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  1. Hmmm I didn't know there was a facebook page, ill have a look!
  2. Crikey I wasn't expecting so many replies so quickly, I should have checked back sooner! I think he wants to live on a boat as more of a lifestyle choice and try it out before buying his own. That's what I did 10 years ago and a very good idea it was too, it was a private arrangement rather than an official rental. I take it that nobody knows of a boat to rent?
  3. Hello a friend of mine is moving to the Aldermaston wharf area and is presently house hunting. I suggested he should look for a boat to rent for the short term as it would be right up his street. Does anyone know of a boat to rent, preferably with a mooring on the Kennet and Avon in commutable distance to Aldermaston wharf? I guess that would be between Reading and Newbury. Many thanks
  4. Can anyone recommend a good engineer who understands Listers? I would like somebody to give my HA2 a good look over and a de coke. I think it's time for new rings as well! Many thanks
  5. Ah yes that's the sort of thing I'm interested in. I really want to avoid a lot if the purpose built marine/ caravan TV's as I don't think much if the sound and picture quality. However anything from Samsung or Sony etc would be ideal
  6. I think the best way would be to fit the components and then get an engineer to connect the compressor and fill the system
  7. Yes that's how I understand it, because the televisions are made for multiple markets they have a DC input and supplied with relevant transformer to suit destination country mains.
  8. The 14 volt TV I have found isn't an automotive TV, it just happens to be 14 volt. I think it would need a stabilised supply, that would protect it from spikes etc. I know someone with a 14 volt samsung which happily runs on 12 volt (for 2 years now), however he thinks the plug gets warmer than it should, possibly because it is drawing more power as the supply is weaker than specified I was wondering if Cotswoldman could tell me the model of TV he uses? Many thanks
  9. Were your TV's 12 volt exactly? i can see that would be easy. Unfortunately the examples i am interested in seem to be 14 or 18 volts
  10. I have a general question about TV's with a DC input, although there are many 12 volt examples available there isn't a great choice when it comes to quality. I have been looking at alternatives and there are a number of LG and samsung televisions that accept a 14 volt 3 amp input. The question I have is twofold, 1) can they be run from 12 volt through a stabiliser? I know that they do in fact work this way, but is it safe and what are the pitfalls? 2) what sort of converter could be used to step from 12 to 14 volts, and would this be more efficient than using a mains tv through an
  11. Hmm, the compressor I have is a danfoss BD35F
  12. Good point, it's not leaking, just inefficient. The has wad merely a guess.
  13. Now that's interesting, I have an old LEC 12 vilt fridge that although works isn't as cold as it used to be (presumeably needs re gassing). I have been thinking about getting a better quality 230 volt fridge and having it converted, as I thinking would be more thermally efficient and use less power, could I use the compressor and control unit from my existing fridge and fit it to a new one?
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