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  1. I will say one good thing about Chinese sellers, any time that I have complained about faulty or missing goods I have always got a refund right away. Not something that I can say about other sellers.
  2. artleknock


    But the point of this article was that if the phone is not in use, just switched on, the mike is still active. The reporter made the point that she was having a meal with a freind and her phone was on the table, her companion talked about getting lazer eye surgery. Even though she has perfect eyesight she was inundated with adverts about lazer treatment and new glasses.
  3. artleknock


    There was an article in the nations favourite newspaper about an even worse intrusion. Quite a few apps on smartphones can access the microphone in the background, so as long as the phone is switched on they can hear what is said. They have algorisms that listen for keywords so that they can target you for adverts. The advise is to go through all the apps on your phone and turn off access to the mike.
  4. But it's still not low enough, we have to compensate for carbon produced by India and China.
  5. My Dad told me that the Queens sh*te dont stink because she wipes her harse on sugar begs.
  6. In Sarah Vines article in the Mail (I know-I know) she said that her teenage deughter told her that she was taking a day of school to go to the park on friday for a protest about the way the government is not doing enough to stop climate change. Sarah asked her daughter why didn't she just talk to her dad instead as he was Secretary of state for the Environment. Her daughter said she would rather go to the park and get a day off school. The reason the protest was not on a Saterday is because very few would turn up.
  7. That's because the engine speeds up to provide the extra power needed - using more fuel?
  8. Just read about Paul Holywood age 52 moving in with a 23 year old barmaid. So would I ? Reminds me of the 80 year old man that married the young dollybird. His mate told him she only married him for his money, the old guy said, so what, she gets what she married for and I get what I married for. We are both happy.
  9. Pity that peat is not more available in this country. It smells lovely, just like a glass of good malt.
  10. In the mid 1950's my mate had a moped he got working with parts from the local tip. We went to the local garage to buy a gallon of petrol, the female atendant asked if we wanted premium at 2/6d or regular at 2/4d a gallon. When asked what was the differance, she said "I am not sure, I think the regular has more water in it".
  11. Was that when they changed the size of the Radio Times so that it could no longer be torn in half and hung on a nail?
  12. By what stretch of the imagination will a no deal be crashing out. If he means that the remain parliament will be forced to do what the leave electorate voted for he could be right in the eyes of the ruling elite.
  13. I would rather have a cheap Aldi one that doesn't work than a super duper £120 one that doesn't work.
  14. It's that Brexit again. When I first looked at the topic I thought Alan was being racist.
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