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  1. I very rarely sound my fuel tank, don't like the smell of sounding sticks & wipe rags. I can tell from the trim wether I'm short on fuel or fresh water.
  2. I knew a fellah from Dublin he use to fly to Germany in ....... Wellingtons
  3. Aye Gud Luk at skool twomorrer yung Nobber if yer dunt lern enyfin yu can always go back again on tewsdee like I did.
  4. Aye Mary It certainly does, I fail to see your connection with Chester Castle. It's nowhere near Chester ZOO. read the post again. No doubt about the Shady Oak maybe recommendable depends what you want. What I was saying, it's not popular anymore with boaters. I pass it 8/10 times a year on average. Over the past year its been boat barren. Gone are the days when you can nip in for a couple of drinks & meet your boating mates. The new managers want you to have a sit down meal wether you are boater or local its doesn't matter. I recall another local boater tellin me a local village resident who frequented regularly was asked to leave because he was not eating only drinking. Is that a pub as we know it. I think not. Seconded. No doubt the man in the chandlery is from Birkenhead Pandas, pls do a recky & post an update about the Shady Oak. I''ll pay for yer drinks (rum only) but not the meal. , ps sorry bout the qoute boxes not got the hang of em yet.
  5. Aye Aye Panda You should leave the AA & join the AU. When you ave to resist a drink phone em up & they'll talk you into it.
  6. For a quick answer. The easiest thing for her to crack open to bleed the air off is the engine coolant cap. 1. Make sure the engine is cold before removing the cap. 2. Run the engine for a few minutes, keep an eye on temp & coolant levels. 3. As already said check the temp of the pipes to & from the calorifier. if that doesn't cure it there lots of other things that need checking. Water pump is it belt driven. Does the water pass thru' a thermostatic valve, this may be faulty.
  7. Nice one Martin. We use to drive these things years ago when I worked for Land & Marine here on the Wirral. I'll be giving the grankids a treat when I get back home & a nostalgic one for meself. Out of interest did the rudder look anything like this Rudder I've often contemplated copying it on my boat.
  8. Captain Haddock


    From the album: Kipper Haddock

  9. Since time began Joe public the land lubber have a religious belief. "If you have a boat you have loadsa money". Those who service our needs preach this witchcraft. .
  10. Ahha, I shall let you into a little secret, the canal has never formed part of the boundary or acted as a moat for any of the enclosures. The zoo is set too far back. What you have in between are fields that belong the MOD. Secret bunkers & ammo dumps for the Cheshire regiment. If you look closely nowadays you can see some of the entrances. Apologies realise you may be referrin to the squaddies
  11. Hi, Mr & Mrs Panda when you pass my boat have a look at the bow, half way along the curves you will see "eyebolts" fitted port & stbd. They solve a lot of problems, SWMBO loves to use these instead of the "T". Especially when the cratch cover is on. Also ideal for attaching a spring rope. Fraid I havn't got a pic clear enuff to post. http://www.canalworld.net/forums/uploads/g...7_189_16724.jpg By the way do you drive a Panda car.
  12. "Rum and Coca-Cola" by the Andrews Sisters
  13. Dartline was the hire company, you'll pass their old boatyard (now taken over by Anglo-Welsh Boat hire) when you go down the Bunbury staircase on you're way to Chester. . mmm rum flavour
  14. Hi Anthony. I'm with you on this one. My needs though being different than yours. I love muckin about on both canals & rivers especially the upper Thames. But its a bit of a slog gettin the narrowboat there & back in a 3 week period, just to spend a couple of days on it. (I work 3wks on - 3wks off). My ideal is to spend 3wks on canals, then the next time home 3 wks on rivers. I've been searchin for a while for that sumfin special thats an easy tow & launch to any allowable lake or river in the country. Unfortunately I missed out on this little bute on evil bay. I was out the country when it was goin thru, & followin the golden rule I stuck to not buyin without viewin. I wish now I took the chance & bidded. It didn't reach its reserve, I keep checkin to see if its back in. Back to you're original question. This would be ideal for me "To Camp on the Water". I'm not a mid..... err vertically challenged. soon get use to the lack of height. Better than gettin in & out of a similar size camping tent. Better than a soggy tent that you can't stand up in anyway. and still have the boating comforts & pleasures. Its a 15 foot Marina Ive got more pics in my gallery, the aft deck compliments the interior. Nice init. You wouldn't need a big a car to tow it either. Good huntin.
  15. Pub called The Shady Oak at Beeston on the Shroppie Highly poular with boaters especially the Nantwich Navy. Last year the landlord took it upon himself to dig out a parcel of land at the side of the pub to accommodate alf dozen boats for overnight stops & 1 or 2 permanent. BW cordoned it off while legalities were sorted out. As fast as it was dug out BW filled it in & billed the Landlord for 30 grand. The landlord packed his bags & scarpered. If anyone has an update like to hear it.
  16. Bamboo Rum ........yumyum. Me thinks I recognise your boat " Ellesmere", Dartline build if I'm correct. Designed in mind for the Llangollen and you have the bow "lift bridge" deflector bars removed. Take care.
  17. Have an interest in everythin EXCEPT :- football, cricket, golf, crochet, knittin, embroidary, & tyin up. Well into everythin nautical, model boats , my ac cob. & toxopholy.
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