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  1. Thinking ahead to the autumn / winter and just wondered if anyone has any experience of bio ethanol fires in a boaty environment They seem to offer a clean, easy alternative to the traditional wood or coal burning option and (in theory) can be stored when not in use Any observations ? Richard
  2. I`m back ! been away for a few days Did it work ...... ? nope, unfortunately All of the readings were fine (as per the instructions) took it up to 2000 revs and it didn`t kick-in, then took it up to 3000 revs and it STILL didn`t kick-in I`m now considering chucking it in the cut ...... but reluctant to do so because it`s worth a lot of dosh, well to my humble means anyway Neither of the lights illuminate (green & red) and there`s just NO output on the 230v side, the alternator is working fine because I`m getting voltage readings at the end of the cables before it enters the
  3. Yes, mine`s the silver one Thanks to Gibbo and others, I`ll connect it tonight and see how we get on Thank you once again Richard
  4. Hi all I`m the proud owner of one of them Travelpower `thingies` but I just can`t get it to `kick in` In fairness I`ve had it for 6 years and only just tried to use it, YES it`s been an EXTREMELY long fitout and it`s not finished yet ...... Anyway, I`ve spoken to mixtelematics who`ve taken me thru` the techie tests, which with re-magentising the alternator and stuff are all giving the correct readings in terms of voltage and resistance but it still wion`t work. I`ve just noticed that on the on-off switch there`s a spade connector disconnected (black wire) whereas the red, yellow an
  5. Hi All Is it acceptable to use a normal household 240v light switch for 12v (provided it covers the necessary amperage) ? - there`s obviously a MUCH greater choice than one can buy thru` chandlers and the like Sorry if this has been covered before - I`ve hunted thru` the forum and can`t seem to find anything on the subject Thanks Richard
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