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  1. QUANGO = quasi-autonomous national government organisation, IIRC.
  2. The thing you are missing is few NBTA members pay ANY mooring fees, as far as I can see! But I understand the point you meant to make. I just posted in an over-simplifed manner to make my own point that both mortgage-holders and renters living on the bank have seen far larger increases in their expenses than CCers and CMers. Boaters without a home mooring, even after the rises are applied, will still be enjoying the cheapest accommodation available in England and Wales by a long chalk so deserve little sympathy.
  3. They should be so lucky. Plenty of landies have seen their mortgage costs rise by 250%. 25% rise spread over four years is barely more than inflation. In fact it's possibly less.
  4. Let down by the forum software. It was a joke. Its a non-existent URL. Previous versions would have made it a clickable link which adds credibility. www.nit-pickers-r-us.com Nope. Looks like the forum software actually checks URLs now!! nit-pickers-r-us.com Ah, that works though!
  5. ESPECIALLY once sale of the filled-in land is factored in.
  6. A website you'll probably be fascinated with Alan! nit-pickers-R-us.com
  7. Baffling. I'm certain my ol' Squirrel didn't have anything like that inside when it fell to bits.
  8. Possibly quite irresponsible as LPG is a greenhouse gas more powerful than CO2. But then flaring it off probably produces an equivalent amount of CO2 anyway.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Interesting bar chart, thank you. I did my own cost comparison calcs back during Covid and I spent quite a lot of time researching the cost per kWh in the various fuels. Wood was the most difficult to pin down. I can't remember my methodology for the wood but it was based on the price of a cubic metre of kiln-dried oak, including delivery to me and the cost I came up with was 7p per kWh. Solid fuel was 8p per kWh. Quite a difference from the bar chart above but mine was for the total calorific value of the fuel, not the 'useful' calorific value which strikes me as a matter of opinion!
  11. I find myself wondering it that's why they sold the boat.... to finally get rid of that old half-full gas cylinder!
  12. Much the same thanks. Age is having its impact despite my determination it won't! And living in my little thatched hovel nowadays rather than on the boat. Visitors say "Oh I can see why you bought this, its just like a boat inside!"
  13. Gosh! Faintly surprised the two metals dissolve when molten....
  14. Welcome back G&F! Were've ya bin??!
  15. I think we have a member here who dabbles in brassfoundry. Made a batch of bronze windlasses a few years ago IIRC. Was it @Bee perhaps?
  16. Buying directly from a manufacturer always will be the most expensive. It would be commercial suicide for a manufacturer to be seen to be undercutting their distributed sales agent network. The agents would all instantly drop that product and sell another brand where the manu was not competing directly with them in the marketplace!
  17. No only this but HMRC probably get about 5,000 reports a day from disgruntled customers of all types of business, hoping to prompt an investigation when in actual fact the report has only been made due to a dispute between the parties. I very much doubt HMRC would take any action at all unless the report was one of many about the same business from lots of different people. They have their own, better methods of identifying the businesses that really need investigating.
  18. A half-crown rudder would probably work even better....
  19. Brilliant. We've lured you back!! Have a greenie...
  20. MtB


    Mmmm, gravy! This is one massive bugbear of mine. When having Sunday lunch in a pub they NEVER give you enough gravy! 1 litre each would be about right IMHO.
  21. Heaven forfend that in refusing to respond to your demands for time-consuming statements, replies to your emails and what-have-you, this might be their preferred and planned outcome...
  22. MtB


    One litre jugs, I reckon. (Someone had to say it!)
  23. Must be tricky carrying a full cassette down that ladder! Or perhaps they just......
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