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  1. Hi, it was just to make life easy & look at a panel/meter that would give me the info if 1 battery on a bank is starting to break down, to save having to take hydrometer readings & alike. I see there is plenty of meters to read a bank or even 2-3 banks, but not individual batteries in a bank. I would have thought larger boats with larger banks would have this facility. May look into 1 meter & 4 shunts with a rotary switch to select each battery or similar
  2. Hi, is there a way to individual monitor each of batteries condition in a bank "of 4". Total 12 volt = 480amp/h .
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, & sorry for not getting back. I didn't get any notifications, yet the notify me box was ticked. Its looking like its choosing a lift out point with a short lorry ride & a lift back in."shame" Couldn't quite get enough info on the Nene up to the wash. But getting the boat out might be a good opportunity for some maintenance.
  4. Hi, more a query for a friend if you can help, please. Is there a way of getting from the UK southern region to the north with a 10' wide beam via rivers/canals? I see from maps you can get to Peterborough, Birmingham & even Stourport i think, But not beyond to the north in a 10' boat. It even looks like he can't even reach the Wash & a short trip on the sea. Is there a way?. Thanks 😊
  5. Eh! Thanks for the quick reply's. was just thinking that 3kw would be pushing a 13amp plug as i have seen a few of these getting hot in the past with this sort of load. (even though it's only 12.5amp) Think the 2 leads might not be that great an idea as i would also be putting 2 fuse's in the circuit with the 13 amp fuses in the plug tops. Sounds like it might be best to limit it down to 2kw. Cheers. PS. The 60amp switch was just one i had in an old spare fuse board.
  6. Hi, i would like to run power out my 3000watt inverter into a fuse board with a 60amp main switch & then of to different circuits via 4 rcbo's. On the inverter i have 2 x 13amp outlets, can i use 2 leads from the inverter outlets to the main 60amp switch & double them up at this point to spread any load across these 2 inverter outlets. Many thanks Chris.
  7. Must admit that i personally think the things are a blight on the land scape & very noisy in certain conditions. Believe me you wont want to be mooring within a mile of one of these things on a windy night. The only reasons these are going up on the canals, is that some one is making a lot of money out of the project outside the people that use, live & run the canals. Personally I'm still in favorer of flooding more valleys & going with hydro schemes. This will also give space to build more marinas & accommodation for canal & other boat users. The bonus is also looking at beautifully lake's & hill's, & not these giant monstrosity's perched on top of a hill that every one can see & hear from miles away.
  8. Must admit I am not sure how the Lecky board meters calculate this. But if a lot of items are running close to things like cable sizing, then these will also become a resistance in them selves & up the wattage, which would show on the meter. I would assume this will also apply to appliances plugged in when in use. Hopefully one of the sparks will see this & correct me to how a meter works.
  9. Hi, if you voltage is dropping to around the 200volt mark, I would be careful about damaging certain appliance. (Motors are not a lover of this). The other problem with this sort of volt drop is that it will increase the amperage being drawn & presumably increase the cost of your bill being that is is worked out on the amperage being used. IE: the lower the voltage the higher the cost through a bad supply. ???? Just a thought. Chris.
  10. I might be wrong? But could you use a coil instead of a shunt. I know the ones on this site sell at about £20.00, but are in the US & dont have an EU outlet. But one of the members might know where to get one.???? Only an idea. Chris.
  11. Hi, thanks everyone for your input. Chris, would the 4 way switch be better with just 4 d/pole switches (1 off 1 on to read) or could I get away with a rotary switch like this revised link. (Hadn't put any fusing in as yet on the meter side as yet) Thanks. Chris.
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for getting back. (I have been playing)! Link to diagram This is roughly the set up with your Ebay suggestion.(Thank for the saving) Wasn’t quite sure where you were thinking of the 4 pole switch was to be installed? Chris.
  13. Hi, I plan to have the normal 2 bank battery system (engine/domestic) but am a bit confused on the domestic side in the way the batteries should be charged & monitored. If I have a bank of 4x150amp hour batteries on the domestic side that are all linked together. Is there a way to monitor individual batteries within the bank to make sure they are all getting the correct charge? I was only thinking that its not normally good to have a duff battery amongst the good ones, & wanted to pick up on this as soon as poss should it arise. These 4 batteries will be wire individually to a local bus bar with equal length leads to each of the 4 domestic batteries. Any thoughts or ideas? Cheers Chris.
  14. I don’t know! I look for ages. And your kind self pop’s along in under 15 minutes, & post's just what I am looking for.. What can I say? Brilliant! Many thanks’ Gary. Chris.
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