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  1. There do seem to be a lot of Heron about not to mention plenty of other water birds this year. Could it be a consequence of reduced pollution and relative lack of disturbance in the earlier part of the year ? Don't mention it to C&RT as they may impose a closed season .
  2. Probably only 3rd party cover?
  3. Nothing - same thing on most boats big enough to have cabins . Some small open boats and ribs may have a kill cord.
  4. Elbow grease isn't a lubricant https://www.therange.co.uk/household/cleaning/cleaning-products/multi-purpose-cleaners/elbow-grease-all-purp-degreaser-500ml/#270934
  5. It does happen. However when starting a new job it is usual to have some training. It would be negligent of C&RT to let someone work as a lock keeper without appropriate training.
  6. Does one isolated event make the place where it ocurred dangerous?
  7. The section from West Stockwith to Misterton was weed free and very clean the other day . I cant vouch for the rest of it .
  8. I have corrected the above with regard to Humber Rescue An excellent photograph I am guessing this is a boat having taken a short cut and not following the marked channel .
  9. I thought Humber Rescue was part of the RNLI ----- learn something new every day .
  10. I find the following useful for tide times. I always reference everything back to HW Hull . It is considered good practice to write down your passage plan . https://tides4fishing.com/uk/england/hull You must have the chart for the tidal Trent - see link below - otherwise you are almost certain to get it wrong and although you may survive getting it wrong is always best to use every available aid to navigation . We have this chart available and open for reference every trip despite being in our 13th year of boating on the Trent . https://kildalemarine.co.uk/collections/humber-trent-and-ouse-charts/products/the-boating-association-trent-chart-no-2-tidal
  11. Not much fresh on and big tides today and the next couple of days . While lots of fresh on impacts the tides below Gainsboroough that does not apply at the moment Yesterday we got 3knots from the tide on the first part of the journey going out of West Stockwith towards Torksey and probably still a couple of knots all the way to Torksey.
  12. I have no doubt they did have to wait for the tide . I assume the RNLI escorted them into Hull because they grounded at some speed with associated risk of damage to underwater gear . It seems reasonable action while the alternative you suggest of leaving them without assistance only to find they had an issue with propulsion of steering could have resulted in a further incident.
  13. Exit Keadby lock at HW Hull 12 miles Aim to arrive West Stockwith at HWHull +2hrs enter West Stockwith at HW slack or on the Ebb
  14. Presently at Torksey. On arrival at Torksey the lock keeper (volunteer I think) advised us Cromwell Lock is out of action tomorrow (Thursday) but he didn't know why. He understood the lock would be operated for one pen only at mid day on Friday (which is a bit early relative to tides for boats travelling up from Torksey). Following further investigation by phone with the Cromwell lock keeper it turns out the problem is the full time lock keeper is on days off on Thursday and Friday and there seems to be a shortage of people available who can operate the lock. We are thinking it's more like C&RT not wanting to pay for a lock keeper . Not sure if this is Coronavirus related or just part of an underlying C&RT campaign to deter boating . I guess C&RT still have people furloughed. With support from the full time lock keeper at Cromwell we have successfully booked a passage for tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime it seems someone has been inspecting boats for valid licenses . .......... at least C&RT have that part right.
  15. The declaration asks for home address - not the address where the boat is moored . You might have travelled 50 miles to get to the diesel but be planning to used the fresh diesel for domestic use . Is that not acceptable?
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