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  1. MartynG

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    I would honestly like to know how that helps. Is it to avoid catching the rudder on the cill?
  2. MartynG

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    Therefore a new plan . The old turbine was and may still be in place. It might cause turbulence below the old lock. It will probably have to be no mooring on the between the trip boat and the old lock. I expect the design will not allow water to be drawn by the turbine if the river level upstream becomes too low .
  3. MartynG

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    I thought the turbine at Newark had been fitted a few years back . I guess it didnt go ahead , or perhaps it was not successful. I believe there was some kind of turbine in place at the same location hsitorcally. There will be no permanant affect on boaters if the turbine water is taken from the weir. The weir is well upstream from the lock and any changes in flows or turbulence from the turbine will be on the non navigable section just below the weir. Any construction work will require risk asessment as required by The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. However such thoings are not required to be made available to the public. Any health and safety affect on boaters would probably be dealt. Usualy if ther are works carried out that may cause delays etc the C&RT publish a notice on their website. The turbine at Holme lock allegedly causes a flow in the lock approach due to the turbine being located in the old lock rather than in the weir . Not a big deal.
  4. MartynG

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    Will the restrictions on coal and wood be a problem?
  5. MartynG

    12v electric for wifi

    They are if 12v is connected to them. Amps must not exceed the amp rating of the fitting, regardless of voltage.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/01/14/polluting-log-burners-banned-within-three-years-coal-could-outlawed/ It seems wood burning stoves are responsible for creating more particulates (in the UK) than any other source. It would seem they are to be banned - which made me think that might upset some narrowboaters.
  7. MartynG

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    I find my33ft cruiser a lot easier to handle than my previous 25ft cruiser. Bigger and heavier seems to me more stable in the water . Not sure if that is so with narrowboats. Shopping trolley is good analogy. imagine it is the one with the wobbly wheel and you are on ice - and its blowing a gale . My son in law says he prefers his transit van to the car !
  8. MartynG

    Unusual Issue

    How old is the dog? Hybrid boat video
  9. MartynG

    Boat Safety Exam

    Being heavily critical is not unusual these days. Especially on internet forums. But an adversarial approach is perhaps not the best way to educate people. How do you know your approach will succeed. Communication is best achieved in a non adverarial environment.
  10. MartynG

    Boat Safety Exam

    Just a little light hearted conversation. However there probably is something in it. A boat that looks cosmetically well presented will probably be well kept in all respects.
  11. MartynG

    Boat Safety Exam

    That is possible. The surveyor should walk away if he discovered he was not qualified . Unfortunately it seems some surveyors conduct themselves more professionally than others.
  12. MartynG

    Advice re servicing intervals

    Not unless the hours per is equal or less than the manufacturers service interval. Perhaps you are only reading the answers you want to read .
  13. MartynG

    Advice re servicing intervals

    Oil is cheaper than metal - usually. Change the oil before rather than after the recommended intervals.
  14. MartynG

    Boat Safety Exam

    It seems to me many boats do not have a CO alarm on board There have been many casualties. Goolge easily finds lots of examples . https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=boat+death+carbon+monoxide&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTwLzHguTfAhUsUhUIHXc6DnUQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=649 Let's not be critical by suggesting people are not normal if they a do not yet have a CO alarm . But please do encourage people to have a working CO alarm ot two on their boat by pointing out the dangers . I have just this week ordered and received some new smoke and CO alarms for boat and house use.
  15. MartynG

    Hand held radio

    I believe 16 is still the appropriate channel to call an emergency. The following is dated November 2018. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/758898/GMDSS_DSC_VHF_Procedures_Nov._2018.pdf This also says there is no working channel for the coastguard but a call may be made using DSC- which seems a bit bonkers .

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