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  1. I bet he doesn't give them away for £200k though! I don't think the OP cn have done ANY research at all into the price of quality boats.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Welcome to the forum! May I ask what device on which you recorded the fillum? I take an interest in this stuff and record vids of my own. My guess would be one of the little the little GoPro Hero "Session" cube cameras. Am I right? Or even close??! I too thought "you shitbag" a beautifully measured and appropriately British epithet to hang on the shitbag. When he asked if there was anything else you wanted, you missed a trick however. Instead of "your phone number", "your insurance details" would have forced him to either stop and produce them, or be filmed refusing. Just sayin', for next time eh?
  4. Not really. You're not getting it. Its monster-sized boats being brought onto the narrow canals (as you are proposing to do) that most of us object to. Nothing wrong with a widebeam boat on a wide format canal, as peterboat says.
  5. https://www.bes.co.uk/ridgid-micro-cd-100-combustible-gas-detector-21679
  6. Only if you followed my suggestion.... If you didn't, I CLAIM IT!!
  7. Well if compression alone won't pop the heads up, try actually starting it.
  8. How about goats?? There is at least one ol’ goat wondering about eating mooring lines...
  9. As peterboat points out, to get what he describes is more like £500k not £200k, for which he can buy a nice two bed flat in similar areas to the Thames marinas of which you write.
  10. Yes I was thinking the OP has a pretty poor grasp of what high spec widebeams cost to build. Yes I think we all know this, but it's fun and it educates any real visitors with similar dopey ideas!
  11. My Orion boat has one pump! Eccentricity, what on earth can you mean? (Unless you mean that 9ft engine room with a Kelvin K2 in it yet no space in the shower room for a basin )
  12. Having failed to sell it, presumably??! That abomination with the diesel generator-powered electric drive, air con and all the CO2-belching stuff on board?
  13. When I was CCing on the K&A, virtually all the Vms were given over to WM and all were fully subscribed. Was infuriating to be mooring in the mud off the VMs the whole of the winter while the VMs were occupied by 50% empty boats paying not to have to move. Last winter down here was different however. Fewer VMs reserved for WM but all of them still full, and over-stayers often clogging the available VM spaces. No enforcement of the two week relaxation here.
  14. This is good. VMs being taken away from CCers for five months of the year was ridiculous. There is quite a strong case for reducing them to Dec, Jan and Feb only in my opinion.
  15. If you don't know what it is, why did you buy it?
  16. Alice is the name of a disease, so I believe. Christopher Robin went down with it.
  17. Possibly true, but it has not been maintained for 14ft barges since re-opening 30 years ago. Yes a 70ft x 12ft widebeam will fit through the locks just about, but you'd need to be pretty thick-skinned and selfish to take a boat that size cruising. The experience will be pretty stressful as progress will be so slow, you'll have a queue of faster narrow boats stacking up behind and constantly be having to squeeze past other widebeams moored in awkward locations.
  18. And Jan Ravens called it a "hospadiddle" in "Trigger Happy" on the telly, IIRC.
  19. Not really, as there was a fender on the NB bow all along...
  20. The point is, the height in the boat of the ballast makes a noticeable difference to the tendency to rock about. The lower it is, the more stable the boat will be. Make sure all the new ballast is resting right on the baseplate under the floor, and remove all the old ballast which you say is still in the boat. It must presumably be out of the bilge now?
  21. Well yes that is it exactly. This was the tack of the conversation. He had only just heard advance news of this new project and he was speculating on this and actually asking ME how on earth his employer could know or discover, whilst at the same time being pleased at all the new work his dept is getting implementing it!
  22. I now think you are here just to troll.
  23. On reflection ISTR him mentioning an obligation on the lender to treat customers fairly come to think about it. Something about charging more to borrowers who ask for permission to rent whilst taking no action against borrowers who keep quiet and say nothing was classed as 'unfair', an perhaps exposing the lender to some sort of sanction from the regulator.
  24. This. I too don't buy the implication that the delinquency rate on rental mortgages is higher therefore requiring a higher interest rate/lower max LTV. OTOH the T&Cs of residential mortgages are being breached and they are entitled to demand compensation.
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