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  1. Thanks to all replies. Seems it's a good bit of kit but....After leaving it on all night it's still showing the same lights. After exploring the 'mode' button it seems to cycle round. 1, standby no battery symbol. 2, 14.4v it seems to check state and flips to 3/4 battery symbol. 3, 14.7v again checks status and settles on 3/4 battery symbol. 4, 13.6v(supply) and the battery full symbol. 5, 16v(boost) and the batter full/boost light. On the instruction download I can't seem to find anything about the 'mode' button and what ' mode' to leave it on. Any advice would soon be welcome. Thanks
  2. My month old adventures into the world of narrowboats and continuous cruising has been temporarily put on hold as I have had to enter in to a marina for a couple of months. (Health issue) Now I have shore power available and not just my engine, my query is regarding this CTEC multi X's 7000 gizmo. Boat electrics, and my knowledge are basic, no dials, meters etc. Only 2 x 240v sockets. Will this CTEC 7000 plugged in to it's seperate socket keep the leisure and starter batteries topped up? Can you leave it plugged in all the time, as it indicates on some websites I've been looking at? I've just switched it on and is now showing 2 amber lights one is, 14.4 volts and the other, battery 3/4 full. I am assuming it is 'hard wired' into the batteries somehow as I hadn't been able to trace the wires yet. The previous owner had the boat in a marina 24/7. Any advice from you knowledgeable guys and gals would put my mind to rest. Thanks
  3. Well guys and gals of the forum. Pleased to say that after being on my knees for an hour, fiddling, brogeling and cleaning, we have a result. Ice is being made as we speak. I just pulled the fridge out of its "socket" as some kind soul had thought of long enough leads/pipes. Took the burner unit off, disposed of an egg cup,'s with of rusty powder, took the jet out, cleaned and pricked that and reassembled...As someone said it ain't getting hot enough to get cold !!!? Years worth of crud gone now. Sorry if I hijacked the original posters "not lighting thread" but think the problem has the same solution. Thanks to all Aj
  4. Thanks all for your replies. Flame is a nice blue colour and the whirligig is in place , wondered what that was ! Looks like I need to try and get the jet out and cleaned. First find the gas 'off' switch me thinks.
  5. I have a similar problem with an old Electrolux 3 way fridge. The gas burner lights ok and stays lit but the freezing unit never gets cold, even tried running it for 24 hours but nothing. Freezes ok on 12v. Any ideas?
  6. What !!!!! no bidet on a boat...S'pose will have to convert the 'pump out' then.... Only kidding...sorry
  7. I think I'm a bit of a traditionalist in my choice of construction, my head is saying that a canal boat is a steel go practically anywhere type of boat and a GRP is a river/coastal/Norfolk broads/leisure type of boat. However I am open to various ideas and will do some research on-line and see what's what. My idea would be to try and explore as much of the system as possible and having to restrict were I can go because of width or length doesn't sit well, but hey at this stage I'm not discounting anything....Thanks people
  8. Hi John..I hope to avoid disasters but sh*1* t does happen, and I haven't figured that bit out yet... also and luckily I managed to leave the convenience food back UK side when I left, all home cooked peasant/camposino food here. Drinkable cheap wine could be a challenge, good local red wine is only 2 Euros a bottle. The pet insurance I will definitely have to look into. ....Thanks for your thoughts, most valuable.
  9. Well over here in Spain, my 2 dogs costs me 8 Euros a month in food (£6 uk) I bulk buy a good quality 15 kilo bag. Their flea collars costs 50 Euros (£37) a year, £3 a month and worming cost per month works out at £6 a month....so £15 a month would be the total equivalent in Uk costs of what I pay over here. Annual check ups and boosters I deem to be a bit over the top. No doubt (and from past experience) the veterinary fees and products in the UK are more expensive, I'm sure you are aware of that.... but I will still have access to the Spanish products I use over here. Good Coffee, thats one thing I will miss from Spain.... you cant get good coffee in the UK...ask any expat that back in the UK. Toilet paper....dont use it...soap, water and a bidet does fine for me over here Dental care....brush twice a day and if it hurts....hoick it out Pet Insurance....That I will have to consider, for 2 dogs not 3.... Happy days Question does a plast...GRP boat go through all the locks in the system??, i honestly dont know. Frugal is a good word Mr Southern Star... I think I can do frugal...Thanks
  10. Ally....sounds as though you've got my type of life style sussed... and thanks for the costings all seems to be pointing to a 'do-able' project. Essbee...thanks for the heads up on the prescription costs...UK 1 Spain 0...its 65 over here at the moment. magictime...good luck for your future adventure and thanks for thoughts. spannerman.... got there first, its Food for Free by Richard Mabey, I had the book when I was living in Cornwall, all those years ago. I have to content myself here in Spain to scrumping apricots, peaches, broccoli and lettuces and the odd bag of snails to go in the paella..a local dish, sorry to the vegies amongst you. and thanks to everyone else who I haven't replied to... Thanks for your input, certainly is helpful... Do Tescos still do the jumbo bag of donuts ???
