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  1. Update on 10/06/2021: Further problems have been discovered, while carrying out the repair works today. More extensive work is now needed to the lock gates, which means the lock will remain closed to our customers for the time being. Work will continue tomorrow and into next week. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will update the website as soon as we have more information. Boaters cannot currently operate Gunthorpe Lock.
  2. Update on 10/06/2021: Repair works were started yesterday, but the fault is bigger then we expected. Our lock keeper has been able to assist boats through the lock this morning, but the lock is now closed again while further works take place. We will have more updates this afternoon with regards the works taking place and possible re-opening of the lock.
  3. I am used to it so it doesn't seem so big to me
  4. Sounds like it will be relatively busy for a while. Probably best if those who can take their time should do so.
  5. I imagine there could be a lot of boats waiting to go through .
  6. Not so bad after allRiver Trent Location: Gunthorpe Lock Starts At: Lock 11, Gunthorpe Lock Ends At: Lock 11, Gunthorpe Lock Friday 4 June 2021 until Wednesday 9 June 2021 16:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Repair Update on 08/06/2021: The construction team have assessed the damage and found one of the paddles is stuck in the open position and become detached from the rod. The current aim is to have the lock back in service by the end of the day tomorrow once they have obtained the equipment to complete the works.
  7. Another vote for Battery isolator switch fault. Battery expired - try a different starter battery?
  8. I suspect most people who own a boat or consider them selves a boater are no more a ''traveller'' than anyone in or on a car , bus, train , aircraft, van, truck , motorhome or caravan. However a traveller may use one or more of those things. I suspect the great majority of boaters do not live on their boat.
  9. I guess its just an experiment designed by an academic with no understanding of the real world.
  10. I thought it was a robot = no driver ? Maybe the sharp looking bits are made out of shock absorbing material ?
  11. I use a laptop for work. The laptop spends almost 100% of it's time on a docking station or plugged into a power cable. I expect the majority of my colleagues do the same. No one at our IT department has suggested this is bad .
  12. My boat used £15 in a week recently. It turned out my battery charger had developed a fault and the large power consumption was its parting gift.
  13. Looks no better from this angle How have they managed to get these registered for road use ?
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