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  1. Yes they do and we will equalise them , really wasn't going to go for that "set it to sealed" when it can be done properly , I intend to get the most out of them expensive batteries , thank you very much for your input and link.
  2. Mike, they are in parallel and now understand, I spoke to the electrician which is going to fit and install my panel and he completely agrees, thanks for your very useful input.
  3. Thank you Mike that's very useful and will double check
  4. But setting it to sealed isn't the correct setting , if I can set manually then surely it should be done that way , what I'm confused about it whether to double the numbers as I've two batteries
  5. This is all confusing me , should the bulk and float numbers be multiplied by two when setting parameters manually , as there are two batteries .........??
  6. Thank you for your replies , so if I was to go to "users" on the control panel and set it myself, and having two batteries do I need to multiply by two ?. Thank you for your time.
  7. Thanks for your reply, does that then mean that I would need to set the parameters my self under the "users" setting and double the numbers seen as I've two leisure 12v batteries?
  8. Hello you wonderful people. I have recently bought a 305w solar panel and kit for my narrow boat,it has a epever xtra n series xds2 mppt charge controller . My 2 leisure batteries are gpl-31t lifeline AGM 105ah, are the batteries and controller compatible ?, I'm asking as AGM batteries are not specifically mentioned in the controller's instruction booklet . Thank you all.
  9. THANK you I think I have some of that somewhere, cheers.
  10. That sounds like a neat trick and may try it, it may help till a proper fix, thank you Oh its the frame BTW, thanks again.
  11. Well it never has needed to be adjusted, he stated that the day it does that particular one won't be able to be tightened, so I thought I'd get them changed anyway for peace of mind, though saying that I've not noticed any difference in the 3 years I've had the boat, so it's become a job to do in not too long future I suppose. Thanks
  12. Only one of them has run out of thread, its what I learned from my last RCR inspection, he said it may need to be done at some point, the boat runs fine with minimal vibration, I think he means that if it ever needs tightening it will need changing and as I gather when one needs changing the lot are changed.
  13. Thank you for that extra bit of info , you're all wonderful , happy new year !.
  14. The present enlignement is fine but I think that when first fitted the threads and nuts were not entirely at the same height and so after years of tightening when needed one has run out of thread , it is the reason I'm having to change them as on my last engine check the engineer realised that one of them could not be tightened any further . Thank you for you input . Thanks , that's great advice .
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