  11. Hi Ajna, have replied to your PM but here is an idea of how the house is.
  12. Good one Rob, although I've never been there yet, it sounds horrendous. My place here in Spain has 1 meter thick stone walls so the only things I hear at night are the dogs.....breathing....like minds hey...must be somat to do wif the dog profile pics.....Be good, Tony
  13. Thanks GoodGurl it would be my plan to do exactly what you describe. A think a marina environment is not really my 'thing'
  14. Thanks Doc, your reply is very comforting to know. Earlier I was contemplating leaving this new adventure till I reached state pension age and more income, but the time is right for me now. Cheers
  15. P.S. Don't know if you can help me with the following so that I can do my spreadsheet again. I know prices can vary greatly depending on the area and outlet and type, etc, but what are the average costs now for 1, standard gas refill 2, Smokeless coal 3, diesel (propulsion) Thanks in advance Tony
  16. Hi there both, The £440 pm has to cover all living expenses for me and 2 dogs for 3 years until my State pension kicks in, then I should double my monthly income. That would be for:- food, gas, coal/logs, diesel, water (?), internet/phone, clothes, medical prescriptions and the odd pint in a pub !! I am hoping that the £10k start up buffer will cover all the annual costs of the boat for the 3 years (about £3,300 a year) until my pension kicks in. i.e. licence, insurance, safety cert. (if necessary) and the odd mooring fees. I did do a detailed costing about 3 years ago, when the project first materialised and then it was manageable, but lost all my data and laptop in a thunderstorm !!! (Spanish electrics...Hmmm) Just to add that I am pretty handy with basic mechanical things, electric, water, woodwork etc having renovated my house over here, but diesel engines in depth could be a big learning curve. Am also a lot fitter and healthier than before, there is no other way to go after a heart problem and have had the all clear for well over a year now. Hope that clarifies things a bit, and thanks for your replies.
  17. Thanks for your reply. Was planning on getting as newer boat as possible to hopefully avoid expensive repairs, hence only my £10k buffer, but a suppose its in the hands of the 'pre-verbal' man above !!, Thanks
  18. Well luckily I'm not a creature comforts sort of guy, but am hoping that a damn good multi-fuel stove and well chosen winter mooring sites might get me through the worst. What sort of monies would you set aside for a 50' boat in a marina for a winter period?
  19. Thanks Athy, its the 'unexpected' that worries me. Having to go 3 years without any major problems, is a problem itself....
  20. Hi there people. It has been a while since I posted on here due to some health problems, but am now, once again, fighting fit and contemplating buying a narrowboat. I am currently living in Spain and my house is on the market again, etc etc...My question is, would it be feasible to 'survive' on a monthly income of £ 440 back in the UK?. I know its a sort of 'elastic' sort of question and am sure there are many people with a wide range of incomes who are already 'living the life' and it would be good to get some input from you guys and gals. I can allocate £35k for the boat and it will be bought outright, with survey etc., I will also be planning on having a £10k buffer for the annual stuff, Licence, insurance, safety cert. and possible winter moorings, although I do plan to Continuous Cruise for as long as possible. I am 62 years old and within 3 years will have my UK single person pension to add to the pot, so to speak. I don't drink or smoke and have few expensive excesses in life apart from my 2 dogs, a very simple life in fact. (10 years of living through the Spanish crises has helped prune down the excesses). Your comments will be most welcomed, thanks. P.S House for sale in Inland Spain....anyone ? !!
  21. Thats cos people are giving up signing in...I had 5 attempts to get 'signed in'....Bring back the old server
  22. POSSIBLE VIRUS ? MALWARE Just a bit of a warning guys...I clicked on the above link and luckily my antivirus blocked the ebay site as having a suspicious file this was the response avast! saved your computer from crashing You just dodged a bullet You may be wondering how you ended up with a virus, especially if you were visiting a 'normal' site. The latest research from the avast! Virus Lab shows that more than 80% of malware (viruses, spyware, and the like) spreads through legitimate websites, with only 1% coming from suspicious or 'dodgy' sites. Good thing avast! had your back. Infection Details URL:http://www.mosexpo-batteries.com/images/... Process:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox... Infection:HTML:Iframe-inf Mind how you go... Tony
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