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  1. Once again my thanks to the inputs given. I have some investigating to do, and the oxy generators sound a good way to go as smaller to use and lighter to lug about. Briefly looking on the net for them they are quite expensive to buy..I don't know if they can be hired and would that work out more expensive in the long run... I think couple of posters suggested I talk in the first instance to the respiratory team as to best way forward. But having tried before I felt that they didn't fully understand my predicament with a 200 year old system of a canal lock and pulling a heavy cylinder on a trolley around it....hardly a health & safety exercise!!! Still I need something to carry on boating and it's out there somewhere. So cheers again folks.
  2. Thank you all sooo much for your professional input..much appreciated, your comments noted. I dId email BSS to check my status regarding medical oxygen onboard boat, as I did think that this would invalidate my BSS cert! Had a nice reply informing me that this would NOT be the case as long as I was aware (which I am) of the safety issues involved. So sigh of relief as didn't want to leave the cut behind. Obviously on here there's experienced people knowing about smaller devices than the one I've got here at home. Now, thankfully I've been assessed with only needing oxy when 1. Walking or 2. When exerting myself (which wud be locking), on setting 2 or 3 max. I've been expressly told NOT to use oxy whilst sitting still too, presumably because my sats then are, or have, returned to normal. I do not need to use it whilst sleeping either. So this us why I'm looking for a mobile unit and where's the best place to enquire? I've asertained that the oxy Co I use at home cannot supply me away from here, I would need another Co near to my boat to deliver new cylinders...which there again is awkward if out cruising on the cut and away from moorings! As this us ALL very new to me it's difficult to 'see through the trees' for an answer, but I'm confident there must be an answer. I will put up a pic (if I can achieve how to), of my device on trolley so you can see how inappropriate this would be carting about 'locking'
  3. Hi all.. First of all I hope that I've posted on right forum! I thought I'd ask on here if anyone is or knows, someone who has to use this to maintain their breathing. I am a sufferer OF COPD and have had it now for number of years and in January got an infection that resulted in an extreme exasperation as classed by the respiratory team who took care of me. Now, the question is, as I have to drag a cylinder around on this trolley is there another way of maintaining the joys of boating which I've managed over the many years with something more compact and usable if you follow? I did try and explain to the team my concerns and my leisure activities with the boat. But by the look on his face I know he hadn't a clue of what I was explaining about locks and dragging a trolley complete with with oxygen cylinder around with me.b I'm sure there must be other boaters like me out there, who cope with this condition, and manage their boating with something more manageable?? If so, please help if possible in pointing me in a direction. As always guys and gals thanks in advance.
  4. Cheers Junior for post but we're going in opposite directions... No matter will catch you another time
  5. Any fuel boats plying the S&W at Mo were heading towards Stourport - just passing Stourton Jac
  6. As usual cheers for replies....Might seek leccy hook up as got machine on board but Genny isn't working that well.
  7. Hi all... Can someone give me a 'heads up' on whether there are any washing machines at this place? I think they have showers etc and all the other services BUT not sure if they have machines there.... So need to do me smalls lol... ?
  8. Nothing out of the ordinary with 'Hire base's' breasting ém up on water points during winter months is it? If memory serves me right, in the early 90's when Gt Haywood used to be Dartline hire boats it was virtually impossible to take on water there unless you had a SUPER long hose and negotiate climbing over all of their hire boats to get to the tap!! Those were the days huh?
  9. Well done Dean... luv the 'horse play' lol
  10. Well this lock beats me as we've just cruised the whole length of the S&W from Gt Haywood to Stourport and most of the locks are named not numbered and pic shows lock 11 on the beam! .... and I'm sure I would have noticed that large bridge over the bottom of the lock!!! Unless this has been erected since my trip or does this call another trip to 'specksavers' lol
  11. Really? I sent them an email asking prices and could we stay on board whilst the process is completed, and Eamon replied Sorry NO. I did challenge this saying how do other boaters manage if they cannot stay with their boat, to which they replied 'I would have to seek alternate accommodation whilst the boat is in the dry dock!!!
