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  1. Thanks. Next time in need, I shall try looking beyond the tow path. But it not always easy. By the way. The cheapest setting on the Aldi is.,... The off button. And use a large kettle on top of stove ??
  2. I simply don't understand how your getting cheap gas. I live on a boat on the canals and I get my gas from where ever the nearest marina is. Around 35 is the going rate. Although last year up north at Stoke on Trent I got gas at 26 from the Black prince hire place. Someone asked about settings on the Aldi. They are default factory settings of 50c but can boost to 65c when needed. There are no other adjustments. If you don't want central heating you set the temp very low.
  3. I'm a full time liveaboard and cc-er. I have a newish (2013) Aldi. I use it as back up for the solid fuel heater. But mostly it heats water because of the inconvenience of lugging gas bottles about. I think it's uses about a 500 g per hour lit. That lasts me about 4 weeks per 13kg bottle just for hot water. I was told the main point about Aldi us that they don't need servicing and never go wrong. ( My hasn't in years ) Also calor gas is 35 quid. You might have cheaper gas, but calor is the main gas bottles that marinas sell.
  4. I don't like this thread. It's full of crap.
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