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  1. I'm not wearing a rubber suit for you - that's @rusty69's thing!
  2. Todmorden. At least Tod and Salterhebble are powered! Slaithwaite is a pain, especially going uphill as you can't sensibly moor anywhere near it - simple enough with energetic ground crew but a real beggar (or a long walk!) singlehanded.
  3. Hmm. I wonder what he'd charge to move my boat a mile ...
  4. How very dare you - this a fully paid for beer belly, I'm not pregnant! 🀣🍺😁
  5. Which pub at the bottom of Delph? There's a good one above it ....
  6. The politics section is going to be lively this evening then ...
  7. Far from it, I quite like Wigan Flight. The fact that one of the best pubs in the country is a few hundred yards from the bottom of it may or may not be relevant ...
  8. Cool. Doing the BCN challenge would get 10% of the licence fee back in 24 hours! I'd get nearly a third of it back by the time I'd got there, done the challenge and come back. Or I could just go up and down Wigan flight fifty times in a year and get paid for boating!
  9. Last time we discussed licence pricing by value I suggested insured value would be an easy starting point, especially as CRT already have permission to check insurance details.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I've been here nearly 9 years and haven't realised this yet ...
  12. Recently? Report the examiner to the BSS office with a copy of the fail certificate.
  13. Less than one per person on average I would have thought ...
  14. They are a much better idea than big holes in the bottom of the hull ...
  15. Running a 4KW Squirrel at half power would do it ... just not 24/7 if you want any other energy use!
  16. Neither do most of those participating!
  17. I suspect the opposite would be true - the signal-to-noise ratio would tilt strongly towards noise if all the sensible factual information were to be stored in a wiki.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Just remember it's brackish water, so your anodes are going to be fizzing away all the time you're in there. If you don't have a fixed battery charger I'm going to guess you don't have either a Galvanic Isolator or an Isolating Transformer either. I'm a regular visitor to Salthouse Dock, but I don't remain connected to the shoreline 24/7 while I'm in there. I'll connect to run the washing machine or the immersion heater then unplug again.
  20. If it's not working correctly, contact Sterling. They are excellent at diagnosing and repairing/replacing stuff. If it's overheating because it's in a cupboard, open the door when running your engine!
  21. That was discussed a couple of days ago ...
  22. It's obviously a self-pumpout where the pipe from the boat misses the elsan point entirely and goes everywhere...
  23. I think you and I should hold out for a "Wit" badge. To save work for team mod, we could share one badge between us ... @rusty69 and @TheBiscuits The 50% witty. I don't think it would be a very Rare badge though!
  24. Ooh. Are you going to do a "tasteful" swimsuit photo for your avatar? Also as the list is upside down, does that mean I am under the influencer? You can't really compare those - have an orange instead! 🍊
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