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  1. Totally agree David, at the end of the day any differences people have with BW etc are VERY secondary to the larger picture I also appreciate the input Eugene puts in to this newsgroup if only for a perspective of "the other side of the fence" Chris Bennett
  2. Oh just the pair Janet ! enough is enough My lawyer will ring me when he wants a new car !! Chris B
  3. So much truth in that Moley !! Mind you I suppose when I saw the state she was in , bursting into fits of laughter was probably NOT the correct thing to do at the time....opps
  4. Look on the good side...at least you didn't have a bucket and chuckit in your hands ... ( Like one of my ex wives did once !!!!!.. I had to hose her down on the towpath before I would let her in the boat ! Chris B (Now with a pump out ! )
  5. The point Steve is that with enough people gathering around the country on the same day,with local MP's , the press etc etc in attendance WE WILL gain maximum publicity for what is probably one of the most important causes if you care at all for the Canals I personally feel that trying to blockade the Thames is not only a no go to start with but also highly dangerous but having localised protest in key locations will get the message over far better jmo Chris B
  6. In hindsight it must be de ja vu this thread then Chris B
  7. One day all the boats in all the marinas will all decide to go boating at the same time !!!! Arghhhhhhhh ....... mind you how many will be licenced I wonder Chris B
  8. you can give me a ring on 07770 893 453 for the details of the Rick gathering on the 2th Chris
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Alan' These three were take in July this year on the "home run" from Saltford Marina to Uxbridge where we moor normally The paintwork is quite faded and tatty hence hopefully next year a repaint All the best Chris and Lise
  11. Thanks , I spoke to Tony the other week about Baldock ( I know him through the Day job ) he said he would try to look some photos up for us What I am looking for was anyone who had photos in their own collection of Baldock either in working trim or converted we are trying to build up a history of the boat Many thanks Chris B
  12. As the BW patrol boat was going up the GU Cowley section the "dossers" were all one lock ahead going North !! Once they had stopped for the evening most returned to "Their Moorings " Chris B
  13. Just had a very interesting look at the photos, Lise and I purchased Baldock in July this year and she is now back in Uxbridge A full length conversion was put on in the 90's as far as I can get information this was done by one of the "Wilson" family ( possibly), she still has the same engine that Sam Matts ( Foxton Boat Services) put in when they owned it We are currently catching up with a backlog of maintenance/repairs and hope to her back to a better state by next year. If anybody has any photos or information we would be very interested and will happily pay any cost's involved Many thanks in advance Chris Bennett N.B. Baldock
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