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  1. On a positive note. A friend thinks we mat get cleaner running and better fuel economy with white diesel.
  2. Diesel at the waterside will probably be higher price than at a road station. More like £ 1.40 . That's what I mean by a significant increase over about £1 per litre.
  3. Will a significant increase in diesel prices due to a change to wite diesel , result in fewer people going boating?
  4. That has long since been forgotten. Was it just a promise or was it a law?
  5. Also known as FM 200 .... among other things according to the interweb.
  6. Two independent devices on the boat Both were working when I checked them this morning.
  7. I am getting a good GPS signal . So perhaps the problem has gone or it was fake news.
  8. Halon was banned in 1994 except for aviation use. I believe the extinguisher gas in my engine bay extinguisher is called FM-200.
  9. No It is an inert gas. Operated automatically but also with manual activation at the helm. Made by "Seafire" Quite expensive ...it was already fitted when I bought the boat. Less expensive inert gas engine bay extinguishers are available .
  10. Its only a little shelf. I honestly dont think it is critical other than avoiding the detector being very close a gas appliance. Smoke alarm on the ceiling. CO alarm about head height when seated or sleeping as dictated by the use of the space.
  11. I understand British Waterways original brief was to close down the inland waterways? C&RT is, hopefully, more interested in conserving and restoration. For example I believe C&RT contribute to the ongoing restoration of the Grantham Canal.
  12. MartynG


    If it is empty add water. People suggest a dishwasher tablet or sanitising laundry liquid.
  13. I dont have a smoke or co alarm in the engine bay. But I do have an automatic fire extinguisher in there. Placing the co alarms inside the boat didnt cost me much time . There is a shelf near the bed head and another shelf near the main seating.
  14. I recent times times the attitude of C&RT employees and volunteers has been more than acceptably professional. The volunteer lock keepers on the non tidal locks used to make mistakes but they have learned their skills. One or two inexperienced employees have been put on tidal lock duty. But it's not their fault if they have not been properly trained.
  15. Very nice. Wells Next the Sea for us. A bit cloudy today. Pictures from the weekend.
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