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  1. Wells-next-the-Sea . We love it there but unfortunately didn't make it in 2020 due to the impacts of the dreaded Coronavirus
  2. It is however unlikely the shore power socket would be required to function if submerged in 1m of water as boats are usually quite good at keeping the socket above the water line , especially when in a marina and connected to shore power. No so many Marinco (expensive) sockets are seen on lumpy water boats - more often the caravan flap type shown earlier . Although why shore power inlets are located on the outside of the boat and not in a more protected location I don't quite understand. My first boat had the shore power inlet under a cockpit seat which was under canvas canopy cover most of the time - very well protected - simply trailed the cable onboard . The same with fuel filler caps - is a flap as used on almost all cars these days and seen with a simple pull cable release on VW's in the early 1970's too much to ask ?
  3. Could that be the remains of a bin liner bag - the sort with a drawstring - yellow drawstring in your case ?
  4. According to the following website diesel can hold 90ppm in warm weather but only 60ppm in cold weather . https://tanktransport.com/2018/04/water-in-diesel-can-be-destructive/#:~:text=Your diesel may hold 90,the bottom of the tank. So 30ppm can drop out of the fuel in winter Say a tank holds 300 litres . The 30ppm amounts to 9ml or less than two teaspoons of water . Could it be better to hold less fuel in the tank over early winter so there is less water to drop out as temperatures drop ? Or is the condensation potential for greater volume of water ? Is it best to refuel in the depths of winter when the fuel will be colder and as a result will have less potential to drop water out? Just thoughts .... answers not required😁
  5. I have been assuming that for some time but still find some people claim they can buy FAME free fuel.
  6. Do you have reference for that please .......... it seems a vert high percentage .
  7. I am not so sure that currently diesel keeps so long as it did in that past . Bio diesel is added in ever increasing quantities and this may degrade or attract moisture. So I am not sure keeping the tank filled over winter for a boat that is little used is essential - it could be better to add fresh fuel in the spring. I do use a fuel additive and have changed over a year ago to Clearwinner LA88 which absorbs water into the fuel (but bear in mind no additive can deal with significant quantities of water in the fuel). https://www.clear-winner.co.uk/products/marine/ PS Yes water in fuel can cause tanks to corrode at the base . I know of a few cases.
  8. Its probably best not to make assumptions as you are wrong about everything you have assumed. My boat is based on the Non-tidal River Trent at Farndon and its not a yacht its a motorboat....... or cruiser if you prefer. Just because the insurance company has Yacht in its name does't limit it to insuring Yachts. I do have a BSSC and I do need a river license to leave the marina.
  9. I suspect the same scenario regarding a house I looked at earlier in the year . Very disappointing . On the plus side the survey on the house cost me less than a survey on a boat , and it didn't need to be craned out.
  10. http://www.yyachtinsurance.com/ I would not consider your policy if it requires a license to be held continuously as I have not in recent years licensed the boat all year and want it to be insured while ''off water''. PS Not to mention I do want to be able to go on lumpy water occasionally .
  11. Not so unless specifically stated in the insurance policy and conditions. My insurance doesn't require a BSS certificate.
  12. Aquavista Watersides Limited Head office is at Sawley marina and is company that has been in existence several years . British Waterways Marinas Limited changed its name to Aquavista Watersides Limited in July of this year . Those are links if you ask me . But accepting C&RT no longer own the company that runs the marinas. Not sure who owns the marinas but fairly sure the business occupies Hull as tenant and would expect that to apply generally.
  13. However the BSS test is very poor at doing that .as it doesn't require the idiot to be present during the test.
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