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  1. Brillant thanks. We've decided to go for it. What will be will be. Guess it will be a nice quiet weekend anyway.
  2. Check out Diglis bottom lock 5 photos down! http://www.itv.com/news/central/2014-02-10/flooding-pictures-midlands-submerged/ This lock always felt a long way down to me when i've been in it. Whats that at the lowest about 8 or 10 feet!? I've grown up in the area and went to college at the Tech right next to the river so i've seen some floods but this looks like the worst. I think we're going to head towards Worcester for a bit but if it looks a bit silly we'll head back up to black prince and turn there. I'm quite happy to just have a little pootle for our first run out in a while.
  3. Thanks all. Should have said other than the G&S this is our most used bit of canal so I do know where I want to go but even though we've been up in high water before this is totally unpresidented. I do know the sports field floods sometimes as you go out of worcs so I wondered if this would be an issue. We will be driving up from Glous and might need to stop in the city (if we can get in the city) so I supose we can always have a look at it from the other end before we leave.
  4. So I haven't been on the boat for more than a day since we moved off a year and a half a go but now we have 4 days spare. We'd be leaving from Droitwich marina this weekend but i wondered if we can actually get anywhere. It looks like tardebigge is shut for work. Droitwich I'm guessing we wouldn't get under the bridge at the moment so that leaves heading down to Worcester. Is there any point, would we get there? Does anyone know what the basin like? I've been sick most of January so it will be nice to get out the house and just have a change of scenery but I'm starting to think we're not going to get anywhere.
  5. Apparently another boat got into trouble at Worcester the other day too. Not sure which day it was but my parents came past the railway bridge to see a narrowboat tied to the middle pillar and a dingy they assume rescuing people from it. When they came back from where they went there was no sign of anyone there.
  6. Maybe the guy had been moored on the pontoon and decided to try and take cover up on the canal or round in that basin bit and couldn't get control of his boat once he'd untied.
  7. My boyfriend moved aboard with me when he was 18 (I was 28) but it was my boat and he just came and lived with me. Think it was a bit of a shock to start with but he's got used to it.
  8. That sounds like such a good idea. In this weather as well you could put a box under a hedge somewhere with a jumper or blanket that smells of you in. Then hes got a bit of shelter too.
  9. From the picture looking at the other side the boat is already going up and over. Once its got some weight on there it will push the orange sausages down. We were supposed to go up the Severn Thurday this is cancelled now. We were going to go up the avon instead but thats heading into the red to. Stupid rain.
  10. Hopefully with it being the weekend there will be more people about and someone can reunite you.
  11. Theres a couple of sheep down the road. They might do. I've been out and swapped around some of the pipe fenders and rope fenders that i've got and I seem to have stopped the squeaking! The wind is still going for it so hopefully I might get some sleep tonight now.
  12. Just been past the river and it is very high. (i'm rubbish guessing measurements but it must be about 10ft higher than two days ago) High tide combined with the wind pushing the tide up even further. I would not go out on the river in that! Edit - I am a big scaredy cat though.
  13. Your the second person to surgest that. Might have to give it a try. Need something instant!! Hope it doesn't make it worse lol.
  14. That's a good idea. Could do with something more instant though as I wouldn't get to go look for motorbike tyres till maybe sunday. Could do with something to stop me going mental now. I wonder if rapping some material round them might help.
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