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  1. If there is a travelpower unit then it seems possible to run a 48v LFP charger from it. Maybe not very efficient. Other option is use less energy on the Boat.
  2. Outboard motors above 6HP have remote portable fuel tanks. Someone can probably find an exception but this is a pretty good rule.
  3. Some of the rack mounted 48v LFP batteries look nice.
  4. Thats great. I went on the late great Nigel Moore's narrow Boat a few yars ago and he had an amazing wash basin made from wood but it was a shaped basin. He also had a wooden bath which was quite impressive. Must admit that I did not think of using wood.
  5. Wrap the string around then pull it downwards? flexible masking tape is interesting stuff. That plastic cable wrap stuff could be a fun toy. I used it to make the aluminium pipe conveying the solar panel wires look better. If you get the right size it will cling onto a round bar or tube nicely and you can pull one end it will stretch quite symmetrically.
  6. That is an interesting point. There may be a standard maintenance regime to take care of ageing generally. It is a bit unlikely, if you bought it after it was decommissioned, that there will be hours on the engine. Interesting engine to play with. Full service always a wise move anyway.
  7. I can't tolerate hand sanitiser due to sensitivity.
  8. Asides are always good. That would be ironic as GRP is a problem material. Just look how many end of life GRP Boats end up cluttering waterways. It is hard to dispose of. Taking the Thames as an example there are plenty of waste GRP Boats on weirs and in random other places. Its a real problem. Aluminium would I think be better. If one had a water ballast one would be able to alter the air draft and getting on and off height according to circumstances. Not sure how good this would be with narrow Boats though.
  9. I am quite intrigued about this. I think the Honda 10 has a 12 amp charging coil. I have not done any experiments with the 10 on the shopping launch but it may be that this charge comes out even at tickover. The engine itself is remarkably quiet and frugal running at tickover so IF it was feasible to pull 10 amps at say 14v it could be quite an interesting generator. Not sure how they react to long run times at tickover it may be a bad idea but these small Honda twin outboards do seem to be remarkably good power units. I would like to experiment with one as a standalone generator perhaps with a permanent magnet alternator on the top. Quiet, clean and water cooled.
  10. LTO batteries are interesting I am also intrigued about the suggestion of using resistors and heatsinks to alter the voltage and current out of the alternator. It seems that if done nice and tidy this could be a better solution than the iece of wire . Putting the resistor in a water heating system seems interesting even if it is not going to be much power .
  11. https://www.sleeman-hawken.com/sabb-l4-lister-petter/ sabb I A similar topic came on here quite recently.
  12. Is this the Mitsubishi Lister ? No its a Sabb Lister The engine Plate is glued on not riveted.
  13. No. Can't stand gloves and I'm not wearing no mask either.
  14. Old Z drives are a bit of a nightmare. The gearchange dog clutches go and they sometimes whine terribly. I would much rather an outboard also with an outboard you get a bit more space in the actual Boat. It is feasible to find a Boat with a nackered inboard and Z drive then get the transom rebuilt and put an outboard on it. Modern 4 stroke outboards are lovely and quiet and also economical but of course petrol is generally more expensive than red diesel and harder to get canalside. It depends on the intended running hours.
  15. I was shocked as well. Its just that the River is now on fact an open sewer so it seems wise to up the hygiene a little.
  16. I've been considering putting a small sink in the shopping launch due to occasionally having dirty hands. The general idea seems to be to get a ss dog bowl or similar for this as it is going to need to be smaller than standard products and cut a hole in it for the drain but I am wondering what tool to use for the cutting.. 1mm is stainless. A bit awkward.
  17. The red key on the top might make People think it does something. Crumbs ! What have I done.
  18. What is the object of a battery isolator switch? is it just for fun or a piece of safety equipment? What happens if there is a large unexpectedly large loaf on the battery and the switch gets welded closed by high currents? This could be a bit nasty and call for disconnection.
  19. I remember the heady days of the C of C when it was all rather voluntary.
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