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  1. Local road station white diesel here is about £1.25 I have been paying 99p this year for red at the 60/40 split . I would suggest budgeting for £1.35 from marinas for white diesel at today's prices. I use the best part of 1000 litres per year so that would be a £350 increase for me. I will find that money or if not I have the option to reduce hours. But it may be a big impact for some people. I do find it annoying to be paying £350 in duty for boat fuel when that duty is intended to be for highway use. I would be happier if that duty paid should go to the C&RT.
  2. Are you suggesting that you have always paid 100% propulsion duty ? The 60/40 split has , since it was introduced , been considered (by HMRC) to be reasonable with no need to prove exactly how much was used for battery charging and water heating .
  3. If I understood correctly got the engine running .
  4. I didnt intend my post to put people off. However any boat to be used on the tidal river should be particularly well prepared. In this case I think the fault was probably not forseeable. C&RT get a lot of criticism on this forum. In this case everything was done that was reasonably possible. The person who helped also deserves credit.
  5. I would change the oul now as it is overdue. Another oil change as you lay up the boat would in my view be unnecessary . However it can do no harm. I buy oil in 20 litre tubs . The recent oil cost £56 including delivery. Oil is cheaper than metal.
  6. I changed my oil when it was due on hours . That was last month. I have probably done 20 to 30 hours. I will not worry about leaving it over winter.
  7. No heart surgery involved. The chief officer said I could have bigger boat if I gave up the fags . So I gave them up - stopped just like that. Having bought a bigger boat the amount of stuff on the boat has increased (not all of it is tat) . I would like an even bigger boat but in two minds about it as I quite like the boat I already have .
  8. I gave up fags in September 2013. The next year I bought a bigger boat.
  9. A narrowboat was successfully recovered from the R Trent below West Stockwith on Sunday after its engine stopped resulting in loss of control and grounding on a fast falling tide. Daylight recovery was not possible as with the falling tide the boat was more than firmly aground. In the process of going aground the boat had tipped over somewhat and took on water. It was recovered on the next tide with help from RCR, and brought back to West Stockwith. The engine fuel pump had failed. C&RT lock keeper stepped up probably without pay manned the lock and waited in the darkness. Local man also helped with the attempted rescue, using his own boat , in daylight and later manning the lock. All safe…. But a close call. Be careful out there.
  10. I expect marina diesel will be white from deliveries some time in 2020. It will immediately be tainted with red marker but that's why a transition period is required. I imagine there are plenty of little used boats which will still have red fuel in them for years. I cant imagine HMRC being interested . The only possibility of this change not happening is if we do leave the EU. However parliament seems determined to stand in the way of any attempt to leave.
  11. Consultations are weak managements way of dealing with unpopular decisions.
  12. Does anyone know what date the diesel in marina tanks will become white?
  13. I am no expert but I expect it will need fuel.
  14. I think the UK would not wish to ignore the ruling of an international court, regardless of whether we are in the EU or not.
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