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    Hoping to be a CC Narrowboater soon!

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  1. Hi Rusty Diver, How did you get on with the pram hood? We want one made for our semitrad and are based near Gloucester also.
  2. Thanks OG. TBH I’ve got a Vodafone contract sim in my mobile, maybe I could give that a whirl? It’s just that I get the impression folks on the cut say that EE has the best coverage. However, perfect internet connection, for most of the time isn’t really a must have so patchy coverage would probably suffice.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out! My trouble when looking at forum posts, I don’t concentrate properly on the dates and things. And I don’t always follow the posts until most recent. I’m a bit slow! After I’d posted, I did review some more recent posts! Thanks again Steve
  4. Hi Ken Im so glad I came across your fantastic article on mobile internet etc. I am about to buy a Narrowboat for wife and me to live aboard and continuously cruise. Hence researching best mobile internet connections. I’m thinking of getting the mifi set up you describe to connect a laptop to. In your experience how much data am I going to get through with browsing online? Or is unlimited data a must? Thank you Steve.
  5. NB wannabe’s

    NB wannabe’s

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