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  1. Mr Cygnet, I see no further reply from you since you last stay with us, hopefully the rate was acceptable...
  2. To clarify our position on this, the owner of the vessel in question voluntarily chose to register for council tax on her mooring, an option that is down to the particular "moorer" depending upon their individual circumstances. I have advised the owner that the mooring she is now on is no longer residential as she is no longer "living aboard" and is now a leisure mooring or that we can move her boat (albeit by a foot) to a non-residential mooring; as such she will no longer eligible for council tax. Whilst she was residential, council tax may have been payable dependent on her particular circumstances. As the mooring is no longer residential, council tax is no longer payable. The status of the "mooring" is determined by the particular vessel that is moored on it. We have full planning permission from Selby Council for "full" residential capability on all moorings, but this is determined by the particular vessel that is moored on it at any particular time, not by the "vessel" or the "mooring". I also think the council are wrong in this instance and have advised the owner as such. (as an aside however, if the council were to deem the "mooring" on which this particular vessel is moored on exclusively as a residential mooring, the "owner" of this mooring at the time would be liable for the additional costs of council tax on top of the normal mooring fee). We would never condone the avoidance of paying council tax if applicable, but feel on this occasion the council are wrong.
  3. Guys, not just because we sell them, and are the main distributor for the North of England, but i would always advise the use of genuine parts. There are some cheaper offerings from "Turkey" which are remanufactured parts from china and not up to spec. But if you want a reliable heater take it to an authorised dealer or get the parts from one. We offer a return to base offer of £45 fixed labour fee plus any parts on any Webasto heater, you can post to us if required, and return carriage is £13.95. We will decoke etc and advise of any parts prior to fitting, perform full bench test and return you a fully operational heater.
  4. No, all paper work has been done, it is just a pain in the ass being an unpaid tax collector for HMRC ! But just to clarify, there is no intention to stop selling diesel from Selby Boat Centre, regards simon
  5. Anni, If you made several attemps to start the heater, I would assume that you have flooded the burner chamber with diesel. One remedy is to remove the fuel feed into the heater (place the pipe into a container to avoid spillage) and start the heater two or three times to "burn off" the excess fuel. Replace the fuel line and try again. Failure to start on a relatively new heater is symptomatic of either (as roger says) water in the fuel, fuel contamination or possibly more likely a low or depreciated battery voltage. If there is insufficient voltage to allow the glowpin to glow hot enough to ignite the diesel, the diesel will remain unburn and the heater will white smoke prefusely. Repeated attemps to start the heater are not recommended in quick succession as this will just make the problem worse. If a webasto does not fire up within the first couple of attemps, there is obviously some underlying factor that needs to be resolved prior to restarting. If you are still not sure, let me know or give me a call. Or at worst case you can send the heater in for repair. Where are you based? as i can let you know your nearest dealer. Or if you want to email me the serial number off the heater, I can check its supply details and hence warrantee situation. ( the serial number is the "Fabr" Number on the bottom right of the ID sticker.) regards simon
  6. Website Name: selbyboatcentre.co.uk Website URL: www.selbyboatcentre.co.uk Website Description: Selby Boat Centre's Website We are currently loading up our vast product range (approx 10'000 lines) onto our online shopping cart, just click on the chandlery link on our website. If there is something you don't see let us know as we probably have it in stock. We can taylor make boat fit out packages to meet all budgets, and we are a UK Main Dealer for Webasto heating & air conditioning systems and can personalise a quote for your individual needs. Whatever you need, large or small, if it is not in stock, we will endeavour to help you find it. Regards Simon
  7. The Inaugral selby Canal festival will be taking place of the 15th & 16th September. Activities will include canal boat trips, a special beer brewed for the event by local brewery The Brown Cow, Phil Speight will be available for consultation and painting demonstrations, The International Guild of Knot Tyers will be demonstrating rope work, a number of stalls, a boat jumble, refreshments and of course special discounts for the duration of the festival in our extensive chandlery. There will be plenty of moorings available, or come by car. If anyone has any questions please email us at enquiries@selbyboatcentre.co.uk or give us a call on 0870-749-0061 or Click here! to visit our website Hope to see you there, regards simon
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