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  1. Something we agree about. Privatisation is basically legalised theft. Maybe people like the profits generated but that is at the expense of a gradual degradation of society and everyone must live in society.
  2. Is it really that bad? Are we seeing the decline of a once Great Britain? Being unable to manage something as basic as a municipal water supply system without resorting to dumping thousands of tons of shit into natural gravity driven watercourses is another clue. This sort of thing should have been dealt with decades ago.
  3. I wonder about that as well hence the bit in brackets. Maybe the useability of the canals is secondary to making life better by water. I think your second paragraph is probably the answer here. Boats come out of the marina for a break but do not go through locks. This is a Clever strategy in a number of different ways but not a model which promotes maintenance of moveable structures like locks and some bridges.
  4. Priorities change over time. One wonders how people who can't tie a Boat to a normal mooring bollard or post would be able to deal with the rather arduous task of going up or down a lock.
  5. The registered disability thing is interesting. Not all disabilities are visible and although I am physically able and capable of tying up a Boat to anything which is handy I do have a registered disability under the equality act. I am also eligible for a blue badge but as I have given up driving cars there is no need for it. I would not dream of using a mooring provided for disabled people but some might. This all seems to be heading down the conflict road. Even micro-conflicts between users can have significant effects on wellbeing. The CRT is currently focused on wellbeing. This is a very hard nut to crack and one could question whether a body whose primary function is to be a navigation authority (or is it? ) should be engaging in this. Yes some people have major physical issues which limit their behaviour. It is not ideal but that is life. If the function of the CRT moves too far away from management and maintenance of the canals and rivers under their jurisdiction I can see Bad Things happening.
  6. Its good someone knew what a mooring bollard looks like Is it not a 48hr sign which has been removed by someone thinking the law dictates 14 days is allowed everywhere?
  7. Minority groups. Is 'head of placemaking and design' really a job title. Is it a typo and was meant to say 'lace making'. ok https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placemaking
  8. Maybe there is something where the CRT behave in a certain way in order to get funding
  9. what the hell is 'placemaking' ?? Is this a KPI story ?
  10. Someone will sling a line over the top with Boat still moving and the bollard will pull out. The thing has to be designed to handle abuse. It is mooring hardware not a toy . I wonder if these will be used where there are differently disabled widebeam owners. This could cause some issues given the weight of them.
  11. Must have been a heck of a thump if another Boat hit it.
  12. It could be a slippery slope. Will they ever get the yellow bits It is very relevant in fact rather more relevant than most of the other posts who is paying for these
  13. You know what they say about assumption. One could argue that irritating people from all walks of life should be 'seen and not heard' It is a curious coincidence that something which is intended to be yellow and blue in the final version was resented as white and blue which just happen to be the CRT corporate colours. It didn't come out two colours someone added the colours. Are we going to see blue and white balance beams?
  14. Multifuel stove. A lot of people keep them going 24/7 for several months.
  15. Out of interest why did you remove the belt?
  16. Yes it is interesting how agitated people get about the blue badge thing. There are a number of different jokes available, I wonder if disabled people tend to have more time on their hands.
  17. OK. I did mean with the belt on. Worth checking with belt on rather than assuming it won't turn.
  18. I think licence evasion is about to get popular. Just a hunch.
  19. Licence evasion is going to be a lot of fun for the CRT to deal with. Do they have the capacity to handle it or do they need some gunfighters for this job? I think a lot of people know the CRT is in the mire.
  20. Indeed. I'm a little surprised the Lifebattery gentleman has suggested the LFP/LA hybrid setup with BMS to cut off the LFP is All Good. I wonder if he has done his homework. Also slightly bizarre on one of the web pages it refers to LIFOS. Obviously one can work out what chemistry this refers to but LIFOS is an existing brand of consumer batteries. https://www.lifos.co.uk
  21. Have you tried turning the alternator fan by hand (engine not running obviously) as @blackrose suggested earlier that the belt may be slipping? If it will turn easily then the belt may be oily or not tight enough. That might be the problem so worth checking I think. It could happen that the belt is tight enough to run the water pump but not the alternator.
  22. Right. odd that they made it white and blue. Maybe it actually -is- a polystyrene model. I'm still a little intrigued how a dedicated disabled mooring bay works in practice. Who patrols and enforces this ?
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