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  1. Yeah. One day though, I hope There is a 10K budget at the moment, with hopes of saving up to 20K... but at this stage (the planning stage) we are really trying to figure out the cheapest way of feasibly escaping having to live in over priced rented housing and follow our dream we know it will take a while and we can’t currently afford it (as far as I see)
  2. Hi everyone! phew yes, quite surprised by how many people are replying, and how interested everyone is...I was at work all night and got up with the kids this morning, not a lot of time. okay so yes we are in Scotland, living on a minimum wage income , hubby looks after the kids and I work every hour I can. So that the finances we’ve loved the idea of living on a boat (of any kind) since we got together about 11 years ago, we’re a pair of hippies. We have been following YouTube channels for the last couple of years or so and love the idea even more. We have very little money and unlikely to be considered for a mortgage so we liked the idea of living aboard also as it would be a cheaper way of owning our own home, plus the freedom etc. We are very aware of how difficult it would be, how little money we have etc. But I think about it all the time, trying new angles to see how we could afford it. That said, we both know it’s likely something we would only get to do once the kids are grown up. This makes me sad as I want the kids to experience it. I ask ask many questions from different angles as I approach the logistics of this to see if we could afford it this way...or that way...or what if we ...? And so on Sorry to those who mentioned I don’t reply on previous threads, I didn’t realise people were interested enough to be annoyed by lack of a reply - I barely have any free time to be honest but I will try to from now on. Researching this stuff is what keeps me going at work as I look stuff up on my breaks and think about it through the tedium of work. It’s easier to read than type on my phone. love the offer of the boat for 10K, not at that stage yet but pleased to see it’s possible. sorry for being an annoying newbie! We all start somewhere though right? Thanks for all the advice
  3. I’m still in the research stages so forgive me if this is an obvious question. I want to buy either a new sail away (unlined) or a second hand boat and spend the next few years putting together my dream boat we will eventually live aboard full time. My husband will be doing this with me, narrowboat living is a dream we have had for a few years and I have a lot of enthusiasm and he has the handy experience of a background in joinery. would we be better off starting with a clean slate of a cheap Collingwood sail away? Or buying what would be essentially a wreck, for even cheaper, ripping out the insides and doing it up? Money is very tight, or we would go for a better quality sail away. I have heard mixed reviews of Collingwood, but if it’s just the hull that we are buying from them I’d hope there wouldn’t be too much they could do wrong. We love the idea of living in a boat we’ve made together, which (apart from the cost) is also why we probably don’t want to buy a boat which is ready to live in Ps - by wreck I mean one less than £10K
  4. I dont live very close to the canals at the moment - this is why I was wondering if there is an online community? I would prefer to buy a boat already on the canal but I’m struggling to find this online
  5. My husband and I have a long term dream to live on a narrowboat full time. We live near the Glasgow area at the moment and are beginning to make plans. However I’m finding it a bit difficult to get information about Scottish Canals at all, apart from the Living on Water website which is interesting, but I’d really like to read more about the experiences of ordinary people living on the canals. All the advice I have read comes from people based in England and Wales and it’s hard to know whether a lot of it applies to Scotland as well. Some questions I have include: Where can I get my narrowboat craned into the water? Are there marinas where I can get my boat maintained? All I have found online are moorings and info regarding prices. Is there a forum online for Scottish canal dwellers where I can chat online to people who are living there already? Where should I look to buy a narrowboat in Scotland? There are so many youtube channels dedicated to narrowboat living but I’ve yet to find any in Scotland. Are there any? thank you
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    Has anyone heard of SGB finance? And would you recommend them? http://cgi-bo.orcaformation.com/sgb/accueil.php I found a link on the Walton Marina website. http://www.waltonmarine.co.uk/Finance.aspx Apart from Pegasus, I have not been able to find any Marine finance companies and I would need to borrow more than I could get from a personal loan.
  9. As I live in Scotland and would quite like to stay, I was wondering how much of the canal system here would actually take a widebeam, which I am thinking of getting. If it was just the two of us we would probably get a narrowboat but we have a little boy and looking ahead to the future I can't imagine him enjoying living in such a cramped space with his parents when he is older and a widebeam gives us a little more breathing space. Does anyone on here know how much of the Scottish canals are wide enough?
  10. Thanks! What things should I be worrying about more? I wouldhave thought the engine wasthe most important thing ? Very helpful
  11. Newbie here. When looking at boats, are there certain engines that I should avoid or look for? I am terrible at DIY and electrics and all that and ideally want a cheap to run engine that won't break down, not interested in'vintage' etc as I don't have a lot of money to pay for repairs and won't have a clue how to do anything by myself EDIT we will be moored in one place 90% of the time, in case that makes a difference
  12. http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/feature.phtml?id=454080 This boat in the link above seems incredibly cheap considering how it looks. I am still trying to study up on the technical aspects of boats so can anyone tell me whether there is something obvious that makes the price so low? You see from a little browsing I have goot the impression that I'd be looking at at least 60k for a half decent second hand widebeam. Is this correct?
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