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  1. they can be quite voltage sensitive, check the volts at the unit on startup, when the glow plug is active, is the dosing pump working (a clicking sound) on start up?
  2. Another addition, the floods did bring some silt down, and caught out the water management people, so the bottom is rather closer to the top than it ought to be, and if flooding is expected they drop the level which makes navigation more than tricky. Fortunately this is rare and very temporary.
  3. there are many "no mooring" signs on the little wharves that are behind lifting bridges, but the majority of the basin is free to moor. There are lots of places near the ymca, and back towards the viaduct, the entrance to the basin is usually free, though has quite a high wall, and there is space for four visiting boats near the grocers warehouse. A lot of us have put signs on our moorings (bridgewater approved ths) saying they were private, personally mine says "Private Mooring, NB Helena will return ________, please feel free to moor here until then", I'm trying to en
  4. I have just had a walk to the shop and spotted around 12 empty moorings that could take a 60' boat
  5. Yes I am Arthur, I'll be happy to help out if I can
  6. No, I don't think so, we came through in mid november a couple of years ago. I should add, despite others experience, I have never seen castlefield basin full, there are usually moorings up by the grocers warehouse, but it is a huge area and there is usually something available somewhere.
  7. I've had my centreline round my prop, just once, but I like it to be long, particularly when locking single handed
  8. It seems like quite an aggressive culture has formed there, but the canal was full of industrial waste, and there were some worrying "hoodie" gangs about, we had a couple of bits taken from the roof, and I just didn't feel safe. I was very glad to leave! I did spend a couple of nights on the moorings at star city, or rather the boat did, if it wasn't for a security guard coincidently looking after some plant who said he would look after her I certainly wouldn't have left her there, I was very glad to see her when we got back!
  9. Interesting how opinions are formed, I had to come through Brum on my way up here from London, it was terrifying!
  10. Lol, CaRT does nothing to enforce it, it belongs to bridgewater. I can assure you that it is well enforced though. There are no "visitor" specific moorings, just find a gap amongst the people who pay to moor here!
  11. I was planning on something similar for the rear deck, if I ever get round to building a widebeam!
  12. there are permanent moorers here, we have obviously been here for longer than 72hrs, but there is at least space for 10 or 12 visiting boats around the basin, it is very rare that we are full, and even rarer to see breasted boats
  13. I have to agree, but that said, with the amount of development currently going on, I am sure they will get to it eventually. It's changing constantly though, so if you haven't visited in a couple of years there may not be too much you recognise!
  14. I've lived in Manchester, specifically Castlefield Basin for a few years now, and whilst the Rochdale 9 don't look very nice to cruise I have not heard of any issues with passage except those related to bad maintenance Castlefield Basin is quiet by night (though there are currently building works between 8.30 and 5.30) and excellently placed for a visit to the science museum, the John Ruskin and central libraries are stunning, and there are many excellent quirky boutique shops in the northern quarter near New Is or Pic basins. The city itself is vibrant and very explor
  15. yup though "should have been red" should read "should have been burned and cast into the flaming cauldron of hades"
  16. that would certainly work, but wouldn't get me both full of solar hot water? and while I agree regarding recirc, (I installed it at home) but only on a single HWC
  17. Lol, have to say "grubby days" are few, there is plenty in the existing system for a shower, so really it is only the two calorifiers for a bath, however if the heat is "free" ie engine or solar, I'd rather have it. When it is just the webasto running, I just want to heat the minimum of water. liking this a lot, strikes me that I could make use of the coils in the vertical calorifier, rather than the replacement coil in the left one. the temp would be evened out by the circulation surely? the pump would only circulate when either the engine was running, or the solar was pro
  18. quite right, it should show the solar/engine circuit passing through the horizontal tank as well, my error Oh BTW I do have immersions, but I am not on hookup at all so they are rarely used
  19. OK, really not a problem. Flying out to do domestic bliss stuff now, I'll DM you later and we can sort it out.
  20. Eddie would weld me one on, and he's only just down the road so it might work, just drawn up what I have in mind, which is pretty simple really, couple of plate heat exchangers and Bob is quite definitely your Aunty. I'm kinda thinking this (see diagram) would do all I need it to do and is quite simple. I've obviously left bits of expansion and other exciting differential stats and control gear things out of the diagram for clarity. My only concern would be thermal syphoning, but if it's only minor it's probably liveable with. Base model logic circuit to ha
  21. What He said.....probably wouldn't take me too long tbh, and Tash works in Northwich, it's about 30 mins from there, I can go in with her and take the car
  22. I'm in manchester city centre and would be happy to take a look if I can get near
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