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  1. "This Boat was built by Harland and Wolf in 1937 in 10/6/4 plating with genuine rivets." Hmm. Funny they would have been using metric. JP2M is rather pleasant. Nice boat !
  2. Its funny there isn't a suitable term for people who are not 'green'. Less green seems a bit clumsy. Maybe non environmentally friendly people could be called 'brown people'. Oh hang on ! Carbon Crusader.
  3. i think they were sponsored by canal societies but BW made them. Just my theory.
  4. Over-productivity is destroying the environment we all rely on. Ecosystems are collapsing. If most people were to sit around not doing much and using minimal amounts of energy spending minimal amounts of money there is a theoretical chance of things recovering. A basic universal income would help to achieve this end. Work and productivity might have been a Good Thing in the past but what is needed now is a major reversal in economic growth. Sit around ! You will never get rid of capitalism but feeding it with your own time means you are part of the machine which is slowly but surely killing everyone. Long live layabouts they are the true saviours. More beer !
  5. BW definitely did cast a load of new mile markers at some point. They obviously had a foundry or access to one.
  6. Maybe they should be called Air Friars. That way people would not be deceived into thinking there was frying happening.
  7. This one is the same shape but appears to have no marks on the tapered part at the top. Also the manner of fixing to the bridge would be interesting. This one has a square headed fastener.
  8. They look the same The one pictured above has a very distinct pattern right at the top end. That would be an interesting area to compare. Easier than trying to compare the whole thing as the brain would tend to get overloaded.
  9. Yes good point but it could be best to cover the worst outcome. If the fire is left unattended then unexpected events could occur. For example if the sealing rope on one of the doors (another weakness) is in poor condition then accidental overfiring might happen even to someone who is careful. there is an argument for not having the fire in at night but it can be chilly in the morning ! DAMHIKT about zero degrees in here this morning.
  10. I'm not sure what they have done with the old lift. I think it was still in the yard possibly used for transporting lighter boats to the sheds. I think they have both but not sure.
  11. 25mm air gap is tiny ! If I was doing an initial stove install on a steel boat which needed to be in a corner and had access to someone who can weld the ideal solution would be to build a hearth including the base and surround from 5mm steel. Weld or bolt it to the stringers then bolt the fire to the hearth. That would also provide some underfloor heating effect. Flooring goes around it. A bit of a job but would be nice then just paint the steel with heatproof paint. For the deck collar you want a welded-in collar of thick wall tube or a box made up and the hole diameter should be larger than the flue pipe. Then you drop the flue in and get a steel ring cut to size with the inside the size of the flue. This is then welded to the collar and holds the flue pipe central with an air gap. Silicone sealing collar above this. More difficult to have a removable external terminal so it depends how the boat is used. For a boat which is moored for winter it is pointless having a removable terminal anyway. They are a weakness. One of my boats has a box type collar and the terminal which is stainless is flanged and has a cone inside so when you fit it onto the collar there are 4 bolts to hold it in place. Removable but it is a solid stainless steel terminal. The other boat has a two piece swaged stainless flue so the external part is part of the main flue. That boat is moored up all winter.
  12. Anyone helming a Henley umpire launch is an icon. More up to date photo of the lifting area
  13. Some good pictures in the report. Worth getting the stove installation right I guess.
  14. Tom Jones Boatyard immediately below Romney lock. The lease for the site was recently taken over by the rather iconic Steve Bil, wife and son Charlie. Nice little yard that one. It is where my boats will be coming out when I get a round tuit. They have a 30 tonne travel hoist but a beam limit of about 11ft.
  15. Looks good. £295 for 1/2 tonne of Columbian coal. They claim free delivery but not gone through an order so don't know. Thats not a bad price 60p a kilo. Min. order 25 x 20kg.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. With the Brazier the implication is that it could be 60% anthracite, 10% petcoke, 0% bituminous coal and the rest is the binder. Maybe thats not what it means but could explain why it is sometimes so bad... Ask Rishi. Knowing this .gov in charge at the moment nothing can be trusted. "....are also certified for use by publication of this list in accordance with the requirements of The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020."
  18. Brazier is very flexible if you look at the percentages name Brazier briquettes Manufacturer Coal Products Limited at Immingham Briquetting Works, Immingham, North East Lincolnshire (a) comprise anthracite fines (as to approximately 60 to 80% of the total weight), petroleum coke (as to approximately 10 to 30% of the total weight), bituminous coal (as to approximately 0 to 17% of the total weight) and molasses/acid or an organic binder (as the remaining weight); That is the defra site. https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php?country=england
  19. Fuel name Newburn Briquettes Manufacturer M&G Solid Fuels LLP, Wilton International, Wilton, Middlesbrough, TS90 8WS (a) Comprise petroleum coke (as to approximately 56 to 57 per cent of the total weight), anthracite (as to approximately 37 to 38 per cent of the total weight), and a dry powder binder (as to the remaining weight) Seems to have much less flexible ingredients than some others.
  20. It seems that pyrolisis is the problem rather than actual burning, until it is too late. "PYROLYSIS IN A NUTSHELL Pyrolysis is derived from the Greek words pyro (fire) and lysis (separating). It is a process where the chemical composition in organic material changes when exposed to prolonged heat. When this happens it lowers the flash point required for wood to burn. Wood stoves located too close to combustible materials can cause a phenomenon called pyrolysis. Over time, the heat from the stove causes a chemical change in the wood, lowering the temperature required to make it burn. For instance, a normal piece of 2"x4" will spontaneous ignite above 660F/350C. If the wood stove or flue pipe is too close to the wood it will draw the moisture out from the 2"x4". When this happens repeatedly, the piece of wood can spontaneously ignite as low as 390-570F/200-300C. Generally this happens in 3-5 years. The wood stove can be used for years without a problem, then suddenly there is a fire. NOTE: The process of pyrolysis has been known for centuries and is still used today to produce charcoal." I've got minimum 8 inches on the flue and the fire itself is about 15 inches from flammable objects. hopefully that is enough air gap as it is a very hot fire.
  21. Did Robin do it as well? I heard he was into anagrams and was in fact a Russian where he was addressed as 'O H Borodin'.
  22. Definitely a feature I would request on a custom boat. Its the obvious solution. More room for bigger water tank as well. Win win.
  23. Great fun when there is a spring tide and the Thames Barrier isn't closed.
  24. Yes it is quite an amusing spot there. Because the lower end of the slipway is outside of the parking controls in central Richmond you can park the car there for free and not get a ticket. The problem is that then the tide comes in. From time to time people come back to flooded cars which is probably more expensive than a parking meter would have been. Boats are definitely better !
  25. I once bought a hose from a DIY store which ended up depositing some terrible chemical into my water tank which took ages to get rid of. It was some sort of disinfectant. I suppose if I had rtfm and flushed the hose properly before use it would have been helpful. Curiously it was at the time of the foot and mouth closures and we were stuck on the towpath below Boxmoor lock opposite the Kodak building. Whatever was in that hose was strong stuff. Maybe they thought the cows had got into it or something.
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