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  1. Also, not much use during the hours of darkness. Unlike a wind turbine.
  2. Specifically, if you have inadequate fresh air being circulated through the boat cabin when the heaters are alight, the oxygen level in the room atmosphere is slowly reduced by the combustion in the heaters. Eventually it gets down to the level when carbon monoxide is produced, which is the one that kills people. People also have a perverse tendency to block up the air vents supplying fresh oxygenated air, to stop the cold draught. This effect is particularly dangerous as you just begin to feel tired and listless in the early stages of carbon monoxide poisoning, and everything feels like too much trouble, including unblocking the air vents or opening a door or window.
  3. The answer is there seems to be a curious expectation here that you do some basic research on here before jumping in with questions. Odd as you say, given this is a section specifically for new and inexperienced people. To many new visitors, asking questions on here IS their basic research, so I agree, the way new people get treated snippily or downright rudely is very sad, it drives new members away.
  4. Two or three here have tried, and it works well apparently, when the sun shines.
  5. Swerving off topic, what damage does this increased UV do to one's eyes, please? I can't imagine the rise in UV is very large. And UV sun glasses only became commonplace in the 1970s IIRC, so was eye damage from sunglasses commonplace prior to that? I took it just as a sales pitch by Polaroid Corporation using a gimmick to flog. more product.
  6. Yes, the listing I read said VAT to be added "if appropriate" or some such term, leaving the reader to wonder how appropriateness would be determined. I concluded VAT would depend on whether the seller of the boat was VAT registered, the auctioneer being their agent. And the auction fee is almost bound to be subject to VAT. The listing didn't say that when I read it. It must have changed.
  7. He has a point though. This offer is ONLY open to the elderly, infirm, disabled, and low income people*. The very people who will have the most difficulty removing and delivering a damaged cratch cover to Kinver, then collecting it and transporting it back to the boat and re-installing it. * I note the offer is also open to students, an exception to this. .
  8. And never a more appropriate saying where widebeams on narrow canals are concerned. There are the wrong horses for this specific course. Fine for northern canals, not fine for the course under discussion, i.e. the GU.
  9. The reason for the widespread concern about the proliferation of widebeams on the GU is that at the current rate it is filling up with them, people who want to actually cruise on the GU as opposed to living on a static boat are gonna find themselves squeezed out in a few more years. It might be an irrational fear, but that is the base reason for the widespread dismay about so many widbeams on the GU.
  10. In the light of all this I judged the current bid to represent what they call "fully priced", and decided not to bid. I was also concerned about the comment that VAT @ 20% would be added 'if applicable' or some such term, making the potential price at the current bid #3,696.60. Plus the cost of immediate recovery, licencing, BSS probably, insurance, painting it and bringing it up generally to a decent standard, makes it look no longer much of a bargain to me. Top money for a Springer like that in tip-top nick is about 20K I'd say, so still a reasonable deal for someone with time to spare.
  11. Matty Raises an interesting point. Will overstaying count as ‘inconsiderate mooring’?
  12. Prolly why they’ve all been there for a week...
  13. In which case, I wonder what the basis of their entitlement to sell it happens to be. I'm sure there will be one, but just seizing a boat because it shouldn't be there then auctioning it doesn't seem very 'legal' at first sight.
  14. This means very little given most electric ovens draw less than 2kW. Sometimes a lot less.
  15. Yes it is permanent, that is the whole point of the ticking the tick, to make it permanent. Or it is permanent for me anyway, without clearing my cached pages.
  16. Yeah, right. You have a track record of starting threads on controversial subjects over on the political board because you get off on creating conflict. Now the politics board has been hidden from view you've come over here to continue your hobby. Quelle surprise, to paraphrase that nice Mr Clary.
  17. As Rich rarely actually uses the forum to engage in real-time back-and-forth discussion, I think you're right.
  18. This is the nub of it. The GU was designed and built for narrow boats, but is being filled up with widebeams by people with little or no interest in boating. People whose only or main concern is to obtain accommodation as similar as possible to a house, but cheaper.
  19. More a case of schadenfreude I'd suggest than jealousy. There is a body of opinion amongst old skool boaters that such large boats are not good for the canals. The canals are for boating, not as a 'land grab' to put the largest possible boat in and move it the smallest possible distance and use it as a house. An abuse of the system, some say, and the OP appears to be gloating about how this went wrong for this particular couple.
  20. OR, a quicker way is to find the tiny little grey "tick" symbol to the right of the "View New Content" title (on the top left of the white part of your page after modifying and saving your VNC), and click on it. Clicking it toggles it between grey and green. Make it go green. This makes your newly saved VNC your default, otherwise it reverts to the old VNC. Doing this saves all the mucking about with the cache/cookies etc.
  21. Three further fixes reqd. 1) To get rid of the duplicate entries, go to the "Show Me" menu. Select "Content Items Only". Save the new configuration as above. 2) To make the new VNC actually work, click on the little tiny hard-to-spot "tick" in the top line of the white bit, just to the right of the View New Content title on the left hand side. Make it go green. 3) To get rid of Politics (if you still have it) is more time consuming, but well worthwhile. Under the "Following" tab, click on "Content Posted In Areas I follow". Save the new config as before. Now navigate to "Home", and visit each sub-forum you like to read and "follow" it. (Click the "Follow" link in the top right hand corner of the white bit.) Do this for every sub-forum you want to appear in your VNC. Leave out "Politics". Job done!!
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