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  1. Have bought Iroko to build new cratch board so watch this space for results. Thanks for all your advice everyone. Happy boating Aj
  2. Hi I’m building a new cratch board with windows in for my NB, anyone got experience or advise on the best type of wood to use? Thanks Aj
  3. Marley Blue 6

    Marley Blue 6

  4. Hi Catherine, welcome to the website, I've only just joined here and it's a really great place for advise. Ive just bought my first boat and your not mad, it's the best move you will ever make. Im at Warwickshire on the Grand Union if you want to ask any questions or visit my boat and have a look around, there is a great residental marina at long Itchington where I keep my boat. Welcone to give me a shout if you have any questions Aj
  5. Thank you so much have emailed Dave today Aj
  6. Hi all, just got my first boat after dreaming and Gongozzling for the last 20 years, so thought I would join here and introduce myself. My names Aj I'm 41 and need some advise, dose anyone know someone around Banbury- long Itchington area that supplies and fits Victron inverters and solar systems to boats, also galvanic isolators. Do I need one? Finally, multi fule stoves, any advise on good models and people who install them in the Banbury- long Itchington area? Thanks for your time, hope to see you all on the water soon Aj
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