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  1. Penfold


    Perhaps quite a few folk just see a narrowboat as a retirement holiday option instead of dragging a caravan. They try it and bingo get hooked and look to sell their home and live aboard. Why not? Or folk just selling up and doing the live aboard life because it suits their own needs. Why not? Heck even kids buying because its cheaper than a house. Fully fitted Aintree brand new boats less than £90K..Why not? By the amount of narrow boats in brokerage I doubt the system will ever reach bursting point. I can see no negatives at all. The more use, the more income CRT get, so the more they can invest in upkeep (I hope)
  2. Are they though? In the long run? Perhaps Lithium are very expensive despite their predicted performance but the Gel types are a good alternative at a non toe curling expense. The Lithium just seems to be fit,use, abuse, forget then charge them back to life from flat. If the boring man is correct anyway. For that you do get a hefty start up bill I agree.
  3. The "boring man" does go on (yes and on and on) about other variants of batteries...Gel with plates and tubes and explains the difference between the two types. Seems lead acid is so old hat these days....Anyway if yow dow watch yow wow know
  4. Interesting stuff on batteries here......Fast forward to 6 mins in to hear the interview with the bloke who knows his eggs
  5. This video is from July 2016 so not that out of date.. Also dont narrowboats get shadows off trees etc when moored up?
  6. Worth a watch if you are considering solar on your boat roof......
  7. My message was quite simple....I hate Cats....The "cats are great" line was if you are one of those people who own one (or god forbid more) you throw them out your door and they go and shit everywhere else.....Plus if you do own one, your house/boat stinks. Bit like a smoker doesnt realise how they stink....That's about everyone slagged off..
  8. Theft and or fire a major danger if it is a petrol powered boat..
  9. Cats are great.....They leave home in a morning sh*te in all your neighbours gardens then return home at night to have a bit of R&R. I for one can't stand the damn things. We had three living next door to us and it was a while before they got the message that they were not welcome in my garden. Plain water in a Fairy liquid bottle well aimed did the trick. I agree with the sentiments above, if I had a dog (a GSD or Labrador) and it climbed your garden fence and shat where ever it liked you may be a tad put out. Plus they make me sneeze and have red itchy eyes..Grrrrr
  10. Blimey, all sounds very complified to me. I bet you were a wizz at Meccano and built that lifter bridge on the front cover of the instruction book. TBH, I have not a clue what you are on about
  11. Excellent point....lol....But perhaps a fire hose in action prior to their 35 mile trip could be in action by the faithful/terrified boat owner in an effort to assist or at least do their best to assist before the goons turn up. If it were my boat/home/pride and joy I would be a bit miffed if there were no fire fighting bits and bobs about the place.Hey even a bucket of sand with the obligatory fag ends in is better than nowt imho I offer no more on this subject ....phew I hear you cry
  12. Mmmmmmm In my previous employ I watched the FB putting out loads of cars nicked by the local scrotes and water was used in each case....Perhaps West Mids FB cant afford C02 or powder.. I see that no one has answered my question though.... Do marinas have fire points? I would have thought them to be a good idea despite all that's been said
  13. Well they manage quite well with car fires and factory fires with water....I do believe cars have petrol in them and most factories have gas/fuel of some type....They dont stand back and watch do they? My question/suggestion was do marinas have 'fire points' and if not why not? Also most boats are diesel powered anyway so where does petrol come into this?
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