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  1. We did it in 2017, also from west to east. First night outside Tesco's in Stalybridge. Second night outside the museum in Upper mill. Seem to remember a good breakfast at Brownhill Countryside Centre cafe, near Wool Road services. Third night in Diggle then the tunnel the next morning. Also moored at Marsden, Slaithwaite and Huddersfield on the east side. A couple of low pounds on the way up the west side, but easily sorted with some careful paddle opening. Agree it's well worth the effort, we enjoyed it.
  2. The water tap shown on the online maps at lock 28 isn't working, so I think your next one on the way down is Tod. However, we did get a fill from some friendly locals there - if you moor on the tow path just before the lock landing above lock 28 I'm sure they'll help you out! Walsden is a good spot for a few days, to try the chip shop and explore the massive garden centre. But for a longer stay I'd want to be in Tod - more shops, pubs and a station with more trains. They've started letting water down so hopefully we'll be afloat here soon. Just seen they've closed it between here and Hebden so no one is getting through and onto Sowerby. And yes, lots of excellent hill walking about here, along with good buses to get around it.
  3. Been following this topic with interest as we've moved from Tod up to Walsden and back down again over the last couple of weeks. Above Tod, some low pounds but generally ok (and we're quite deep drafted). Following the closure announcement yesterday we decided to try and get from Tod to Hebden today and sit out the closure there (both are good spots to be based, Hebden just more convenient for us). Plenty of water between locks 19 and 14, but from lock 14 on it has been tough going. With help from some day boaters on the ropes we got as far as lock 12, but no further. Currently grounded in the middle of the channel below lock 12, hoping some water appears tomorrow. CaRT have been out but wouldn't let any more water down, so we're blocking the channel until things change. I don't think there will be much opportunity for cruising between Tod and Hebden during the closure, and maybe not even for the next few days unless CaRT can do something.
  4. Thank you all for the advice and suggestions. We got the boat last summer and there were no previous signs of staining, but I suspect it hadn't been used much in the winter. We'll check all the points suggested then decide the best way forward. BoatyCath
  5. Hi all, Looking for some advice on how to fix the damp patches that have appeared on the ceiling of our narrowboat over the last couple of months. See the attached pic - they're in several corners of the ceiling panels, mainly in the bedroom and a bit in the bathroom. Although the roof needs a coat of paint there are no obvious leaks. The boat has polystyrene insulation with heating on most days and plenty of ventilation. Any suggestions on what might be the cause, and how to fix without refitting the whole boat (not an option!) much appreciated. Many thanks, BoatyCath
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