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  1. Thank you all for your helpfull and informed advice. Back on the boat with the plate/gearbox refitted in my absence, the other owner was in attendance and apparently the 'engineer' said that two of the bolts fixing the gearbox to the mounting plate had sheared, curious that he did not comment on this when he removed the gearbox whilst I was there? Still claiming hitting an underwater object was the cause of the problem so "tis' a mystery - but it all works out in the end" Cheers David
  2. Yes that was my thought to, the engineer pointed out that the screw heads were not scuffed, which would have occurred if they encountered the flywheel, and although not stretched they showed signs of pulling out of the aluminium at the end of the threads. However, if the gearbox moved away from the engine, which it would/did under the action of the prop, then this would also keep the screws away from the flywheel. Tis certainly curious
  3. We recently had our gearbox replaced by RCR after the clutch went on the old Hurth. We upgraded to a Prm 120 on the recommendation of the engineer, who also suggested changing the ratio. On my first cruise since fitting I noticed an increase in drive noise, low whine, and put this down to bedding in new components. After about 20 hrs cruising when leaving a lock I heard a thump and the prop stopped driving forward or reverse. After mooring I checked the engine and the gearbox had disconnected from the engine! The screws fixing to the mounting plate were out and the nuts on the flex coupling were also loose. The engineer who fitted the box came out and asserted that there was no sign that the screws had come loose and that the driveplate required replacement. He informed RCR that the damage was caused by my hitting an underwater object - would I not have felt that? Before leaving the lock I had cleared a plastic bag from the prop and had not noticed anything wrong with the drivetrain at that point. Is this damage consistent we hitting an object sufficient to stop the prop dead but not be noticed by me? Has the engine whine any significance? Your experienced views would be appreciated. Incidentally the breakdown occurred in the "bandit country" between Rodley and Leeds and having endured hassle from the local yoofs I was not looking forward to ending more time marooned there. ? Fortunately the CRT lockies, who were similarly concerned, were able to arrange a tow through the locks to Ridley, thanks again Anne and Garry on Ploddinon.?
  4. We have had our garden end mooring in Cheshire for over eight years now. It has great access to a number of rings as well as LLangollen, Anderton/Weaver, Macc, etc but I fancy a change of scenery and was wondering about the practicallity/legality of swapping for a season/year with someone with a mooring say in W Yorks? Is it/can it be done? I can't find any reference on the forum.
  5. Did you see Tims face as he almost skipped along the platform to get in the steam train cab at Llangollen? Absolutely priceless!!
  6. Tks for all your advice. Refurbished box arrived and fitted by yours truly. Hopefully good for another 20 years :-)
  7. Would the Prm be a straight replacement? Or need an adapter? Tks 4 the advice :-)
  8. Just a thought - would the mountings be the same as the 150? Could I fit it as a short term solution while I refurbished the 150? Where are you btw?
  9. Tks for the offer - ours is the, 150 :-(
  10. First day of the holidays & Hurth gearbox broke! Have checked cable etc so deff broken :-( What advise? Replace with same? Or Prm? New/recon? As a fairly competent engineer is repair an option? Your thoughts please?
  11. The water temp gauge went 'erratic' last week - checked the water & engine temp mjust to make sure! Now it has stopped working altogether and I suspect the sensor is kn###d. Are these sensors unique to boat engines or available as general engine spares? Are Nanni diesels marinised Toyota engines by any chance? Thanks David
  12. Thanks for that - I will bear that in mind Cheers David
  13. Thanks for he quick reply - looks like that is the problem - though I was very careful about connecting it up Just out of interest, what would be the result of the spikes not being surpressed? Trip to Maplins called for! Thanks again David
  14. Finally got round to replacing the flush valve - it finally stopped working . However, when I fitted the replcement valve and connect to a 12v supply, the component,( resistor? diode?) wired between the valve connections quickly heats up when the swith is pressed and starts smoking! The Thetford instructions/parts list does not show this item & I wonder at it's purpose and if it has 'failed'. . . . . BTW to test I am using a battery charger as my 12v supply is this a problem? Cheers David
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