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  1. I have a 15 ft tarp area on my boat. I have been thinking about adding a wood burning hot tub like you see on the tube of you. Something like a off grid wild camping hit tub. What do you think? Hot tub party on the cut? #afterlockdown #aftercovid
  2. Our website for thelma is narrowboatthelma.co.uk We are trying to document our journey with this boat to be able to lock back when we get bogged down with the daily slog. We can remind our selves of how far we have come.
  3. Garage jig to support the uprights while we build the hatch frame. Less chance if dropping tools in the cut this way.
  4. The wood on my current boat is completely rotted with dry rot and wet rot throughout. It needs to be removed before we can move aboard. I am currently building the frame work with 2x4 treated timber with uprights and beams every 2 ft. Currently trying to make the doors for the hatches. I really like the photos phoenix V. That frame work is what inhave been thinking of. Was it your boat? Did you build it?
  5. Has anyone ever built a 2 storey narrowboat? Or one with a lifting poptop roof like a campervan?
  6. Thanks Mike, All Valid points I have had a few quotes on a steel top. I cannot afford that level of out lay at the moment. It is something I will look to have done maybe in the future. Really like the challenge and of learning the wood work skills. Anyone know of any books on wooden narrowboat construction?
  7. So with the current lockdown and not being able to get to the boat. We have started building the new superstructure in the back garden. Started cutting the beak joints to sit on the upstand and then mocked up the framing. I am going to run a beam down the centre to give the boat a bit of pitch for the roof.
  8. Hi All, It has been a while since we last posted here. Thelma is now back local and work has started on her renovation. If it wasn't for lockdown 2.0. Does anyone know much about our boat Thelma? I never got to meet the previous owner. I understand he built the boat and fitted it out from what I have heard. He was a talented man in building this boat. I am trying to learn as much as I can from how the structure is coming apart. I had a few hiccups getting the boat back home but it was an amazing experience and a trip I hope to retrace when the boat is rebuilt.
  9. I have just bought a 1974 boat called Thelma from Tardebigge. She has a boat man's cabin a petter pj2 in a large engine room and a forward cabin leading to a 15ft tarp area. Now the boat hull is sound however the wood and fibreglass top are shot so requires replacing. Now being wood an fibreglass if I rip it all off I could build anything I want in that space (bridge clearance allowing) Inside the boat it has a old style boatmans cabin and the forward cabin is built out in the same style and setup. For my needs I do feel like I need to reimagine these areas to fit with my ne
  10. The boat is 60 ft long with a 15ft tarp area at the front and the rest is set out as 2 separate cabins
  11. Thanks just have she gave me some good tips. I will listen to the collective hive on maintaining this boat. I think there is a lot to be learned in this adventure.
  12. I am looking to start to dismantle the existing exterior fibre glass where it has blown and see exactly what I have and how much need to be replaced. I really like the old interior that the boat has so would like to try and reuse as much of it as I can. Every little bit of space in this boat has been used. A lot of the modern boats I see seem to waste a lot of the space with blank walls I was quoted Just over £9k to have the super structure made in steel but would need to completely gut the boat and start afresh. While this is a sound Idea I would then be loo
  13. Hi all, We have finally stepped out of our comfort zone in order to realise our dream of living live afloat. We are in the process of buying Thelma from Tardebigge. She has a 60ft steel 50 year old hull and a rather rotten wood and fibreglass superstructure. The hull report has been good, got the engine being looked at today and hopefully we can get her running and start using the boat. I need help and guidance for rebuilding the cabin structure. I will be building in wood and trying to do the majority of it our selves so here goes. What is the
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