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  1. Hi everyone, ive had my narrowboat for about four months and have been happily living off the leisure batteries. However I now have the opportunity to access shorepower and would like to have access to a few luxuries from time to time (like tv, or the ability to charge my laptop onboard). I have no idea what to do though. My boat has no power sockets whatsoever. As far as I know the only things that run off 12v are the lights and water pumps (shower, oven, fridge etc works off gas). there is no external socket for shorepower. I assume that in order to access shorepower I need quite a bit of work done on the boat. Can anyone explain - slowly - what I need to do? Many thanks for reading.
  2. Thanks guys. yes it lights but the pilot doesn’t stay on, just a quick flame, then out straight away. I keep the button pressed in the whole time. Very frustrating
  3. Hi everyone, im hoping somone might be able to help. ive recently bought a narrowboat and have just changed the gas bottles after running out. the oven and hot water are working fine since changing over the gas but the fridge (a SIBIR) will not turn on. I’ve been trying for a few days now but still no luck. The fridge was working perfectly on gas until the bottle ran out. i have been pressing and holding down the gas knob at the bottom of the fridge (far right in photo) and then pressing the ignition button (left in photo). Occasionsly I get a spark but the pilot does not stay on. I have tried adjusting the middle dial to every setting but doubt this would make any difference bevause that sets the fridge temperature when turned on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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