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  1. Try Wilsons of Kinver they were the cheapest out of 4 quotes I had.
  2. Hi Dor Conversely if the broker undervalues the boat by £5,000-£10,000,a buyer will see and realise a bargain is on offer. With the sale done the broker has only reduced his earnings by £250 or £500 relatively at a 5%brokerage, the client is down 5 or 10 thousand. This may answer just why boats are selling in a recession, this is fair if you are upgrading as it is only about the differential in price between the boat being sold to the boat being bought, both suffer the same underpricing so there is no loss and it generates sales. The losers are the people who are giving up boating, these poor souls are well out of pocket. Dor you have been in boating long enough to know you just cannot build a new boat spec for spec for anywhere near the prices used boats are being sold for, this disparity in itself tells you boats are being undervalued.
  3. Following on from Alan's comments I would also stay with our boat builder which was ColeCraft. Having had one of our boats being stretched, and them suppling us with a new sail away without the slightest hint of a problem is enough reason to recommend them. If you have a good experience with your builder then you want to recommend them quality is the test of time after years of building boats they are still in business, that must say a lot for any boat builder.
  4. The other side of the coin to changing acid ladened oil in the autumn is that over the winter serious condensations will take place. An accumulation of water could be added to the fresh oil and on commencement of the new season one could start off with a water contaminated oil. Perhaps we should empty the sump and leave the drain plug out until the new season and then refill with clean oil. Did I just write that? Where are we going with all this Bol---s, for years engines have survived under normal oil changes, why complicate a simple situation. Ps anyone interested in joining the flat earth society please pm me
  5. Interesting, manufacturers state lots of differing guff about oil. True fact is mineral oils are getting harder to obtain, some large vacuum pumps run on a straight mineral 30 grade, this is starting to become rocking horse sh-- you can still get it but at a price. We changed over to part synthetic on our diesel vehicles two or three years ago, and that did not take into account how old or how many miles the engines had covered. There have been no ill effects to date, it seems to be general practise to use part synthetic in smaller garages, I can't speak for the main agents I would think they are on full synthetic. Mercedes have been using full synthetic for years, we had a new Mercedes van and after its pdi the next service was at 55,000k, reason given it was running on full synthetic and did not carbon up as it would running on mineral oil. Go figure as I just don't know.
  6. I am not sure if they are still currently used but there was a system that the auto trade used that vacuumed the oil out via the dip tube. The hand type were mainly aimed at the DIY market as the position of drain plugs were b------s to get to.
  7. Thats probably because when you fit a pump to any sump, engine or gear box an adaptor is used screwing into the hole where the drain plug has come from. Which should be at the lowest point in the sump allowing you to evacuate all of the oil. Shimples
  8. Like a baseball bat but square at one end. I would have thought a pickaxe handle would be ideal.
  9. Spreader bars could be low down, one point though if the guy in the yellow jacket is the banksman he is in the wrong position, the crane operator should be taking instructions via hand signals from his banksman in this picture this would not be possible
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Whatever is perceived to be wrong, one thing is certain. A risk assessment will have been carried out either by BW or the crane company if they were contractors. You try and hire a crane these days, not only expensive but bogged down with little people legislation ( Elf and his mate safety )
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Bet they wish they had gone to specsavers! Bet they wish they had gone to specsavers!
  16. Hi I have always used a fernox product, besides the anti freeze part of it you get all the other benefits as well. Plumbcentre/plumbworld or any good plumbers merchants will stock it. I can't remember which one I used, make sure you tell them for what type of system it's for.
  17. Quote from a BSS inspector, and I still can't believe this. "If there are no fuses in the electrical system on board the boat, there's is no requirement for them to inspect the installation. If this is a true statement can you imagine the death traps that would pass. He did add that all inspectors wrer having to attend an electrical course sometime soon.
  18. HUH You Fink you ad it ard? we add to-------------- ok coats on
  19. Which is probably why Morco state that the D61b, D61e are not suitable for use in tourers or any other mobile vehicles.
  20. A question you all must have corrected in the past, I've now stopped correcting it and have this reply, the look on peoples faces is amusing Question Where did you get your long boat from? I stole it from a Viking.
  21. Hi Boating is a contact sport Provided it's kept to below the gunnels. Still doing the right thing though by taking lessons, enjoy your new boating life.
  22. I have always had an issue with feeding positive and negative bus bars directly off the battery bank/ isolator sw without passing through a fuse. I have always used either an 80amp or 100amp fuse, depending on the total load the panel is capable of carrying.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Not sure I agree with with all of that, however there are other issues to take into consideration. Depending on the design of the hot water plumbing there can be serious heat losses through thermal cycling if the design and installation is not correct. Also are all calorifiers insulated exactly the same? a varying thickness of insulation coupled with the differing materials of insulation will make a considerable difference.
  25. How long does cauliflower cheese stay hot for Colin
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