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  1. As total novices we bought our first boat intending to enjoy a 'year out' travelling the waterways. Great plan. Almost twenty years later we are on our second boat and can't imagine living in any other way. Until recently we have worked for five months in the winter, taking a winter mooring to facilitate this. No car...great. Bus pass is fantastic and a railcard helps. Best decision made - we bought a little house to let...it's still bringing in a bit of dosh. First boat was good but, after nine years we knew exactly what we needed and wanted in our next one. Solar panels are amazing in the summer with the long days, even if it's not particularly sunny. Winter is more challenging but we manage well - run the engine for a little while morning and early evening. Generators are my pet hate I'm afraid...never used one. We do have plenty of batteries though. No point having free sunpower if you haven't enough storage capacity. Our post goes to daughter's house and she filters out the rubbish and either brings the rest when visiting (if we're not too distant) or sends it poste restante to the nearest post office. Prescriptions easy now with the new electronic system. Ask your docs for information. Ours are very helpful with this. Oh...you will have so much fun. It's the best way of life ever. Perhaps it's as well not everyone would agree. Most canals are getting rather crowded in recent years. Good luck, don't think too hard...it will give you a headache...just do it.
  2. Twenty years living cc on the water. First washer bought 2 years ago. Mini twin tub - very 'hands on' but I love it. Spinner is amazingly efficient. Use laundrettes for bedding and towels. Agree with 'little and often' approach. Drying no problem in the winter with a warm boat . I have a tall airer that can stand in shower. Also shirts etc on coathangers can be hung under back cover with flap open if not raining. Finish everything off near stove overnight and there we go. We have double glazing but windows usually open otherwise boat is far too hot. Fire lit 24/7 in coldest months is essential. Have fun
  3. Hello...New members.Old boaters ? We would have gladly taken a general towpath mooring again this year at just under £400 for five months. Nice spot near family and friends (one has water hose in garden near towpath) Composting toilet so no elsan worries. Hey ho. Nearest affordable winter mooring this year - nearest tap through Bingley locks - shops and bus service nowhere near. Only saving grace is a pub. Price is similar to last year but for four months only. Skipton winter mooring, which we have used in the past would now cost around £950 for four months. Can't afford it and it's not where we want to be. Do CRT think we're totally stupid?? We will have to move around except for the enforced CRT approved overstay while cap'n recovers from an op. Does anyone know exactly why CRT have come to the decision that the general towpath winter mooring was illegal whereas it's not illegal to offer totally unusable fixed moorings.
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