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  1. I am issues with various email notifications for threads on the forum, which have suddenly appeared. Is their a glitch in the matrix again

  2. daft question. If am using a canal planner what is the location of Warwickshire flyboats?
  3. If I put my boat up for sale on brokerage in a marina do I need a CaRT licence or can do it on trade plates
  4. Can a working boat fit in the locks on the Stratford canal
  5. Is the canal ok between Banbury and Cropredy. As need to move boat back on Tuesday
  6. Rob I noticed no mention of mushroom vents
  7. Until they leak as the seal has gone and had no regular maintenance
  8. It would seem that's what the insurance company might mean
  9. I am in discussions with my insurance company as my mushroom leaked. It seems I should have done maintenance on it. However I am still trying to establish what that actually means.
  10. As that seems to vague. I will ask a specific question, what maintenance do u do on a mushroom vent? do you take it off clean it up and then reseal it. Is this an annual event?
  11. What is on your maintenance list. I can understand hull blacking, engine and or generator. What external fittings do you have on your list, when,how and what do you do. Any thoughts
  12. Don't live on her anymore. So not seen her for a couple of months. Depending on what they find probably most of the roof panels,insulation and some electrics to be replaced.
  13. What is maintainable... as not have worked where it leaked yet, obvious place might be a mushroom vent. So does everyone else check there mushrooms as part of the maintenance
  14. Have had some water leaking into the boat and caused some damage via a fitting on the roof. Anyone had experience of claiming on the insurance and was it a problem
  15. I know. .. even more lucky had moved it from the backcabin yesterday. Will invest in some more
  16. My carbon monoxide alarm went off as my kabola wasn't burning properly. It seems the internal ring has slipped down so just produces a yellow flame. Any one else had a similar problem or is it just mine . Also the heat resistant paint had flaked off the top within the first week of it being fitted. I might switch back to a coal fire
  17. from the diaphragm casing
  18. I have a jabsco sensor 17, it is leaking I have taken it apart and can't find anything obviously wrong,any suggestions would be appreciated
  19. yes meet Steve..he even found room for a 70 fter by taking out his tape measure
  20. went to the swan last night. they seem to have repaired the furniture since the banter
  21. I went to look at a mooring in the marina today. it seems really nice and isn't to far from home,should I need to worry ??
  22. thanks for the info but is little more than i wanted to pay
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