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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Thanks for the info - Based on the spreadsheet of suggested cruising route I think it would be hard to justify part b), noting the "requires" them to travel from place to place.
  3. There's another aspect to this which is perhaps slightly O/T..... In my area it is hard enough to get a child into a school within catchment area, especially if it is one of the better performing and hence popular ones. If you are a CCer then surely as far as the schools and council are concerned you are not resident in any particular area (and hence catchment) so no school or authority is duty bound to accept the child - is that correct ?
  4. On a similar idea is the Reading Tea Barge. The major difference being they have a permanent mooring. https://whittingtons-teabarge.co.uk/
  5. The CRT guide for the K&A and also the Nicholson guide show it as a winding hole, so that's good enough for me. Interestingly, both those guides show the next official hole at Semington, though I reckon you are referring to Bradford Marina which is a possibility. I expect to be arriving in B-o-A quite late in the day and won't want to add another hour or more onto the journey by turning any further down the canal than I need to, so if we are executing this particular cruise plan I will turn at B-o-A. The boat is only 47ft so I stand a better chance at getting it around than I would a 70ft. I'm not 7ft tall, but the missus does look exactly like Claudia Schiffer, with a touch of Heidi Klum, so I reckon we'll get away with it
  6. No rows, just thinking ahead. As a first time hirer I was looking ahead at possible routes and turning points to work out if there could be any contention or difficulty and I flagged this with myself. I wasn't aware of how long it might take to turn a boat - I'd figured on 20 minutes to lock and maybe 3 minutes to turn. Yes, one boat at the landing is obvious and I would let them go ahead - it's if there are others further along behind the cruise boat and services point that it gets less obvious. My guess is they would wait until I pass before pulling out, only to then see me block the canal by turning. I'm then ahead of them and just pop back into the lock with the boat that was at the landing. What could possibly go wrong
  7. I'll be a first time hirer..... by the time I've bounced off the hire boats in the yard opposite, bounced off the cruise boat on the towpath and got wedged across the canal by the pub I bet most people queueing will be happy to let me go ahead anyway just so they don't have to share the lock or the next stretch of canal with me John
  8. I'm not sure this screen grab from google maps shows it clearly, but it looks to me like after the lock there is a landing stage long enough for 1 boat, maybe 2 very short ones at best. Then there is the cruise boat, which I'm guessing is permanently moored there, then a services point. Any more than one boat wanting the lock is likely to either be pretending to be filling up with water or queued behind the services mooring. The winding hole is opposite the cruise boat, so turning there would put me ahead of anyone queueing further back than the cruise boat. For what I expect to be a very busy stretch of canal there soesn't appear to be a lot of room for queueing in an orderly fashion at the lock.
  9. Hi, A quick etiquette question regarding priority at a lock.. I notice there are places on the network where a winding hole is immediately before/after a lock. An example relevant to me in a few weeks is at Bradford-On-Avon on the K&A. If I were cruising from Bath and wanted to turn at Bradford I would have to pass through the lock and turn immediately after to go back through the lock again. What happens if there is a queue of boats waiting to enter the lock, ie who has priority - me or them ? Cheers, John
  10. I'm not one for conspiracy theories at all. I don't think there is any conspiracy behind the government push to electirc transport but I do think there is probably more to it than just pollution..... I believe that western governments have been concerened about oil supply from the middle east for a long period of time. Until recently there has been no practical alternative to petrol & diesel and we are very heavily dependant on that supply from the middle east. The middle east has been politically unstable since time began and I think the worry is that if things go bang big time over there it could literally bring the country to a standstill. I do believe the government would love to be in a postition where they can say "screw you, we don't need you anymore". Of course reducing pollution is major factor - in our towns and cities it does kill people prematurely, so anything to reduce that is a good thing. I think it is also very handy to use that as the selling point for why we should reduce or remove dependancy on oil without scaring people with talk about being held by the short and curlies by the middle east. One thing I am absolutely certain of - if teh government want to push something major through, like abolishment of diesel for example, they really won't care about the relatively small number of boat owners who kick up a fuss. They'll just do it. John
  11. Yes. I want to say thank you so much catweasel for your contribution to this thread. I really do appreciate it. I knew it was a long shot that anyone on a modern day forum would have info from one specific mooring from almost 50 years ago - it's quite amazing. I remembered some info about the lad and his dinghy... their boat was called "Maid Of Noplan". It was a home built plywood boat that had literally been made from no plans. It probably came to the mooring about 1979. Definitely Scarisbrick... I recognise the fence !! The crane is where the slipway was. Where the garages are is where the industrial yard was which was across the fence from where our boat was moored, our dinghy being chained to the fence there. Me & my brother used to cross the canal to the woods in our dinghy and explore.
  12. Yes, you have confirmed it was definitely Ron, Tracey and your boat Bambi that I was thinking about. We knew them quite well and were really saddened when Ron passed away. They are about the only people I remember at all really to be honest, simply because Tracey was similar age and so we would play together sometimes. There was another family that moved to the mooring about a year or two before we sold our boat and their lad who was a bit older than me had what I think was a Mirror dinghy that he used to play around in. We used to hang out together on the water in our respective toys but I can't remember his name, just that he had long frizzy hair. Many many fond memories of being on the canal (just don't ask me names)
  13. I think I remember the boat Eileen Thinking back, I'm amazed we didn't fall in more often - me & my brother palyed a game, once only, of "walking along the canal bank with our eyes closed" to see how far we could get. I cheated, my brother got wet LOL. Can't remember the girls name unfortunately. The family I'm thinking of sadly sold the boat due to tragic circumstances not long before we sold ours due to my dad's ill health - probably around '79. Before Tzigane (and me) my parents had a converted lifeboat too, called Romany. It was blue and a model of it was (might still be) in the Ellesmere Boat Museum. We saw it visiting at Scarisbrick and chatted to its new owner. It had changed its name, but yet again I can't remember what to. Here's another photo from the Parbold meet (I'm sure that's what it was) - this time not back-to-front, and one of us that looks like where we used to go blackberry picking from the tender near Haskayne.
  14. Wow - you have a better memory than me !! You are almost certainly right about the pic being taken in Parbold, as I know that was one of our regular destinations. The fact Mary was there makes me suspect it was a club outing, but could have been random chance. That was taken in 1972. I'll see if I can dig out any other photos (slides). The family I was thinking of their daughter was similarish age as me (born '67). I know this because when I fell in the canal aged about 8 my mum had no dry clothes for me, so asked if she could borrow some of their daughters. I was horrified at having to wear girls clothes for the rest of the day. Their boat was similar to your dad's, but then many were rather similar I suppose.
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