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  1. That's the one, many thanks Philjw, Mystery solved!
  2. Thanks, there are two damper controls on the bulkhead side, out of view. Had it going a few times while I have been working and it burns lovely. I will probably change the flue for double skin for safety.
  3. Does anybody know what make/model of stove this is please? I can't find any makers plate or writing on it anywhere. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, Just to let you know that I am taking the opportunity to replace the Vetus 110 litre tank with a 250 litre tank. I ordered from direct water tanks, it took less than a week to arrive and looks perfect. It's very heavy plastic and I ordered undrilled so I can fit the Vetus fittings from the old tank. It is also quite squat so will fit under the bunk well. https://www.directwatertanks.co.uk/250-litres-baffled-water-tank-flat Cheers for your replies. Andy
  5. Thanks for your info all, very useful. I think I will look at increasing the size to at least 200 litres.
  6. Hello all, Just sorting out a narrowboat prior to use. Part of that includes re-modelling a bed which. houses the pump out tank. It is a 110 litre tank. This seems a bit small to me and there is plenty of space, not far off the centre line, to increase the size. just wondering how long other people's tanks fill with normal use. We are a family of four and will be using it for long weekends, possibly up to a week at a time. I know it's a 'how long is a piece of string' question but comments appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  7. A hundred quid!! ? I think I will go with the normal radiators! Thanks for that.
  8. I didn't look at the wattage of the fans, but as mentioned earlier it is an extra electric user that is not really required. Looks like I will replace them with radiators. I think the eberspacher will be happier heating a larger, more stable, volume of water as well, I don't think it will cycle on and off so much. Of course I imagine they will make a noise as well. Might just power one up for curiosity. Thanks for the advice all.
  9. it is an eberspacher water heater. The fan heaters are small 12v two speed fans and copper water coils.
  10. Hello All, I have just bought a 60' narrowboat fitted with an eberspacher unit (d4 or 5). It currently supplies the calorifier, bathroom towel radiator and two electric fan heaters. Unfortunately during its transport the pipes to a fan heater fractured (I think they had been kinked to breaking point previously) and the system is now drained down. I have no experience of using fan heaters and before I go and buy a replacement I just wondered whether to replace it with a radiator. Anybody any experience of both so as to make a comparison? FYI there is a solid fuel stove also. Thanks, Andy
  11. Folks, many thanks for all your replies, too many to reply to individually. Having viewed and seen the survey I have made a very cheeky offer on the 62 foot boat which I will be happy with if they accept and willing to accept its limitations. If they don't accept I will limit my future search to 60 feet. I am on waiting lists for two Garstang marinas and there is plenty of space at Glasson as a contingency. If accepted we are also seriously thinking of starting off in Cheshire (where it is located) and 'doing' those canals before we bring it to the Lancaster very slowly! Hopefully by then I would have a proper mooring on the main line. Cheers. Andy
  12. Thanks for the reply. We are probably happy with the Lancaster long term as we live there and would use it as a local weekender and I'm not sure I would try 62 feet in the Ribble link after having seen videos of 57 footers going through there! As you say 62 feet might be just a bit too much for the marinas. Might contact them regarding a 57 footer and not make an offer on the 62 footer.
  13. Hello, thanks for the reply. We have hired 57 footers a few times and wanted a bit more space but yes I am struggling to find a mooring anywhere! Hopefully something will turn up.
  14. Hello, I am currently looking at buying a 62 foot narrowboat. I am struggling to find any mooring availability with marinas too small or currently full. I have my name on a waiting list. Does anybody know of any private moorings that may be available or where I might look to find them? I have looked on the CRT website but only small boat moorings available. Many thanks! Andy
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