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  1. It was just over 3 hours - well guessed!
  2. It’s 4, 100AH batteries. I’ll check the charging voltage tomorrow. I do know that when we return to the Marina after a long cruise and hook up the onboard charger (Sterling Pro) it does put quite a bit more in. It’s difficult to track exactly how much as the current keeps varying but probably 20 - 30 AH’s in total.
  3. Good question! I’ll check next time .......
  4. Did my first cruise with Smartgauge today. Started with 66% showing and it climbed nicely for the first 3 hours then slowed and ended up at 94% when I moored. I assumed that was because I have a standard charging system with no trickery? But this evening I’ve been reading some old posts and come across one that says they have a tendency to show 94%. Is this just co-incidence? Just to avoid a three page note on batteries and charging, (!) I’ve always understood that it’s unlikely/impossible to get to 100% whilst cruising with a standard car based alternator set up. So, is this 94% thing a feature? But I’m very pleased with the Smartgauge so far. It seems to work exactly as promised.
  5. That makes sense, thanks Nick. Meanwhile, it seems to be working fine - without my having to understand why!
  6. Have to say, I don’t really understand the principle on which they work. We have been using a voltmeter to monitor SOC and, as anyone who’s tried this knows, the problem is that the volts measured varies with the load on the batteries. So I guess that one function of the Smartgauge is to smooth all of these variations out. But without knowing what load is on the batteries - i.e. the amps being drawn - how does it learn the characteristics of your battery bank and deduce the SOC? One thing I’ve noticed, after having it for all of 30 hours, is that it stays at 100% for quite a long time after charging stops and current draw begins. But I like its simplicity and think it might be very useful on our Share Boat. Incidentally, I spent Saturday night at a marina social event and met a couple who had just embarked upon a Livaboard Life. They seemed a little suprised when I congratulated them on their new life and said that it would now be dominated by batteries and toilets .............
  7. I don’t think the fitting and operation is a “faff”, it’s just that it looks as if there were some faulty units around. Mine reads exactly the same as a good quality meter I have and reads 12.8 on a fully charged bank, which suggests that all is well.
  8. Our boat is a share boat and our owners fall into two camps: 1. Owners who are intensely interested in batteries and spend a lot of time looking at numbers and voltages. 2. Owners who would rather look at the view, don’t want to think about batteries on their holidays and just want to know when the engine needs running or they need to turn some lights off. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Smartgauge is a great aid for the second group. It’s the first group (which includes me) who ask all the complicated questions and who would actually probably be better served by an Amp Hour counter. That’s more or less the conclusion I came to, but I wondered if anyone had evidence other than reading the manual?
  9. Just picking up on this topic having fitted a Smartgauge this morning, Obtained from Cactus, it works fine but wouldn’t enter the set up menu until I’d done a Factory Reset. It made me wonder whether it was a returned unit? It seemed to have been supplied with the Menu Lock active. The only issue is that the letter T doesn’t display correctly. Anyone else noticed this? Here’s my query: The manual makes a lot of the learning process during the first few cycles. Is this learning retained if the power is cut? I notice that the SOC is lost after a power cut.
  10. Assuming his electric bike was legal, the motor assistance cut out at 15.5mph, otherwise it was an electric moped needing registration, tax, insurance etc
  11. We run our engine for around 5 hours on most days - but we are moving. Even CC’s are meant to move sometimes ...........
  12. But you can charge your battery from the mains then use 12volt from there? Doesn’t help with the hot water I know, but solutions are available. We all need to realise that there is a concerted effort to clean up diesel emissions and the time is soon coming when running engines in towns will not be allowed.
  13. So are we, but it goes to an onboard battery charger .....
  14. The only time I knocked on a boat to ask them to stop was at Llangollen at about 7am. Being as every berth has mains power I didn’t see why it was necessary .......
  15. Horsepower is a complex subject. I’ve read that a horse can produce 14.9 horsepower, at peak.............
  16. Yes, that’s what I thought. That was the point at which the syndicate was just setting down after the Ownerships collapse and from then on we have changed oil at regular intervals.
  17. We estimate about 11,000 hours or so. (There was a period when the hours counter was not working properly.)
  18. We’ve been through that one! We had a new camshaft etc about 5,000 hours ago.
  19. Hopefully someone from the Forum will be by there and able to see it better? It’s on a private mooring so it must be possible to find out - it’s quite a small place.
  20. Our share boat (ex ownerships Sunseeker) has a BMC 1.8. We’ve recently (about 3000 hours ago) had a new head and had the injectors and pump serviced about 1500 hours ago. She is currently running well and we do about 800 hours a year. We have a full engine service over the Winter and a couple of oil and filter changes in between (200 - 300 hours) Is there anything we should be doing proactively, or do we just wait until problems occur and/or it starts smoking more? Difficult to judge of course. I’m particularly wondering about the injectors. We did leave them too long last time and I wonder if there is a recommended interval between servicing of these and the pump? Any other thoughts would be welcome ..........
  21. There used to be an old guy selling fruit, veg, eggs etc at Quoisley (or was it Povey) lock on the Llangollen. Anyone know what’s happened to him - we haven’t seen him recently?
  22. Tell us about the Teapot Code please ........
  23. To be fair, we are not being singled out. lots of videos like this .......
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