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  1. Obviously bad quality it is lucky nobody was going under it when it fell. This could could have severely damaged someone's Buckby can.
  2. This is an interesting assertion. Why would it make a difference how the head was positioned? I also have bronze and also a chromed cast iron the same as the first one below and yes they are very nice to use but I'm struggling slightly to work out why a similar thing with the head in line with the shaft would actually be less efficient in use. It is an interesting theory you have. I'd love an explanation as to why it would be the case. This form of windlass clearly follows the forged wrought iron type which was made that way due to the material being used. I think you could cast one with an eye in line, it would look naff and be heavier but I can't see why it would be less efficient in use.
  3. There is of course a risk that if living on a boat suddenly becomes reasonably expensive a lot of people might realise that they don't actually want to live on a boat. There is a good chance if the CRT were allowed to and did convert towpath moorings to residential, including services like electric and water supplies that people would decamp and the moorings would be empty. The cost of installing services must be fairly high so it would be necessary to charge good money for the moorings and of course there is the thorny issue of council tax. Do we think people actually want to live on boats or is it perhaps popular because it is so much less expensive than living on land? Business strategy seems to say no to residential moorings except in very popular high rent areas. You spend money but don't get it back. I suspect this may have been thought about by some bean counters.
  4. I dislike those as I see potential for damage to the paddle spindles over time.
  5. On ebay it says " Est. delivery Wed, 29 Mar - Sat, 1 AprEstimated delivery Wed, 29 Mar - Sat, 1 Apr Or free collection in person from Bourton, Dorset" I badly bent a Walsh alloy windlass many yars ago (2001) on the K&A and knowing how aluminium can behave it went for a swim. Thatcham.
  6. I find the Dunton doubles to light. Do have two of them but not my favourite type. Very popular though to be fair.
  7. There is that yes but "...can’t do that due to planning laws." made it sound like there was a law against it. What would be to stop the CRT converting existing towpath moorings, provided they can supply services, to residential use? There are some residential towpath side moorings already. Has something changed since these were given the pp to be allowed for residential use? It seems to me that converting lots of towpath moorings to residential and upping the prices could be quite a nice earner.
  8. What laws are there which prevent the CRT from constructing new residential mooring schemes? It is interesting as they have constructed some quite recently. Are these illegal?
  9. Ron Hough they are not. Too shiny !
  10. I'd be wanting them full of finest Highland Malt. They look shockingly naff with the brass handles. Very infra dig!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Battery shoes seems an interesting option.
  13. The broom handle stood on the ground with foot beside it looks after the wrist. As long as it doesn't break.
  14. The one in the OP. It was the picture if yours that reminded me of how important it is to see beneath. The OP stool does not appear to have the vertical boards at the sides like yours. Maybe they are there but the angle of the photo does not make it all that obvious.
  15. I suppose if it is ready to burn it must be okay. Interesting to see how this goes as "smoke free" zones get widened to include people who never expected to be criminalised for burning wood in their open fires.
  16. My favourite windlass is an old hand forged single socket type which tucks in the front of my belt. The best way to avoid losing them is to shift the brain to understand that it is an important item not to be dropped. Same goes for keys. Always be 100% aware of it and just don't drop them. That way you never drop them. It isn't that complicated. You just have to be aware of what you are doing and concentrate more. Keys in hand = do not drop keys. Keys in pocket = do not have hole in pocket.
  17. if the tank filler is vertical one can use a length of rigid pipe like 15mm speedfit or whatever. Suck on one end for a short time then block with thumb. lift out and deposit contents in jam jar. It can be useful to smell the diesel as well as eyeball it. Sometimes if it is rough or moisture laden it is remarkably foul smelling.
  18. It seems okay but one would need to view the underside construction to ensure that it is a nice firm stool.
  19. strap a broom handle to a good powerful cordless drill stand it on the ground put foot beside it fit a socket the right size to grip the paddle spindle then give it a go. Might work? If it doesn't work and you accidentally break your legs don't come running to me to complain.
  20. Homefire Ovals contents (from DEFRA website) comprise anthracite fines (as to approximately 50 to 75% of the total weight), petroleum coke (as to approximately 20 to 45% of the total weight), bituminous coal (as to approximately 5 to 17% of the total weight) and an organic binder (as to the remaining weight) So, taking the smaller figures of 50, 20 and 5 we end up with 25% of the weight of the product being an "organic binder". Most organic materials include moisture. Some of them use molasses. This could be where the moisture is coming from. I don't understand how the figures for contents can be so widely variable for a branded product. Perhaps I am misreading it. Being a bit of a cynic I think they will use the minimum legal amounts of burny burny for the products so what exactly is the binder? If one is buying a product it is slightly odd for 25% of it to be an unknown content. Surely buyers have the right to know exactly what is going in their fires. wood is better because it is a natural product not manufactured with unknown ingredients. For example if the binder was of animal origin would they not be obliged to tell vegans about this ?
  21. I feel this could damage the paint here.
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