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  1. Back to normal? Well not quite - there remains a strong flow.
  2. I agree the index should be displayed. But the need to display the license is outdated and should be abolished.
  3. MartynG

    TV licence

    I have never owned a satnav for the car (although my next car will have one as it is standard fitting ) . Instead I look on a map and make notes of the road numbers and sketch the main junctions. On occasions I have used my phone . Most people prefer the phone as the maps are up to date and traffic congestion is identified . i do have sat nav on the boat (in fact two sat navs) - but for use on the sea . .
  4. From Canalplan a Freeman named Lark Rise has index 108550 https://canalplan.org.uk/boats/boats.php From C&RT license checker 108550 is licensed https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/licensing/boat-check/status/108550 However this might not be the same boat
  5. A boat answering to that name and make is licensed with C&RT However I can't see its index from your photograph so not certain. If it is licensed and insured and has a BSS certificate but moored illegally I dare say C&RT will not do anything .
  6. Looks like the data from the Farndon gauge, which had stopped on Friday, has been restored. Levels on the non-tidal Trent below Nottingham seem to be dropping nicely. The water on the non-tidal river has been high but it has been a lot worse in the past. Well before the weekend I expect the river will look its more normal appearance. I hope everyone who has been stuck at moorings out on the river and unable to move their boats has been okay.
  7. No noticeable change in water level at Farndon this evening compared to the same time yesterday.
  8. The following link may be of interest but I don't think it helps in this case https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/can-i-vote/with-no-fixed-address#boat
  9. Laura Ordinarily a boat may remain in one place alongside a canal towpath only 14 days (unless the location is a long term mooring). That is unless the location has been set aside for long term moorings. Therefore I suggest you discuss the matter with the Canal and River Trust who may be able to assist.
  10. The water level is pretty high but not threatening the service yard or the car parking areas at the marina just now. I would say the water level has risen a little this afternoon. The level at Colwick is rising again according to the river level gauge . Perhaps the flow is being adjusted at Colwick sluices .
  11. MartynG


    I suggest if you think your boat is out of the ordinary you do take photographs and perhaps write a full description and send it to your insurers prior to the next insurance renewal. There is nothing stopping you obtaining a professional survey report - apart from the expense. This is one of the reasons to have pre purchase survey as it does establish the condition of the boat at that time . A fresh survey every five years- (or if appropriate after a significant refit) , might be a sound plan. I doubt whether anyone does this. I certainly haven not.
  12. MartynG


    If you declare a value that is half the replacement cost of your boat you would be under insured . This means your insurers, if they realised you were under insured , would almost certainly reduce their payout accordingly. Your insurer would never pay more then the sum you have declared. There is no point in being over insured . Insurers will never knowingly pay more than the market value unless it is specifically agreed otherwise . The insurance premium I pay is certainly a rate per thousand of the sum insured . The rate per thousand is influenced by factors such a s the location where the boat is kept. A boat kept in a marina perceived by some insurers as being lower risk.
  13. If you consume the water does the boat capsize?
  14. Not me . In any case do telephone directories still exist ?
  15. My wife took a lump sum when she retired and it allowed us to change our boat . Like you this reduced the monthly pension. taking the lump sum was worth every penny. The way i look at it the money is still there but in boat form.
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