  12. Hi folks... sorry yes I should have said we're based in Kings Bromley on the T+M. I've already tried down towards Burton... at Jannels (not sure if name is still the same now) I've Tried Fradley Jnc... When out last week tried Sherbourne Wharf and couple of others but all so far say same... NO
  13. Sorry to bring this subject up yet again folks, but it seems wherever I inquire about the service I'm being told the same 'sorry cant stay aboard whilst this is being done' owing to an accident that happened somewhere and were fined and now their insurers wont cover for this!!! So my question is this... what about live aboards, whereby this is their only abode and they 'cant afford' to stay somewhere else and pay for accommodation plus the bill for their boat as well?? This surely will affect a lot of docks if this is how it has got to be now....(H&S no doubt again) So I'm running out of boatyards now who will do my hull blacking and let us (and 5 little doggies) stay aboard during the process... in past years was fine.... So why now?? Why cant one just sign a disclaimer to let them off the hook as it were, like they do in hospitals prior to an operation ... daft
  14. Well boaters I can say that when i sent that email to C&T when I began this post I wasn't holding my breath on a response so quick... but YES a reply I received... and I quote this below Quote....... Thank you for your below email. Currently Dean Davies is away on secondment so I am covering for him in the interim. The situation with our grass cutting has been a cause of real frustration and embarrassment to us locally and is a problem that has been building up over recent weeks. My team and I have spent a significant amount of time dealing with this and is due to several reasons - our contractors falling behind plan, good growing conditions and problems with the specification. Our contract managers are working hard to address this issue and as such they have increased the number of teams working on it and improved the specification so we hope to see some of these issues resolved in the short term, especially around the fringes, although given the length of grass and fringe, I suspect it may take some time to resolve totally. One thing worth a mention is that due to the staffs & Worcester being a conservation area we will not be removing the entire length of reed fringe but we will be removing about a quarter of it to facilitate mooring and visibility. However, given the above I was genuinely frustrated to read your comments about the apparent lack of progress on site and have challenged my contract manager on this. At present we are just finishing the towpath cuts on the southern section, although this isn’t always visible due to the fringe, and are now about to start the reed fringe works so hopefully you will see a difference in the short term. I appreciate that there are some days that the teams are not present but overall they are working on the problem. With regard to the trees, we were not aware of the one between bridge 7 & 8 so we are now investigating this – so thank you for the report. The other tree which is fenced off should be removed imminently. The problem with this one is size and position of the root ball which meant it wasn’t quite as straight forward as we had hoped – however this should be out shortly. I hope this above helps and I do really appreciate you taking the time to bring it to my attention. Kind regards Ian Lane Acting Waterway Manager West Midlands Waterway T: 01827 252054 E: ian.lane@canalrivertrust.org.uk Unquote.... And i must admit since I received this mail from them, work has DEFINITELY begun ... that offending tree between bridges 7 & 8 removed, saw the work party involved next day!! and although not seen the work force the edges are getting cut... albeit in some spots neatly piled up for collection... and further up the S&W a lot of the trimmings lying dumped in the cut!!! Just had to stop and clear the prop!!!! One point I'm not sure of is, what is meant by 'the fringe'!! Is this 'our side water edge'? Or, cyclists side towpath? umm....will see..So it seems the 'rant' works... So if anyone one wants to contact them over maybe the 'offside overgrowth' which is a pain as well... feel free...
  15. I don't know what other members think of our 'towpaths' if that is what they're supposed to be now.. but the overgrowth on most of the system is BAD. Even to try and find the 'Armco' to moor is a mission, firstly to find it... and secondly preferably with long sleeves as you run the risk of being stung by nettles... The only places that remotely look like what we were used to by the meaning of 'towpaths' is by bollard at locks.. oh, maybe a bit of clearance at visitor moorings for a couple of boats... I have sent my rant off to C&T but I'm not expecting much of a rely back or excuse as to why it is soooooo bad... Ok rant over ....
  16. Tks as always for your replies.... Seems calor rises every year on price!!!
  17. What's the basic price for this size please... And any good deals at mo. ? Probably not... but worth asking on here I've seen £27 or thereabouts is this the going price? Cheers
  18. cheers John.... much better price to pay
  19. Can anyone give me a shout how much Turner's diesel prices are please (think Norbury 89.9 at mo). Ta Correction Norbury is charging 79.9 bad typing today apologies
  20. Kings Bromley near Fradley Junc... sorry should have mentioned that
  21. Soon need to get her booked in for the 'bottom' to done, and wondered if anyone could recommend a base that they would definitely go back to? Oh.. and possibly can stay onboard whilst in dock as well. Looking around and asking prices from other boaters there is a lot of differing prices So, any recs would be most welcome.
  22. Need to replace my extinguishers and having pm'd Rob (BSS) for his advice, just wondered best place to go to? Any leads on deals on say buying 3? Thanks in advance. Also, does it mean the old ones just get dumped... and if so, where?
  23. Tks all for your help... seems that the only way to go is with Tony's post i.e conventional aerial mounted on a pole and forget our omni-directional aerial altogether. Always think best to ask whats best to go with on here as most things have been tried and tested...
  24. Hi all... I know this topic has done the circuits many times around, but spotted this aerial on fleabay, (Ebay no.111000305035) and wondered if any good, meaning, anyone got one to pass comment on? Thought bit expensive for what it is, as its not boosted in any way, but am tempted to try it out, as sometimes smaller and basic might just work as opposed to the booster types which are not all that they are advertised to be and just as expensive to buy. So any thoughts have any of you got one?
  25. I totally agree with dor about these mooring signs on the embankment at Nantwich. Years ago (long before those first new houses were built) we have moored along there. Then suddenly (cant remember now what year, but those first houses now built) and SUDDENLY the sign was there 'NO MOORING'. We thought then... what!!! So interesting point raised here by dor, and now that there has been more house building further on, mooring for us now for the town and shopping is very limited, unless you sort of hover around and wait for maybe someone to move on... sounds like the supermarket car park on a weekend lol... But maybe we should check this sign out with cart and see if or if its officially placed cos if affects us all eh?
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