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  1. Hi Barry, Our DacMatt or DacSatin products would be a good choice for the bathroom. They are waterbased acrylic emulsions so can go over most existing surfaces, easy to apply, quick drying and available in a whole raft of colours. They are 'waterproof' but breathable meaning that any moisture currently on the wall is allowed to escape in the form of vapour. Best regards, Dacrylate.
  2. Hi Mike, You're right, it does involve Dacrylate paint. However, every situation needs to be considered on an individual basis as to what the best solution is and also what the boat owner hopes to achieve. Can paint remove the aesthetic appearance of pitting? Probably not without the help of a load of filler which would need to carry its own benefits and assurances that it would survive below the waterline!
  3. Hi jonesthenuke, The 90-294 is not on our website, in fact, a lot of our products aren't and we will be relaunching our website later in the year, although I still doubt that all of our products will be listed on the website. You can purchase this product from myself or I can point you towards a distributor who will need to buy it in from us. I'll send you a private message with my contact details on.
  4. Good afternoon, Are you still trying to get hold of Dacrylate products?
  5. Afternoon Troyg, Have you carried this work out yet? I have the perfect solution for a pitted hull if you are still on the lookout! Best regards,
  6. Hi jonesthenuke, I work for Dacrylate. The Pitch epoxy was withdrawn from the market when HSE legislation forced us to do so. We would recommend the following for re-blacking the hull: Clean the surface so that it is free of contamination. If bare metal is exposed these should have any corrosion products removed and then spot primed with Epidac 2 HB Aluminium Epoxy. Lightly abrade the whole hull Coat in Epidac 2 HB Epoxy in Black, product reference is 90-294. The Epidac 2 HB Epoxy 90-294 is designed to go over all existing coatings (except bitumen), even those of other manufacturers. It is surface and moisture tolerant and if the boat is re-floated a bit too quickly.... don't worry, it will continue to cure underwater.
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