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  1. After stripping back the engine I've repainted it & now I'm putting it back together again. Can somebody tell me what torque settings the head needs to be & the gap on the valve rockers. Thx, David
  2. Davidflyfish


  3. Thanks for your thoughts fellas. I can't see anybody wanting or needing to swap flywheels from a different motor so think taking all into consideration I believe you must be correct in thinking it's an LD1. Thank you Alan I'm sure you must have been chuckling to yourself when you typed your reply. If we follow your thought processes then the authenticity of any motor would be in question? Fiona Bruce would be out of a job on Antiques Roadshow & the dharma of the cosmos could be in question rgds, David.
  4. Hello All, Whilst cleaning off the paint for a complete repaint I've uncovered this numbering & lettering on the edge of the flywheel. Is it the engine number? I would be interested in the thoughts of the knowledgeable collective please. Thanks, David.
  5. So LD1 or LR1? I've stripped the head etc to refurb & have attached some photo's; hopefully. also I've taken the injector out but have I taken the sleeve out as well, or is this how it looks. One of the kids picked it up from the coffee table & unscrewed the black not etc off the end so I'm guessing that I'll now have to get it recallibrated as I know very little about injectors. Looking forward to your replies, David.
  6. All useful info but how do I tell which engine I have when I buy parts etc, thx, David
  7. Hello, I have what I thought to be a LD1 that has been taken off a 1968 Frederick Parker cement mixer. The engine has no ident tag but has one that says it's got an oversize piston etc. I guessed the engine type by comparing pictures in spares books & adverts on EBay & Utube videos. I have now seen a LR1 engine that looks the same as mine on EBay. Can anybody tell me how to spot the difference & will a LD1 workshop manuel be the same? Thanks in anticipation, David.
  8. Hi Richard, Any luck with finding the workshop manual for me? Thx, David.
  9. Hi, I've recently acquired a Lister LD1 Diesel engine manufactured around 1970's that I intend to refurbish. Can anybody tell me where I can get a workshop manual ?
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