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  1. Am I missing something here, two adverts for same boat!
  2. Hi Paul spoke to sleeman and hawken today they say that they only list the 55 degree stat which is part no 945001 so I asked them to check inside the box and they said that the thermostat has 82 stamped on it, they wasn't sure whether it was indeed 82 degree or marked wrong. Have you checked yours in some water with a thermometer or fitted it yet? ive ordered one any way so will test it when it comes! Build is going slowly! managed to blast and jotamastic the hull over Christmas, sprayfoam next then get the engine in! Rob.
  3. Hi Paul thanks for the heads up on the thermostat, do you have the part number for it by any chance? as I still need to get one for my 2G many thanks Rob.
  4. Hi Paul, boat sounds great on the river! looks like it was a cracking day for a run out. In answer to Chops question I agree with Paul water pumps are the same for raw water or keel cooling its the pipework that varies, plus the use or not of a thermostat. The heat exchanger version uses a jabsco type pump to pump water through heat exchanger with diaphragm pump circulating coolant round engine. lots of pictures on sabb website. I did consider using waterless coolant because of its lack of expansion but was advised that it can raise the oil temperature which is undesirable.I don't know if it would exchange heat any better with the overplated skin tank than normal water/antifreeze.Regards Rob.
  5. Hi Paul and Chop glad your installs are going ok and thanks to Peter for all the pictures and info which I have found helpful, would love to meet up with other Sabb owners but it will be a while before the boats finished
  6. Hi Peter & Bye Eck thanks for the replies,Peter does your engine temperature run in the higher green band indicating that you have the higher temperature thermostat. I haven't been able to get a generic thermostat seems to be an odd size plus most modern stuff runs even hotter, being a bypass type needs to be correct diameter length and temp. Rob.
  7. Hi Paul seems like I was thinking along the right lines, although its good to have it confirmed thanks Peter,David & Bye Eck. My engines all back together now and up and running but wont be going in just yet as I am going to grit blast the boat before the engine goes in. A question for Peter really is how good is his 2G at heating the domestic water? the Sabb thermostat is 55 degrees although Sabb do list I think a 75 degree thermostat for boats fitted with a cabin heater but Sleeman and Hawken said it was no longer available. hope your engine install goes ok. Rob.
  8. Hi Paul been thinking about best way to connect the calorifier on my 2G when I fit it! the bypass circuit is the pipe under the thermostat housing which connects back to the water pump was thinking to tee into this, thermostat housing to calorifier then back to water pump not sure if this is correct though! Peter on Bullfinch may have the answer
  9. hi I have used the bar of soap method to stop leaks on diesel tanks on trucks so can confirm that it works, best to soften the soap and mould a lump over the leak, good emergency fix!
  10. The engines going into a new boat so I figured do it now & it will good for long time, according to sleeman&hawken I got the last front & rear main bearings available from Norway and they are now obsolete! don't know if that's true but hopefully I wont need any more!
  11. seeing Bullfinch on youtube nice boat! and the owners posts on the forum were part of the reason for choosing the 2G in the first place, he seems to get on ok with it! My 2G is currently down to bare crankcase but parts have now arrived so can start re assembling.
  12. Hi Paul no sadly cant read Norwegian but you can read between the lines and translate what you need, sadly google translate doesn't work on sabbs pdf files, engine beds drawings and dimensions on sabb site look for pdf bruksanvisning 2g og 2j 977040 don't know how to post a link sorry better on engines than computers! Let me know if you cant find it, decided to fit 2G as I like them, I have a 2J as well so can always fit that if I need more power! What boat are you fitting your 2J into?
  13. Hi guys & girls new to the forum but been lurking for a while! First post so here goes, I am a fan of the sabb two cylinder engines and am currently doing a complete rebuild on a 2G to be fitted in a new build 57ft trad I also have a 2J engine, as Paul said theres lots of info on line the sabb site has parts books and user manuals with engine bed drawings and dimensions, Crowthers recommended a 20"x14" for my 2G sabb manual states 20"x15" for 2G and 20"x16" for 2J. Various gearboxes are fitted to sabb engines and some run LH and some RH. I am fitting a prm 260 to my 2G,parts availability is pretty good but very expensive Sleeman&hawken I have found to be very helpful some useful info on their website too regarding identifying which gearbox you have, good luck Mike. Also being of a certain age and in the timber trade we come across metric and imperial mixed on a daily basis, plus requests for a piece of wood as long as this piece string/wool/cotton or completely made up measurements that don't even exist.
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