince her that associating going sailing with drinking alcohol isn't the best idea but she still does it...😒
  15. Thanks for the replies, pretty much as I thought. @Alan de Enfield - I didn't spot the search facility though did have a good trawl to see if I could find any recent, relevant threads before I posted. Edit: Now found and read the report, very illuminating indeed... All the best, Dave.
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