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  1. I'm annoyed i didn't take photos from all angles now!
  2. They won't be ON the towpaths for long! 🚴‍♀️💦
  3. I was thinking the boating season lasts 11 months a year, 1st Sept - 31st July 😂
  4. Is it just me or are some of these new signs a bit silly and pointless.....
  5. Agreed, unfortunately my crew don't like out and back trips as they feel they are heading home from the holiday when we wind. Personally I just love being on the water and want to cover the entire network!
  6. Thanks JP, Yes we've done the black country too, forgot to mention that one! and a fair bit round the BCN still a fair bit of the network I'm yet to colour in on my map though! Problem with the BCN is the hire companies get a bit tetchy with having their boats moored round there unless you're in Gas St! Remember having a joke with one boat yard when I remarked that I was fully aware of their "Pink Map of Death" showing where you shouldn't moor!
  7. Thanks Arbutus, I think it might be Shire again, and will have to cut down on the crew, I do find their website confusing though, may have to call them and see what they can do 🙂 PS thanks for the link to the Foxes, I do enjoy their videos!
  8. Good suggestion, thank you. I like the idea of Scotland - especially the Falkirk wheel! but again i think this will be an out and back, or do they do one way hire up there? Irish waterways I don't know much about, do they have a canal network or is it river waterways?
  9. I hadn't to be honest, thanks for that I''ll look in to them Shire Cruisers are a good company, we did the Hudds with them, Rochdale might be a good call
  10. As a regular hire boater always holidaying for a week in late May we (crew of between 5 and 8 ) have done various routes over the many years, the crew don't like out and back trips as it covers old ground, but I'm struggling to find a route for next year. We've done all the major 1 week rings (4 counties, cheshire , stourport, avon, warwickshire, we've also done the llangollen, K&A and Huddersfield Broad & Narrow. Can anyone suggest a good ring that I may have missed, or a oneway trip (most boat companies don't offer 1 way trips)? I would like to do the leicester ring/east midlands circuit or south of England circuit but we're limited to one week. Any suggestions will be greatly received (especially if you have done it and can recommend a hire base) and I realise I ask a tall order!
  11. My nearest canal is the Llangollen, but here in Wales we're still restricted to 5 miles so can't get there 😪
  12. I feel your pain, we have a yearly holiday the same week in May every year (and sometimes a sneeky second holiday later in the year) and have been for around 12 years also. Unfortunately I had to let my crew go without me last year due to work constraints and then the virus this year... It's now been over 2 years since I've been on the cut and getting severly land-sick! Thank goodness for youtube, I've been driving my partner mad with all the vloggers! 😄😄 Next May can't come soon enough and I'm considering an Autumn cruise, if my partner can get time off from her work, for just the two of us...
  13. Dan1981


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