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  1. How do people deal with people taking pictures of your boat, even when you're sitting in front of it? We're roving traders and quite often people take pictures of us and our wares when trading. A lot don't ask, or don't look at our stuff with any interest after they've taken a picture. I find it very weird because I would never take pictures of other people if they are sitting in their gardens!
  2. Thanks for your help I had no idea the Avon didn't belong to CRT, shame it doesn't
  3. Hi! So I've been living on my boat for about 6 weeks now. We usually travel round canals, but are thinking of heading up onto the Avon and Severn soon. We've been on the Severn from Stourport to Worcester, and did this in an afternoon. However, I don't really know anything about mooring on rivers. We have Pearson maps, and there were visitor moorings in Worcester marked on the Severn, but when we approached, it seemed you were supposed to pay 4 quid a night and pay and display. Obviously, we didn't stop there but carried on up the locks into Worcester and moored on the canal. What's your experiences with mooring on rivers? Does this happen a lot, that you have to pay to moor on rivers? Or are there places you can moor?
  4. So CART places are more expensive? I saw a pump-out advertised for 14, but presumed that was more of the exception? Our toilet is dump-through, not sure how big the tank is, would have to look through the documents again...
  5. Hi! I have a question which is aimed at permanent liveaboards. I've just moved onto a boat, and worried at how expensive pumping out could become. How often do you have to pump out?
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