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big hull trev

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  1. ill pop down if you want, all id ask ov you is some diesel,i could pop for two weeks and bring my tools,let me know,i dont mind,thanks trev
  2. thanks anna, for your possertive views. money,as ive being a handyman (on and off) for about 25 years now,i have my our men so to say,plumbers,gas safe men,sparkys,roofers,window fitters,illtract my work out and also rent me house out (4 bed). what im after doing is (renting)living on a boat for(cc orget a mooring) a week,a month,a year than decide thats what i want. thanks trev ps this computer is doing me in im trying to type above and its just deleting what ive wrote and wont let me put thing in(other words),ill get there in the end,lol
  3. thanks for your time, ive made some enquires about hireing one, with alex @ escape the rat race,see what happends. ive also made some at some salvage yards,boat brockers and hoping to save a nice one,without putting to much £££ into it,just loads of time. i grow up mending cars,so engines,the older the better,i woun't have a clue with the new ones though. theres is a canal nr me thats not used, and i got in touch with someone about doing some volunteer work,thay said it not there distric and would put me number to someone else,still waiting,ill chace that up. is a forum like chat rooms,it was a little book when i was younger,lol im new to all this typing and computer really thanks trev
  4. thanks for the sound advice,but i dont think ill end up hireing one as it will be very hard to give it back,lol. £800 a week is that cheap ? plz,thats with a fulltank. i forgot to mention that i used to go from hull up to nr wakefield and unload petrol and diesel off a RIX barge,left it there and come home,went back next day to bring the barge home,full of somthing else,i was called the ship's cat,(the cup of tea man) we even found a body(poor sole).but even on the barge everything was digatal,joystick rudder,hydrolic wheelhouse,the lot.going under bridges was sceary,as it had to be put on full revs,so the back end wentdown deeper,to leave a 2 inch headroom for the wheelhouse,and it ran aground, but i want on it than,it cost £36,000(a nice narrowboat lol) to pull it off,i forgot how good it was really,but ive never sleeped on one,that was about 10 years ago. so i dont know if that counts,but i drove and staired it. soz about the spelling,but me spell thing don't work. do thay have hitch-hikers on canals ? or is that funny,lol
  5. im intrested,let me know,thanks trev
  6. cheers paul for your time,i dont really want to hire a boat as thats too easy,just ring them up and tell them to pick it up when its grounded or what ever. what id like to do is all the things that count like,sorting a prop out when weed, rope and wired up,sort engine out,all the things you carn't and not allowed to do on a hireboat and i dont want to be bouncing of boats and taking moorings out the first time out. i want to learn over months,im a joiner/handyman,but can put my hands to anything really,im 47 fit and able. id even blacked the boat or do any repairs to make it water tight and sea going,london and the olimpics sounds nice (watching the free events). thanks trev
  7. thanks for the imfo, area(s)anywere from devon to scotland,i have no real experience,only cannoing pass them or pulling my line in when one go's passed whilsed fishing,lol and the longer the better (cruises),a month to a year. hope this helps,trev
  8. hello anyone need a shipmate ?,let me know and ill be there,anywere. im after buying a canalboat soon,but would like to try it out first,ill pay my way. thanks let me know.
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