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  1. MartynG


    You are quite correct the speed of flow is affected by the shape of the channel and is in general greater in the middle than at the edges That's because of friction between the water and the river bed and the bank sides . What has been implied is the speed at the given depth it was at in the video clip was faster than it might have been on another day . Given the same water level at any particular place the same speed profile across the channel will always be observed (in a non tidal section river and given no other man made influences ) . I hope that's clear but its not easy to explain in a few words .
  2. MartynG


    On the non tidal river they are related. Otherwise at a given water level what do you think makes the river flow faster or slower?
  3. MartynG


    You might not have seen it but the water level has been higher than it is today. So it must have flowed at that speed on previous occasions. However I do agree the present speed and energy of the river is formidable.
  4. MartynG


    Same in the Trent. The fields around here have standing water on them and the ground will be at 100% of its capacity to hold water. This will take a while to drain back into the river and can only start to do so as the river level starts to fall.
  5. Without doubt Worksop is in Nottinghamshire.
  6. The appropriate council in this case appears to be Nottinghamshire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority .
  7. MartynG


    Probably 5ft at Farndon. The water level did reach the top of the slipway and started to flood the yard. Its left behind a rather large puddle. Water levels slowly falling now.
  8. MartynG


    It's recently been a little higher than in the picture. In past years significantly higher still. Its the long term duration of the flooding that seems unusual this time .
  9. MartynG


    Fuel berth under water. But worse than that the bar is closed
  10. MartynG


    The Trent is running fast . The flow past the visitor pontoon at Farndon is ,not surprisingly,significant.
  11. MartynG


    Regardless of roads being flooded or not there is not much point in Cromwell being manned at present .
  12. MartynG


    Did the handbrake (or reverse gear) fail ?
  13. Typo Delete Worsop Insert Worksop and repeat question.
  14. I'm sorry I haven't read every post. Why are C&RT being blamed for flooding in Worsop ? Is it not the Environment Agency who are in charge of flood defence with support from the Lead Local Flood authority (usually the district or borough council) and therefore in charge of flood gates ?
  15. MartynG


    Yes but predicted to be no worse than a week ago and levels falling again tomorrow. Looks like the EA regulated the sluices at Colwick appropriately.
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