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  1. Hi all, What is the best way to work on the bottom of the hull of a boat? Can you roll a boat on its side? Tips please. I need to replace the fins on my dawncraft 25
  2. So I've spoken with a guy at bill highams regarding a 9.8 Parsun at £1400 with remote steer, electric start and battery charge. About 7-8amps I recall him quoting. Any thoughts on this as an engine? Any good? Regarding the fins on the bottom one is missing and the other is rotten. Both will be getting replaced. Possibly fibreglassed. The rubbing strakes will be getting removed and all holes filled. I want to build a sliding roof canopy to try and use as much of the space as possible. Anyone else built one for a centre cockpit?
  3. I want to run the boat on electric propulsion using a 100ft/lb trolling motor initially. To power this I am looking at a diesel generator about £600 according to eBay. This should run for 10 hours on a tank full. I need to run for about 7 hours a day to cover the miles over two weeks. I have considered doing away with the batteries and using a variable voltage transformer to run off the generator and power the motor. I can then use the generator to also power a few other items on the boat. Electric hob and heater. There will be a bank of 12v leisure batteries on the boat for running lights and charging devices. I really want to work with the electric propulsion the long term plan when I get the boat back to mk will be a much smaller cruising route and a good time between moves. So solar may work ok when I am home. But to move the boat on this adventure I want to start as I mean to continue and spending £1200ish on a petrol outboard that I don't want and will sell when I get back probably for a loss does not make any sense. A 100ft/lb electric motor is £200. Does anyone else have an electric set up like this
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking and reading on the forum for a while now and made a couple of posts. But for my own sanity ideas and hopefully some advice from more experienced boating people. I thought no would start a build thread. It will be a bit slow at times as the boat is a 3 hour drive away but I have the ideas and hopefully when I do get there the progress will be intense. This is a picture of my boat when I said yes to having it. It is a shell and need lots of work. But I have a boat.
  5. Hi All, Last year I got myself a boat (shell) it is a 25ft dawncraft cc. I am looking to sail it down the canals system home to Milton Keynes. I am looking to fit a Bison 100ft/lb trolling motor to power the boat using 4 X 12v 110ah batteries set up as 2 banks of 24v. My thoughts for this trip are that I will need a generator and battery charger. So charge one set while I use the other. I will effectively be camping on the boat while I bring it back. I am fine with this. Reason for transporting via canal rather than road is for the experience of the journey. Being 204 miles away it is probably not going to be a journey I will be able to do again any time soon. Traveling all that way should take 14 days according to canalplanac. Does anyone else use trolling motors to move their boats. Fyi my boat is 25ft grp hull with no interior so weighs about 1500kgs. Can anyone recommend some places to stop at on the way? Any good marinas? Would like a place where I can grab a shower and maybe give the batteries a good over night charge too occasionally.
  6. So I have just taken the plunge and bought a Dawncraft 25 Centre cockpit grp cruiser. I have bought it as a project to learn how to build and maintain a boat on a more affordable scale before putting all my savings into a much bigger boat. Boat is currently in a yard on the Liverpool to Leeds canal. I am in Milton Keynes. The idea is to fix the hull, fit an engine get a BSC, get a CRT License, Stick it in the water and pootle down to MK. Canalplanner says 204 miles = 14 days at 7 hours a day. first Lock is the Wigan flight 21 locks I believe Never owned a boat before so this is going to be a challenge and an adventure. Anyone else on the Liverpool to Leeds canal?
  7. Hi I'm Steve, my wife and I are keen to change our lifestyles and looking to move onto a boat for an adventure. We are based in Milton Keynes so have the grand Union on our doorstep. Looking at the various boats available my wife would like a 60-70ft narrow boat but I would prefer a widebeam. Now looking at wide beams a Norfolk Broads cruiser looks to have similar dimensions for the canal and are also reasonably priced. I've seen this one https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/alphacraft-42-romany-1-761.asp Any thoughts appreciated.
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