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  1. And some alternatives of the parade etc. unfortunately most of mine are over the 10mb limit for this site but the remainder have been posted on both flickr and facebook narrowboat photography group. Regards
  2. Hi All, will it still be possible to wind at the marina entrance on Friday? I have not booked and so assume that there will not be any space. Regards
  3. Thanks for posting..not often I get a picture of myself and Marcellus!!! Great to say Hi as well....regards She gets about does Marcellus!!!
  4. Well I for one am glad that you did convince them.
  5. Apologies, I certainly would not want you to 'discuss' any persons background I was merely picking up the various threads of history....regards
  6. Marcellus you say....excellent to find all of these links....what is the background to John Edwards?
  7. looks like it, you can just make out the verdigree roofed tower
  8. excellent thank you for the details.....there is obviously a lot of history behind the boat.
  9. so that's why it steers so well in reverse...
  10. Yes the orginal bit is 'now' the bow of the new boat...sorry for the confusion you guys know more than me really!!!! Which is very helpful of course....
  11. I believe that Marcellus was a butty, and so the remaining original section is a small length of the bow....
  12. My Marcellus is 48ft and 'carry on up the junction'
  13. Hello All, I am the proud new owner of Marcellus (front end) and thought I would make contact and say Hi. Regards Paul
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