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  1. For tarnished brass or copper try Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream. Polishing up with a finer polish will add shine as required. Greased Lightening Showroom Shine is good on lightly tarnished copper and adds wax protection. Good on paintwork too.
  2. Newtons is capital N A unit of force.
  3. Thank you. I enjoyed that. The sea conditions looked very calm . Its offen not like that.
  4. I have communicated with C&RT in the past and received a written response. However not always a helpful response. Next weekend may involve passing the same spot. Perhaps the owners of the boats involved may have read this and moved off.
  5. The first edition of iso13297 was in 1995. So a boat would possibly need to be built before then for the definition of old to be valid. Perhaps the BSS guidance should be clear on this. It is not usual to require old things to be updated to current standards.
  6. I did not intend to suggest there were no moorings available. Just complaing about the over staying boats in general and especially those directly outside C&RT offices. Mainly a complaint about lack of enforcement of the rules by C&RT.
  7. That's not the point. Other than the winter period the pontoon is intended for short term visitors. The long term squatters taking away a large portion of this facility. The pontoon does have good safe access on and off the boats and ashore. There is opportunity for shore power although very limited . It is very handy for pedestrisn access to Waitrose and Aldi not exactly a long walk into Morissons or into the town shops and pubs.
  8. Yes but it would be nice to be able to use the pontoon for an overnight stop or even to allow a shopping trip.
  9. The boats in question may well be licensed. On the Trent there aren't all that many places to moor overnight. Therefore any abuse of the rules on 2 day moorings is having an impact on others who may be prevented from stopping.
  10. A sign at the kiln mooring indicates the long term winter mooring period ends mid March. Some of the boats may well have been there all winter. I have not been monitoring them. There are marinas nearby including kings marina within a 100 yards .I suspect an unwillingness to pay is governing their choice to stay on the visitor pontoon.
  11. Why do C&RT fail to take action against boats that are over staying on moorings within a few metres of their own offices? Those people who are happy to abide by the rules are potentially losing out as the better moorings are occupied by the rule breakers.
  12. White Angel is a flybridge motorboat. Quite a bit too tall to fit under the bridge off West Stockwith basin onto the canal. We visit West Stockwith basin often twice a year.
  13. After an 8am departure this morning and a remarkable 5 knots of tide out of West Stockwith we were passing Torksey at 9.30 am and here at Dunham for 10am. There had been an Aegir at West Stockwith at 7am but it was unexpected so we did not think to look out for it. Sorry to intrude on the noodle thread.
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