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  1. Who said you couldn't re-invent the wheel?
  2. Hi Not too difficult to overcome. Have two high pressure water pipes or steam pipes made with 1" or 1 1/4" BSP or 28mm male, female ends whichever is easiest. There are lots of hydraulic hose companies that will knock up a set of pipes in about 1/2 hour.
  3. Hi Martin The reason being is with any mould you will need to sterilise and remove any mould spores.
  4. Hi How about a Hurricane, 9kw burns gas oil without any problem.
  5. Hi Noff Have you looked at Kuranda and kabola web sites? worth a look.
  6. There are plenty of pressure jet boilers that run on 35 sec / gas oil, this is what the bog standard domestic boiler used to be and still are. Drip feed were usually 28sec oil /paraffin/kerosene. The difference between the two systems was that 28sec oil would ignite with a hot wire coil and could be gravity fed /drip feed to the boiler. In the case of 35sec oil this system would not work as the diesel would not ignite easily,it had to be pumped through a minute jet atomising the fuel and then ignited with an electrical spark, hence the name pressure jet. Now before you all jump on me and say my stove is gas oil gravity fed and that works, this is true, the two systems described previously are for automatic start up, in the case of drip feed diesel stove these have to be started manually. The principle of the ignition is different, with a drip feed diesel stove the burner chamber has to be pre-heated, usually with a firelighter, this then heats the base of the burner pot so when you turn the knob on the fuel regulator to start the flow and the diesel arrives at the burner pot, as it dribbles in it is vaporised by the heat in the metal on the base of the burner pot.This vapour is ignited by the remnants of the flame from the firelighter. The difference being here you are igniting a fuel vapour as opposed to igniting an atomised fuel. A correct burn is when the fuel ignites about 12mm above the burner pot base. with what looks like empty space between but is actually rising vaporised fuel.This is why if you overdo the fuel flow and turn it up too much you can actually cool the burner pot with diesel and the burn rather than being vapour will become diesel boiling and sounding something like a hot chip pan, which is exactly how chip pan fires start - the hot oil boils over and ignites, this then fires the vapour and as it's in free air the cycle just continues. I used to short cut the start up of my stove by heating the burner pot base to red hot with a turbo gas torch. Start up time 2 minutes as opposed to 10. Just keep your face away from the hole when you start up as the fuel will vapourise very quickly and on ignition will blow up through the lighting port.
  7. A quick google and it appears that oil condensing boilers only run on 28sec oil (paraffin/kerosene which gives you a choice either fit a second tank for 28sec oil or find the most efficient boiler that will run on 35 sec oil. These boilers are still made and when choosing compare the efficiency figures.
  8. Only if no one complains. Should they then the dreaded Dbs come out to play, so many Dbs at differing distances. What you should rember it's you and your family that are at the greatest risk you're the nearest.
  9. Soon be crimbo and we can all play Chinese whispers Any hard facts to substantiate such statements, any murmurings of where the gas oil surplus will be going perhaps to a country that doesn't give a tinker's cuss about greenhouse effect, global warming, or any of the green issues. Cheap fuel for them and their industries, talk about giving people bullets to fire back at you, they will be in full production making products for us because we can't compete and by then will only be able to afford to buy cheap imports. I have seen this in operation, some years ago due to public and government pressure the poultry industry voluntarily agreed to stop using any animal byproducts IE bone meal, feather meal, in the production of chicken feed.This caused a huge increase in the price of poultry food and subsequently forced the price of poultry up. Never mind this is what the British public wanted. This action caused a surplus of bone meal and feather meal to accumulate, this surplus was sold off to the far east who then started to produce huge quantities of very cheap chicken and lo and behold guess what, a large British supermarket imported this cheap chicken, grown with byproducts that the British public didn't want and sold these chickens to THEM causing the British poultry industry to collapse. You can call me a cynic but believe me go live it first and see how it feels to know what's happening and not be able to do a thing about it, Government's response comes under the heading of market forces. Ostrich syndrome nearer the truth.
  10. I remember seeing a drawing showing proposed safety dimensions regarding the installation of stoves. There are always the manufacturers recommendations and from memory if these were carried out to the letter there wouldn't be many stoves on boats. The best solution is to insulate the surrounding area to the upmost possible using the highest rated heat insulation and leave as much free air as possible, the manufacturers instructions will advise you on the minimum. In the absence of any definitive regulations that's the best you can do to sleep easy.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Well job jobbed friend is very impressed, thanks guys.
  14. Hi Alan Had a look at the aga little wenlock nothing I could see with a similar division on the door
  15. A friend has asked me to see if anyone knows what make and model this stove is. Thanks in advance
  16. David Along with all the other well wishers , I wish you WELL Big Col
  17. I knew a repairer who would weld motorbike tanks without neutralising them first. He used to empty them of petrol leave them to vent overnight fill them with water the next day and the weld the hole up. No problem did loads of them until he sent one through the workshop across the street and into the lounge of the house opposite took the door and frame out with it as the tank passed through needless to say last tank he ever welded. He survived the blast with just singeing of hair and eyebrows what went wrong this time was due to the shape of the tank it left a small air gap and unfortunately it was just where the hole was.
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  20. Hi Fuzzy Seamaster still exist they were taken over by Viking. Some of the Seamaster range is now being built by Viking still under Seamaster logo, and I think to the original Seamaster hull specs.
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