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  1. There has been much talk of members leaving in droves... an assumption has been made that it is the issue of moderation style. I can't speak for anyone else but I am leaving for the opposite reason.
  2. Oh, the M and the G... A greenie bestowed.
  3. Where's it's other leg!?!?
  4. Sorry for the delay: auto-correct is a bitch, eh? Hardly worth a snipe though. Still it takes all sorts...
  5. In 2014 he broke the UK absolute speed record for a pushbike (drafting a racing truck)...112mph... mad bugger.
  6. Ah, you too. I thought it only me. I love my beard-mice.
  7. I have a Nextbase Dash Cam 402G Professional from Halfords. No complaints. The cameras sensitivity is very good and the picture at twilight looks like broad daylight! It's HD so the quality is super. A bit pricy at £129 but it recode all sorts of useful data to aid in a RTC insurance claim.
  8. Oh, so you're the people that made me grumpy.... I had my eye on August but you beat me to it. (drop me a line if you get bored with it )
  9. I was about to suggest a drip bar but the groove will do just as well. As for GRP on wood roof... hmmmm, I'd not. Wood expands naturally and in effect "breathes", GRP doesn't. As a result the two will part company. My cabin roofs were T&G but caulked in the gaps to allow for movement. SikaFlex is good at this job. They were then covered with a canvas type material fixed with a flexible rubber based glue. Tough enough for foot traffic, waterproof AND flexible.
  10. Yep, I concur. Error in sum. I'd annualise the quadrennial costs as well and factor in Alan's painting advise.
  11. I've tweeted to a NB community. Fingers crossed...
  12. Not all "scammers" and fraudsters are at the upper end of the intelligence spectrum; a card of mine was cloned a few years ago. They used it to pay a parking fine AND order a pizza for delivery.... Needless to say an a rest was made.
  13. Multiply your prospective bid by 1.44 to get the purchase price...
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