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  1. BM 1051

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Thank´s I didn´t know what to look for, did not know the name. One of those gunmetal would be nice on the Hundested engine. /Christian
  2. BM 1051

    Samofa 2-S-108

    This is nice,were did you find these(flow indicators)? /Christian
  3. BM 1051

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Nice one with lovley plumbing
  4. BM 1051


    Hello jose, What is it you need to know? I can see if i can get in contact with them,sweden is close to norway /Christian
  5. BM 1051


    ITS ALIVE... Very nice one
  6. BM 1051


    Try search for Bergsund Laval. Made in sweden early 1900,located in Stockholm. Most info is in swedish i´m affraid..... /Christian
  7. BM 1051

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    lovely engine
  8. BM 1051

    Bolinder 1054 for sale

    To confuse a bit more the 1 and 2 cylinder are running the other way ,different starter motor,camshaft compared to tractors /Christian
  9. BM 1051

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    A very charming but complex Engine. /Christian
  10. BM 1051

    Ebay vintage engine sales

  11. BM 1051

    Quietening a semi-diesel exhaust

    Long pipe about 5-6 inches diameter and make it too long to start with and then cut small pieces untill it it sounds good:). I tried on my own old boat with a "normal" length but to loud,made an extension that i fiddled with in length untill i was satisfied. Bigger diameter pipe will make the Hz lower,longer the same. Try to have as low restrictions as possible on a two stroke. also remember that all the oil that follow the exthaustgases will finaly burn so better to have oil on deck or clothes than in a silencer. When you have your first exthaust fire its an experience........... /Chistian Edit:on my little 15hp Seffle i had a 4"pipe 5 feet long and the Skandia 120 is a "bit" bigger in deplacement.
  12. BM 1051

    Zundfix ignitors...

    It had worked for 60yrs with electrical glowplugs. I start my Hundested the same way as you do and had no problem. /Christian
  13. BM 1051

    Zundfix ignitors...

    Should not be a problem to fit an electric glow plug there,how deep is the hole were you put the "cold starter"? I have an exploded wiew somewere of the hundested glow plug but cant find it,just to give you an idea how it looks and works.
  14. BM 1051

    Zundfix ignitors...

    Glow plug for a car would work otherwise check with Hundested a/s,they still have some parts for their old engines. As you said this is not a hard part to make. Coil style of glovplug are often used(penta AD40 is one i think) Here is an email address to a hotbulb guru in DK: perroemer(at)webspeed.dk Here is the email to a guy at hundested: brian(at)hundestedpropeller.dk /Christian
  15. BM 1051

    Zundfix ignitors...

    i must ask,why don't you go electric? In my opinion blow torch is for fun or show,cold starters if you got any,electric quick and easy but not for show. /Christian

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