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  1. MartynG

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I purchased a one day ticket in April this year. Presently on a six month. Have just returned from 3 weeks on salty water. Can I claim a rebate? Could be a transponder but tgat would be expensive. A bar code or a secuity card read at every lock might wirk. The technology already exists but I cannot imagine this level if technology being viable on the waterways.
  2. MartynG

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I think that has always been so. But it has not prevented the sale of short term licenses.
  3. MartynG

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Nevertheless the C&RT do sell short term licences to those boat owners and by doing so have established a practice over many years with many hundreds and probably thousands of short term license issued. Even the C&RT are not stupid enough to refuse money when it is offered.
  4. MartynG

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I may be wrong but I thought a full time license was required in Newark Marina . The river Devon flows through the moorings which are owned by the rowing club but operated by the marina (so I am told). Perhaps the front pond at Newark is different? Boats in Farndon Marina do not need to be licensed if they do not leave the marina. Many boats don't go out for six months of the year so buying a 6 month license makes complete sense . Some buy a short term license as and when required. When the license fees increase due to boat width I expect many owners of cruisers will look to ways of saving paying license fees and I suspect the result will be less income for the C&RT.
  5. MartynG

    Cheap Engine Hours Meters?

    A bit late but I had one of these on my last boat and it was reliable.......... http://cpc.farnell.com/curtis-instruments/18400107/hour-meter-701r-12-48v/dp/PM11484?mckv=sbbUinuGD_dc|pcrid|224680821257|kword||match||plid||slid||product|PM11484|pgrid|48556536633|ptaid|pla-369796738240|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=CjwKCAjw4avaBRBPEiwA_ZetYq7iJ50RXpEa74Dge1Ovfkk8UF-PQDqxDnfFpJgmzY7QwbooNnPv1xoC-YIQAvD_BwE
  6. MartynG

    What size BMC oil filter?

    inline filters are usually good for cross references https://www.inlinefilters.co.uk/Filters-Lube/SpinOn/3-4.16UN/FIN-FL70271 .
  7. MartynG

    CRT licence

    Those are two damn good reasons for not displaying a license. .
  8. MartynG

    Am I a coward?

    Would it have been better if the dog was nice but the people were scary looking? Seems like they did not want you there and it took a while for the penny to drop.
  9. MartynG

    CRT licence

    They did at one time send the license by post and I think they will still do so if you ask nicely. Also you can get some license holders free - or you could the last time I looked. I don't understand why the license has to be displayed there days . Providing the index number and boat name are visible the license can be checked online. If you do not display your license I expect nothing bad will happen. Recently a lock keeper on the R Trent said they are no longer required to check licenses but they do keep a log of boat names and index numbers which may be used by head office as evidence of a boat being used for navigation without a license.
  10. MartynG

    How much to spend

    Our surveyor said "it has lots of faults but don't let that put you off". So we reduced the offer it was accepted. I am sitting on the boat now. Life doesn't get any better.
  11. MartynG

    How much to spend

    Boats and boating - the best value for money I ever spent. The amount of money spent is not so important . But buying a boat that will not be too great a financial liability is important. Do have pre purchase survey including a test run to mitigate against expensive surprises. But after that do expect faults to crop up from time to time . Most of all do make best use of the boat in order to get some value for money out of it.
  12. MartynG

    Diesel costs

    98p at Grimsby yesterday .
  13. MartynG

    Caveat emptor Buyer beware

    Therefore a fresh BSS test should have been done as the previous test was invalidated by the modifications to fit a gas system where no previous system was present. A good surveyor should notice a defective gas installation or defective electrics if they are reasonably visible / accessible. My present boat was not BSS compliant when surveyed despite having 18 months of the 4 year BSS remaining. But the problems were largely attributable to dud batteries and not due to defective work. The cost of the survey was justifiable as it certainly saved me being significantly out of pocket . The boat was presented in clean condition but defects due to lack of use had developed.
  14. MartynG

    Caveat emptor Buyer beware

    Not just yachts - all watercraft for recreational use . That includes narrowboats except for the exception for self build boats . In the UK = June 1998 ? https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/legal/buying-a-boat/Pages/recreational-craft-directive.aspx .
  15. MartynG

    Caveat emptor Buyer beware

    The BSS certificate is meaningless in that 5 minutes after the inspection the owner may make changes. Why do people not have a pre purchase survey and then complain about faults that could have been discovered ? In any case boats seem prone to faults on a fairly regular basis . If no fault is present one will develop sooner rather than later . Since about 1998 I believe. 20 years isn't very recent. Even then only applies to new boats .

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