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  1. Is it possible to use a tube termostat from Volvo trucks or Penta, its a tube style one and big I can measure one tomorrow. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-Penta-Thermostat-82-C-D13C2-A-D13C4-D13C6-21613426-/123109657002 /Christian
  2. Thank´s I didn´t know what to look for, did not know the name. One of those gunmetal would be nice on the Hundested engine. /Christian
  3. This is nice,were did you find these(flow indicators)? /Christian
  4. Hello jose, What is it you need to know? I can see if i can get in contact with them,sweden is close to norway /Christian
  5. Try search for Bergsund Laval. Made in sweden early 1900,located in Stockholm. Most info is in swedish i´m affraid..... /Christian
  6. To confuse a bit more the 1 and 2 cylinder are running the other way ,different starter motor,camshaft compared to tractors /Christian
  7. A very charming but complex Engine. /Christian
  8. Long pipe about 5-6 inches diameter and make it too long to start with and then cut small pieces untill it it sounds good:). I tried on my own old boat with a "normal" length but to loud,made an extension that i fiddled with in length untill i was satisfied. Bigger diameter pipe will make the Hz lower,longer the same. Try to have as low restrictions as possible on a two stroke. also remember that all the oil that follow the exthaustgases will finaly burn so better to have oil on deck or clothes than in a silencer. When you have your first exthaust fire its an experience........... /Chistian Edit:on my little 15hp Seffle i had a 4"pipe 5 feet long and the Skandia 120 is a "bit" bigger in deplacement.
  9. It had worked for 60yrs with electrical glowplugs. I start my Hundested the same way as you do and had no problem. /Christian
  10. Should not be a problem to fit an electric glow plug there,how deep is the hole were you put the "cold starter"? I have an exploded wiew somewere of the hundested glow plug but cant find it,just to give you an idea how it looks and works.
  11. Glow plug for a car would work otherwise check with Hundested a/s,they still have some parts for their old engines. As you said this is not a hard part to make. Coil style of glovplug are often used(penta AD40 is one i think) Here is an email address to a hotbulb guru in DK: perroemer(at)webspeed.dk Here is the email to a guy at hundested: brian(at)hundestedpropeller.dk /Christian
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