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  1. Hi All, I'm having trouble getting my Webasto Thermo Top C to work. I have successfully tested the unit in the past so I know that it does actually produce hot water. But now I've installed it in the system it doesn't seem to want to run. I starts up and goes thru its start up checks, making a lot of noise, pulling in lots of air and then shuts off after 2-3 minutes. I did think it was the water not getting to the pump but I've swapped the pipes around a bit so I'm sure that there is water pressure enough get to the pump. Any ideas of what it co
  2. Hello All, Me and my girlfriend are currently in the same position with our narrowboat that Sir Percy was in back in 2014. Just wandering if anyone could recommend anywhere that we could get some plastic spacers that would work to create this ventilation gap between the bilge and the ballast - have been scouring the interweb and can't really find what we want. Many thanks.
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