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  1. I see you're not sure about all the water. This will make more difference that it seems it should. It may be worth cutting a hatch on the left hand side rear of the cabin and getting more out - is that possible?
  2. It's worth leaping about a bit as well. Your weight is quite an effective indicator of how much you need to shift. If you stand on the right side gunwale and lean out can you tip the boat back to central / over the other way? This will give you some numbers to play with. And this water? Are you sure you got all of it out? It doesn't take much to make a bit of a list - it will tend to exaggerate any existing tendency.
  3. Oh, OK Dean, seeing how it's you.... Sorry Larry I didn't mean to make you cry. How'a that? (or did you want me to mean it too?)
  4. Actually I think that's far from the case. I did point out that it took until post #33 for someone to advocate violence (of the fantasy kind I have no doubt) and that only because he was having a bad day no one else suggested such reaction. I think most people would behave like the OP, bemused, slightly defensive but not overtly hostile. There's a lot in a situation that doesn't translate to a written post and it is on those cues that we base our reactions. And I think calling him "pathetic" is unkind.
  5. I'm sorry Dean, for once again reducing one of your very civilised threads to such depths of depravity (o if only the canals had such depths eh?) and making larryjc cry. There's a great French word "pleurnichement" (from pleurer - to cry) that means whimper or whinge.
  6. Shifting ballast is the only way. Long term I guess you could think about moving some heavy stuff over. Don't forget you can also remove ballast from the port side to the starboard side doubling the effect. Has it always been like this? Has something changed? Weight on the roof will have a disproportionate effect. Do you have anything on the roof? Are you tied tightly on the left? (it's not port on the canal) and could you be on the bottom on the right? Are your tanks full or empty? Does this make a difference? Toilet tank?
  7. Well I am genuinely sorry about that. To throw a hissy fit and flounce off because I described you as a whinger seems a little extreme but I must say if it helps that blood pressure it's probably for the best.
  8. Hopping up and down about overstayers and now hopping up and down about me. You want to watch the old ticker Larry, all that stress, ain't good.
  9. Ah did you like that Mark? I thought it a bit hyperbolic but nicely poetic so I let it go. And your contribution to this thread is.... what exactly? eta: ah, I see, are you starting a poll? I'm not either.
  10. Exactly. The thread was about Dean's concern about staying on an empty visitor mooring for longer than the signed time. I predicted that the usual whingers would be along with their favourite bit of finger pointing and you don't disappoint. I simply point out that if you were concerned with yourself rather than the perceived wrongdoing of others you may ultimately feel better. I am sorry if you find that offensive but there you go. It makes absolutely no difference how long Boat X has been on Aynho visitor mooring either to Dean's conundrum or your mooring well being. If the moorings had been full with boats that had been there 20 minutes you'd still have had to moor in the same place but you would have had to forego your boring and predictable moan. I've just been on a long cruise in the height of the season. In every single case I have gone beyond the visitor moorings, usually by half a mile sometimes further, sometimes I've turned and gone the other way. I haven't felt the need to moan or to take particular notice of boats overstaying or not. I've found myself a nice spot and enjoyed it. I suggest you do the same. You'll feel much better.
  11. Couldn't agree more but that is an entirely separate argument. In the UK we pay far too much tax for too little and I see no evidence of government (bureaucracy) austerity, it seems very much to be spend (waste) as usual, Any campaign that reduces the bureaucratic burden of taxation has me as a supporter. But doing it by picking at one tax amongst many, a tax which in the main is paid by wealthier people indulging in a leisure activity is hypocritical and wrong. I see access to transport as a basic enabling freedom that is slowly but inexorably being denied to all but the wealthier. How about massively reducing tax on basic transport costs? Making mobility affordable again. But for the comfortably off to whinge about a few pence extra leaves a foul taste. And to suggest that their range rovers will be transporting tesco diesel to save a few pence per litre and causing pollution as a fundamental argument is simply risable. Why not gladly pay that tax and campaign for further reduction in fuel duty for living costs? That might be seen as progressive.
  12. To be honest I couldn't give a monkey's toss whether you're on the visitor mooring or not, it won't inconvenience me I almost never use them and then only as brief overnight stops. What attracted my derision is your assertion that you need more time on the visitor mooring because you're incapable of tying your boat up properly.
  13. Like many others you seem more concerned with other's doings than your own. If you're healthy enough to walk half a mile why should it be any concern of yours whether the boats on the visitor moorings have been there half an hour or 10 days? Or are you happier when you're whinging? Gives you something to do perhaps while you walk that whole half a mile.
  14. There would be an oil pressure gauge, hydraulic rather than electric. Marine Engine Services (forum member Chris- are your friend. The ammeter and voltmeter would have part of the electrical system rather than the engine and could be replaced with modern, digital, versions from eBay. In particular if the ammeter was a dial gauge you shouldn't replace it, these are obselete and inefficient and will reduce your electrical output. On a related point. I did link to a eBay oil gauge but that went up to 100psi and given that an SR3 is somewhere in the region 15-20psi would a gauge from a CO2 cylinder for pub use be a good substitute - as these have a FSD of 40psi?
  15. It's a real shame it sat around for years at £41,000 when if it had been for sale for £14,000 - probably what it's worth in my uninformed opinion - it would be another few years down the road of maintenance.
  16. No, actually Jogger Dave, I was laughing at you for not being able to use a mooring pin. And deciding you should use visitor moorings rather than learning to boat properly - though you may have a point, your rank selfishness did annoy me and, yes, it did provoke a whinge. There's always an exception that proves the rule. I tried them and found that whereas the glasses were well made, the distance that they sat on my eyes and the distance that focussed at wasn't as good as when I've had glasses fitted in the high street. Probably a parameter missing but it did put me off.
  17. ...which is a completely daft approach to off-grid living. House systems are designed as they are because they are on-grid. To emulate that system without the grid bit is like saying I want to use a Ferrari without roads.
  18. Does Troll begin with a T?
  19. umm, no actually, I've got one of those things called a life. #4, #6, #10, #19 and latterly #26 Did Dean ask a question? And if you've not seen posts whinging about boaters on visitor moorings on CWDF before I can't help you there, I'd suggest Specsavers.
  20. Not true, in this digital age. It costs no more to print out a variant. It's pure laziness.
  21. Canadian canoe roofrack and a friendly boater to keep it for you intween times. In fact I know a few people who you would lend you theirs - it seems one of the more popular unused accessories.
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