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  1. Yeah, I was thinking weeks or months rather than minutes! The frames themselves look good once stained and varnished, it just the delays and shabby packing which lets them down :-(
  2. Just a quick update incase someone finds this in the future. They did eventually all turn up after 2 months of waiting and chasing, better packaged, although 2 more chipped corners on the main windows, but TBH I couldn't be bothered with the frustration of trying to get them changed (and potentially waiting another 2 months!) so I'll just have to try to patch them myself. The frames actually look really nice, but I'd suggest booking them well before you need them and probably picking them up in person if you buy some.
  3. steve_gts


  4. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience with ordering the grp window and porthole liners from Procast in Nottinghamshire? (specifically the liners, not their general chandlery, and not Wesley Marine Windows, who I know also make them) I ordered a full set for my boat (5 window liners and 4 porthole liners) at a cost of well over £600 which, as you'd expect I had to pay on order. I was told they would be approximately 2 weeks, as they make them to order. After 3 weeks I started chasing and was given an excuse why they were late, I accepted it, but they still didn't
  5. Ah yeah, good point about the condensation, his is an old boat, so probably not as well insulated as mine and I guess years of that dripping down could have caused it. He was pretty worried that it might have been a leak in the hull somewhere (as you can imagine).
  6. Hi All, Was chatting to someone at the weekend who recently found that he'd had a tiny leak in the boat (still not sure if was from the water system or from outside). But when he took the floor up to do something else, found a thick layer of rust all over the base plate, it was about half inch of rusty bits, so pretty serious corrosion, albeit on a very old boat. But it must have been slowly leaking and causing the corrosion for years unnoticed. Anyway, it got me thinking about having an early warning system, so after asiking Google, I found these: http://www.envirotechalarms.com/wa
  7. I bought it second hand, so theres no warranty.
  8. Yes a tank of water (or I assume the top half as it's plumbed into the top coil) was taking less than an hour, sometimes I'd hear it go into the lower power mode, but took that as time to turn it off anyway, so it may have cycled, but not for long. The wood burners running 24/7, so we only ever run it for about an hour, even when powering all the rads, it's usually just used on the timer when the OH get's up for early shifts, it's rarely on other than that and for water (in winter all rads are always open too). My only worry with changing the burner is that something else could be on the w
  9. Thanks NMEA, I can't remember exactly what type and total Kw the rads are, but they are the better doubles and it's over what the marine guide or you recommended I install (think it was 10% over on rads, not counting pipework or calorifier and I was slightly over that). That being said, it's been running all summer for hot water with just 2 rads left on (a small one and another about 1800-2kw at the far end of the spine). So essentially if I do the connections and fuses, then test the voltage reaching the heater and it still won't start I probably need a burner kit then, is that a DIY
  10. I thought all was well but............................. It started up twice yesterday, but today the problems back, it starts up but then at some point after the pumps started ticking (sometimes soon after, other times its sped up and sounds like it's started running for a minute) it shuts down again, although now I get a massive cloud of smoke for a few seconds as soon as it goes into shutdown mode. (I've not been able to pick up the contact cleaner etc yet though, so havent been able to clean all contacts yet) Is this still the connections causing it or something else? I only ask be
  11. OK, thanks will do! You also mentioned "safety check which can be done by the owner annually" I guess that's in the manual? I only really looked at the install guide you sent so far, better dig it out!
  12. I just took the main fuse out and heard a little click when I did, so left it for 10 mins incase it would do a reset or something and it's started up fine, I'm going to leave it running for half an hour. Thanks for all the help! I'll try it again later and see if it starts up again OK. Does all this point to it needing a service though? I'd rather do it now than in the middle of winter :-/
  13. OK, I just disconnected the fuel supply and started it up to burn off any excess fuel (and check it wasn't a fuel issue at the same time), it did the usual startup and cool down. Then I connected it back up, tried restarting and the pump didn't sound at all on first try. second and third try it's working but shutting down again before the pump speeds up. It does sound like it's straining a bit just before the pump stops and goes into shutdown again. I don't think it's low voltage, my batteries are sitting at almost 100% atm, with between 13.5 and 14.2v as some is coming in through the s
  14. I'm hoping this is something I can fix myself, full service is last resort if i can't. Yeah, excess fuel could well be a problem from the way it smells, I'll give that a try and report back.......... No, it's installed to the letter.
  15. Hi All, I've got a Webasto Thermotop C, it's been in for over a year and running with no problems, running rads in winter, and water (with a couple of rads) all summer. But typically just before winter it's decided to start playing up and won't start. It's installed to the letter from the marine install guide I was sent through here. When I turn it on it whirs for a bit, then goes quiet, the fuel pump starts ticking then it starts up and the pump speeds up but then goes into shut down mode, sometimes it shuts down before the pump speeds up. While it's doing this it can put out quite a
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