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  1. Here you Go @gazzaman2k i'd be interested to hear how you get on?
  2. nope im still here......and my mass combi is still sitting under my workshop bench!! @Gazzaman2k I will take a photo for you and post tomorrow. Thanks for the info on the resistor ?
  3. Thanks Everyone for all the info and advice, I'm leaning toward that its likely not to be Zinga and think I will contact some paint/coatings manufacturers as suggested, will come back and update the post when I have some further answers.
  4. Thanks JP for your reply, yes I realise Zinga is not actually 2pac but a coating system. The original owner seemed to spare no expense in his spec requests and the fact that the epoxy is very light grey and the paint is flaking off it so easily is leading our boat yard to suspect its Zinga and considering the original owner's detailed high spec requests at the time of order it adds to the suspicion that Zinga may have been used. The paperwork from LB stated standard blacking on one instance which was crossed out and written EPOXY in pen and on another instance showed 2 pac epoxy so its a bit vague.
  5. Hi David, Thanks for your reply but think you have misread, its not standard blacking, its 2 pac epoxy and it appears someone has in the past applied standard blacking over the epoxy most of which just flakes off when going through locks etc so I would imagine a good power wash with remove most if not all and leave us with the epoxy. we then want to either treat any areas that need treating or re coat the top coat, our engineer needs to ID the epoxy so he can decide the best way to proceed as shotblasting is the last resort. He suspects its Zinga. Thanks Steve,
  6. Hi All, I’m hoping someone can help me with trying to identify the type of Epoxy used at manufacture of our boat, a 2007 60' Semi trad Liverpool Boats Narrow Boat built around August 2007. I realise that Liverpool Boats is no longer trading but I have tried contacting Collingwood Boats but not had a reply, I have also tried to contact the previous owner who ordered the boat new but no joy their either. Maybe someone on here worked for LB around that time and may be able to help? We are trying to clarify what type of Epoxy 2 pac was used on our boat as she needs blacking/recoat and the boatyard engineer suspects it may be Zinga and if so he needs that to be confirmed before proceeding. I suspect the original Epoxy is still on the boat as the original owner did not use the boat much from new through illness, ( when we bought the her in 2016 the hour meter only showed 480 hours ) The boat appears to have been blacked over the original epoxy and this blacking hadn’t stuck very well which is giving reason for the suspicion that Zinga may have been used in the original order, its also quite light grey in colour. I have also got a copy of a receipt in 2010 from Calcutt for blacking which appears to be standard blacking at a cost of only £495. We have extensive paperwork relating to the original order and have the original handbook but although the order spec shows the boat was epoxied from new detail of the type used isn’t present. Any help or information from anyone would be very much appreciated, I can provide further info (LB hull number etc) if required. Many Thanks Mark
  7. Ok i'm thinking as nicknorman says there may be a slight chance that with more modern protection the failure may have been restrained and I may take a punt at a repair attempt, checking the FETs and replacing, replacing the small electrolytics and any other failed components I can identify before having to part with a serious amount of cash. if by any chance anyone has access to a Mass Combi 2000/12 that they can take a photo of that burnt resistor so I can see the value it will help :-)
  8. Thanks SeaDog. Yes please see if you can find the details of the firm that takes on the repairs. And let me know when you decide what you are doing with your old one i may be interested if you wanted to sell. Thanks nicknorman and WotEver. Yes i will check all the components around the FET and failing electolytics somwhere was my 1st thought that may have caused the initial symtoms of the psu not starting that I assumed was marina power issues. But alas unless im lucky here experience tells me im likley going to find its an snowball effect failure with many components effected and unless you have direct experience working on these units you are likley to get into repeat loops of replacing components before any hope of getting to the end of the repair......or maybe im just being pessimistic. Anyway its comming back with me today and think i'll have a go at repairing it before getting another firm or Mastervolt involved. I have got a cheap chinese 3kw inverter that has a 10a charger that ive neveŕ used ( bought for a cruiser i had) i may throw on for now.
  9. A bit of an update... I had 10 mins to kill today so took apart the combi for a quick visual look for anything obvious. Only thing I could see was a burnt resistor that appears to maybe be part of biasing for a FET I stress this was only a visual look, I didnt have so much as a multi meter with me to go further. I have attached images with the offending resistor circled in Red! Im thinking that this looks increasingly bad :-(
  10. Thanks Sea Dog for the info, I think mine is discontinued too, its the 2000/12 (i think the current model is the 2200/12) so the fixed fee repair prob wont be available to me :-( I'm actually an electronics engineer so will prob have a look 1st although you usually find when these types of heavy current equipment let go they usually do in a big way and unless you are familliar with the particular fault trates you can end up killing lots of time & replacement components before getting to the route of the problem (I never have been a fan of working on switch mode PSU's......) Thanks Mrsmelly, you may be on to something there, I'm considering options and may have to look at the Sterling route....
  11. Cheers Nicknorman i will message Keith and see if he can help
  12. Thanks nicknorman, i'm going to remove it today and take a closer look
  13. Hi, apologies for bumping this old thread but just found it searching for Mastervolt instead of Mass Combi--DOH. this appears to be the same problem as mine - Do Kendo or DaveGood have any info on what the fault was?
  14. Looking for some advice on problem with our Mastervolt Mass Combi 2000/12-100. Returned to the boat Friday eve after 7 weeks to find batteries completley dead, the shore power was disconnected while away. So plugged in shore power and left to charge the batteries without issues. On sunday eve after returning from restaurant the mass combi was not outputting and all the LEDs where on on both the main unit and remote panel. No amount of restarts, ditching power to both batteries and mains and restarting made any diffetence. Sequence is: Switch to on Fan starts Individual load and charge leds sequence Mains power outputs breifly then combi shows all leds steady illuminated and unit stops outputting and fan stops but LEDs remain illuminated. I have checked boat 240v wireing and combi 12v supply all are fine. Also checked the combi thermal trip and external fuses. I have confirmed there is 240v at AC in and 12v at the combi's battery terminals. Any advice very much appreciated
  15. Hi Guys, no the sterling alt controller had to be removed because of water damage, hense the reason I'm keen to have the combi manage the battery charging, so to recap although the alternator may force the combi charger to shut down it should only happen in absorption mode and will not damage the combi which is my biggest concern? cheers
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